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I told him.....


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So there’s this guy I’ve known forever. We’ll call him C. He’s 6’1, lanky frame, blonde hair and blue eyes. We’ve been friends and sometimes more off and on for 4-5 years now, though we’ll go months without talking and then randomly pick up where we left off. We’ve tried to date several times in the past but life has gotten in the way, so it’s kind of amazing that we’re still friends. 

Anyways, a couple nights ago we were talking about kinks over text and he had me feeling brave. I told him I was into something unusual, and he’d tried to guess to no avail. After he promised not to judge me, I said, “when a guy I think is hot sneezes it’s a huge turn on. It makes him lose control and look so vulnerable and it’s just adorable.” His response? “Wow I think I was expecting literally anything other than that, but it makes sense.” He already knew how much I love caretaking, but I explained how that’s also a turn on for me and he was like, “I would definitely never complain about that.” 😍😍😍 

Onto the good part.... I’m currently visiting  a friend in a different state, and I stayed up for several nights in a row due to my travel and work schedule, so given the time of year and crowded airport plus my lack of sleep, I caught a cold on my third day here. (Not a lot of sneezing but I’ve had a fever for 3 days and I’m so miserable). I was at the store buying some DayQuil and tissues and complaining to C via text about how horrible I felt. He then said, “next time I have to sneeze i’ll send you a video to cheer you up.” I turned so red and I think I smiled like an idiot for the next 20 minutes because I was so excited. I responded, “you’re the best you know that?” He texted back right away and said “damn it, right after I said that I sneezed twice and missed it.” Man I wish i’d seen those, but him talking about it was pretty exciting too. We’ve been friends for years and I’ve never seen him sneeze though, so I was surprised that it had happened so quickly.... could he be sick?? 

The next day we were texting and I was complaining about having to be out in public even though I was “so gross.” He asked what I meant (I’m pretty sure he knew what I meant and he was just making me spell it out for him bc he knows what a flustered mess that would make me 😅), so I just said “sniffly and congested.” To my surprise, he said “oh, me too.” !!!!!!!!! He’d slept for 14 hours the day before and I’d asked him point blank if he was sick and he said no, but I figured I’d ask again. Too embarrassed to use the “s” word, I asked, “are you also dying?” “Not from sickness, just a little cold.” My heart did backflips. “Having a cold means you are sick, stupid,” I teased him. “I have a cold and I feel like I’m gonna die.” “I don’t know what you have but I don’t think it’s a cold,” was his response. I’m not sure why he hadn’t told me before; I have a hunch it’s because he didn’t want to worry me. He knows how protective I get when he’s sick, and my anxiety has been really bad lately, so he probably kept it to himself because he didn’t want me to stress about him. 

When he mentioned that he was sniffly, I really wanted to ask about sneezing, but was too shy to bring it up, especially because we’d just talked about my fetish a few days earlier. Luckily for me, a few hours later, I got a text from him. “I have a surprise for you 😘 check your snap.” I did, and my heart soared when I saw it was a video. His long finger was rubbing his right nostril as he sniffled. “This one really didn’t wanna come out,” he said before hitching, eyelids fluttering. “Uhh-uuktschhuhh.” He sneezed into his fist. His sneeze reminded me of his personality: calm, collected, nothing over the top. It’s my favorite kind of sneeze, one without an “ooh” at the end. He looked into the camera and sniffled again. “Excuse me,” he said politely, looking at the camera mischievously. 

Santa was a few days late, but he brought me the best gift imaginable. 


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Dawwwwww, this is so adorable!!! :blush:  Sounds like you got a wonderful guy with you. I'm so happy for you that he took it so well and even recorded a video of him sneezing for you! And that he's willing to do that any time he can. Wow. He sounds so cute and awesome! You sound very lucky! :) 

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