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Hey,  all. Long time no post. Sorry I only check into the forums when I have a particularly good obv. But trust me, today's was really choice if you're interested in colds/contagion. 

I took a long haul flight today, from the USA to Europe. All in all, my flight was 10 hours... no big deal, except the person sitting across the isle from me had a terrible, sneezy cold. I noticed it the second I sat down. This was a woman in her late 20s/early 30s -- slim, with delicate features and curly brown hair. And a red, red nose. Seriously, all, she was sick. 

The first thing she did when we sat down was wrap herself in blankets from head to toe. Personally, I was warm enough to take my jacket off, so I think she must've had a fever. Next to come to my attention was her cough, which was very wet and hacking. She didn't cough often, but when she did, it was clear she was ill. The most salient feature of her illness, however, was her VERY runny nose. Even though my noise cancelling headphones, I could hear her: sniff, sniff, sniiiiiiifff. It seems like she couldn't go two seconds without clearing some of the mucus. She blew her nose non-stop.

I even got a few sneezes out of the trip. They happened when the flight attendants were delivering our breakfast -- a couple of hitching breaths, and then, "HHHHHH-SHHEW! HSHEW!" Two sneezes in a row, right into the isle. Presumably, she didn't want to sneeze all over her eggs, lol. 

I couldn't help but imagine her cold germs, circling around the cabin. There were a lot of sick and tired people on the flight, and it wasn't uncommon to hear hacking coughs or weary sneezes... and I swear that by the end of the flight, I was hearing more sneezes than when I started.  Heck, after 10 hours of exposure, I'll be lucky if I escape unscathed!

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