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Pretty boy is sick (CM, Reid)


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Okay, so, hey everyone :--D I am incredibly shy about posting anything here, but i've been wanting to write a cm fic about a sneezy spencer reid for a while now. Seriously, the world need more sneezy spencer reid. Please. This is my first sneezefic, and also just first fic i've ever written, so please be kind lmao. Also, my first language is not english and sorry if the characters are ooc etc etc, sorry about a million other things i'm nervous about lol. (Like the title, i'm not good with titles!!)

The first chapter is really short, next ones will be longer i promise! I don't know how many parts there will be yet, we'll have to wait and see. Also, not much sneezing in the first chapter either, but again, lots of that coming later!! Thank you!!



Spencer Reid was laying in bed, feeling miserable. Work had been busy for a good while now, every time they finished a case there was a new one waiting. Currently they were in Montana, chasing an unsub who kidnapped young girls, kept them alive for two weeks, torturing them, before killing them and dumping the body. Another girl had just been taken, but the team was stuck. They had been pulling all nighters, running on very little rest and food, until Hotch finally sent the team to the hotel to get some sleep.

Spencer had been feeling a little off for a while now, nothing serious, just tired and a slight headache, until yesterday morning when his throat had started feeling like he’d swallowed some sandpaper. He’d been ignoring it, hoping it’d go away but to no avail. He was trying to get some much-needed sleep, but swallowing hurt, his head hurt, and now he could feel his nose getting stuffy, making breathing harder.

Sighing, he sat up and took his phone, squinting at it, trying to check the time without his glasses. 2:47am. He’d need to get up in about three hours. Stifling a cough, he put his phone back on the table and laid back down. Tomorrow was gonna be a long day. He wondered if he could slip away at some point to buy some cold medicine without getting noticed. He didn’t want the team to know he was sick. They didn’t need to worry about him right now, they needed to focus on the case . They also tend to baby him, and he really didn’t want to deal with that right now. (He knew it came from a good place, and the others probably didn’t even realize that they did it, but sometimes it made him feel like a child.) And worst case scenario, Hotch might not let him work. They needed everyone on the case right now, another girls life was in danger. He really didn’t have time to be sick. So, he was gonna ignore his symptoms and hope that it passes soon without the rest of the team being any wiser. Besides, it’s not like it was anything serious. Just a cold. He could deal with that. Nothing to worry about.

”Eh-?EhHhhxxcchts!” he half-stifled a sneeze that burst out without any warning. Groaning, he wiped his nose with his hand (trying not to think how gross that was) and cringed. He was really hoping this wouldn’t be a sneezy cold. That would make hiding it from everyone that much harder. He closed his eyes and turned over, hoping he’d fall asleep and maybe he’d feel better in the morning.

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Mmmmmm I am soooo excited for this. Based on my user name, you can guess what I'm looking for here. Not that I don't enjoy other stories but please don't keep me waiting for too long!! :wub: I'm so in love with Spencer!

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20 hours ago, ReidSeeker said:

Mmmmmm I am soooo excited for this. Based on my user name, you can guess what I'm looking for here. Not that I don't enjoy other stories but please don't keep me waiting for too long!! :wub: I'm so in love with Spencer!

Thank you! Never enough sneezy Spencer in the world if you ask me :heart: I'll try to get the next chapter up by tomorrow!

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Never enough for sure! I scour through Google (how I ended up here) and there are a good amount but most are unfinished...boo! I can't wait for your next part!!

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5 hours ago, ReidSeeker said:

Never enough for sure! I scour through Google (how I ended up here) and there are a good amount but most are unfinished...boo! I can't wait for your next part!!

Same, honestly the lack of (finished) reid-stories here was how i ended up writing one myself! Thought about it for a long time first before i decided i was brave enough to do it :laugh2:

4 hours ago, sterek_teenwolf said:

Yesss!!! Sneezy Reid! :wub::notworthy:Can't wait for the next part :))

Thank you!! :blushsmiley::heart:

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Sorry! It's been too long! i got really busy with moving and then it took forever for me to be able to publish this one due to social anxiety, but here i am lmao. Here's the next part of the  fic, finally!


Chapter 2

Of course he didn’t feel any better in the morning. In fact, he was feeling worse. His body ached, his throat still hurt, his chest felt like there was an elephant sitting there, and breathing through his nose was next to impossible. Strangely, it was also a bit runny. And slightly itchy.

”APPSHOO! ha?-asschh!AXXSSSHP!ESSSCCHOO!-TSHIEW!” five sneezes burst out of his nose in rapid succession. Okay, so, maybe more than slightly. Thankfully those sneezes seemed to have calmed his nose down a little. But oh, did they open the floodgates. He stumbled out of his bed and into the bathroom, taking some toilet paper and blowing his nose. The paper was hard, and it really didn’t even help with his congestion. He knew it wouldn’t, since clogged nose was typically caused by the membrane lining inside of your nose becoming swollen from inflamed blood vessels rather than the actual mucus blocking it. The knowledge didn’t make him feel any better.

He threw the paper away and went back into the room, put his glasses on and grabbed his clothes and contact lense case from his bag. Time to make myself look presentable and as healthy-looking-as-possible he thought, making his way back into the bathroom to brush his teeth and change his clothes, also swapping glasses for contacts. He swallowed a few coughs here and there, but other than that he was fine. Really. Only his mirror didn’t seem to agree. He had even-darker-than-usual bags under his eyes which were red and watery, his nose starting to look similar in color, and the rest of his face was a little too pale to be healthy. He’d gotten almost no sleep last night, until he’d finally passed out at about 3:15am, and it really didn’t help his appearance. But it wouldn’t be the first time he hadn’t slept well on a case, so really it shouldn’t rat his ailing health out to the team. Especially on a case like this, he knew everyone was looking a little worse for wear from the long hours and stress.

He sniffed, he felt like his nose was becoming runnier by the minute. Grabbing some more toilet paper he blew his nose again, cringing a little from the feel of the rough paper around his delicate nostrils. He’s gonna have to get some tissues at some point, no way he’s subjecting his poor nose to this for any longer than absolutely necessary. He didn’t know how he’d get tissues without someone from the team noticing, though. He was also a little worried about his voice. He hadn’t spoken yet but from the way his throat was feeling, he was pretty sure he was gonna sound more or less groggy. And he was pretty congested, it’s not like you can really hide the nasal quality in your voice when you’re sick… He cleared his throat, which made him cough. Ugh. Yep, he definitely didn’t sound good. Well, he’d probably be working on the geographical  profile, and hopefully he wouldn’t have to interact with other people a lot. He could do this.

After getting ready he left his room, heading to the hotel lobby. He’d meet the others there and they’d go to the station together. He took the opportunity to sniffle and cough as quietly as he could, one last time before meeting the others. He also discreetly wiped his nose with some toilet paper he had in his pocket that he’d brought with him from his room. God, he was really doubting himself and whether he could get through the day without anyone noticing. Right now he felt like he couldn’t get through a minute without coughing/sniffling/blowing his nose. And they were all profilers. Not exactly the easiest people to hide things from. Crap. Not that he had time to wallow on that, there was JJ sitting on the couch in the lobby, reading one of the case files. There was also coffee for everyone on the table next to her, she’d probably gotten them from the coffee shop across the street. Thank god for that, Reid thought, he definitely needed coffee. Maybe that would make him feel better.

”Morning Spence!” JJ looked up from the file and smiled at him. She definitely looked tired too. It was a tough case. ”I brought coffee for everyone. Hotch and Rossi are already on their way to the station.”

Reid cleared his throat, swallowing a cough.

”They left already? I thought we were supposed to meet here at 7.30?” He said, cringing internally at the sound of his voice. It sounded scratchy and congested, and slightly deeper than usual. Could be worse, though. He could deal with this. He just needed to talk as little as possible. It’ll be fine.

”Yeah, we were and we are, but since they were both ready early they thought it’s better they get back to work as soon as possible.” She looked at him with some motherly concern on her face ”You okay Spence?”

”Huh? Yeah, i’m fine. It’s early. Thanks for the coffee.” He said quickly, avoiding her gaze and taking one of the disposable coffee cups from the table, sitting down on a sofa across from her. She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment, only nodding. They all knew he wasn’t much for conversation before coffee. She started reading the file again, while Spencer took a sip of the coffee. It was hot, but it did make him feel a bit more human. It also made his nose run, right after he’d thanked his luck for not needing to sniffle yet in the presence of JJ. Crap. Screw his luck, then.

He looked at JJ. She was still reading the file. Good. He quickly wiped his nose on his left sleeve, coffee cup in other hand, trying to tell his screaming brain that he knew it was disgusting and yes, he knew how many germs he was spreading around but he really didn’t have a choice here. She would hear him sniffle, and she was already suspicious. Wiping his nose was the only option. Yes, tissue would be a lot better than a sleeve, but she would definitely notice if he used the toilet paper. See, no options. Unfortunately, wiping his nose once was not enough. He could feel the mucus run down on the inside of his nostrils, which was making his nose itchy in the progress. Crap. He tried to wipe his nose quickly and discreetly again, rubbing it just a little to help the itch. A mistake. His nose made a squelching sound. He quickly dropped his hand down from his nose, blushing, and as he did he could feel the mucus trying to escape his nose. He instinctively sniffed. It made a wet sound, and he blushed ever harder, quickly brinning the coffee cup to his lips and staring into his lap.

It took him about 30 seconds of inner panic and shame before he realized that JJ hadn’t even noticed. She was still looking at the file, she hadn’t heard or seen anything. He was relieved, but his nose was still itchy and runny. He looked around. The others weren’t here yet. JJ wasn’t looking. He wiped his nose with his sleeve again, as thoroughly and well as he could while also making sure no one saw him. Then he decided that he could risk one sniffle. So, he sniffled, quick and quiet. No reaction. Thank god. He had been with one person for about five minutes and hiding his cold was already this hard. He really wasn’t looking forward to the rest of the day. Maybe his nose was just having a slight fluke and it’d stop being annoying and runny soon. Yes.

He took another sip of coffee, when suddenly he needed to cough. He was able to stall it off until he’d swallowed the liquid, but as soon as he had he started coughing. And it wasn’t just a few coughs, it was a god damn fit. It was rough, hard and painful, and he could feel mucus shifting in his chest. It brought tears to his eyes. Suddenly, there was a hand on his back, and another prying his coffee mug out of his hand.

”Hey, it’s okay, just breathe. Jesus, Spence” JJ muttered into his ear while the fit was dying off. He took a deep breath, coughed, another breath. He sniffled hard, this time not caring that JJ could hear him because the coughing had shifted the mucus and it was gonna end up out of his nose if he didn’t do something. He brought his slightly shaky hands first to his nose, then eyes and wiped them. Jesus, indeed.

”Sorry.” He croaked out and tried to wiggle out of JJ’s reach, but to no avail.  God, this was embarrassing.

”Hey, no need to apologize. You okay? Are you sick?” She asked, concern very evident in her voice. Even to Spencer, and he admittedly wasn’t always the best when it came to identifying emotions and social clues.

”No, no, i’m fine. I, uh, just, wrong pipe. Sorry.” He quickly said, hands still over his eyes. Yes, wrong pipe, that was good.

”Huh. You sure?” Again with the concern in the voice. Also a little doubt. Crap.

”Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine, JJ. Thanks.” He sniffed again, removed his hands from over his eyes and gave her a small, strained smile.

She gave him a much-more-convincing-although-still-concerned smile back. ”Okay, but be careful okay. It sounded pretty bad, you scared me.”

”Yeah, Yeah, sorry again” The fit definitely hadn’t helped his voice. It was getting even scratchier.

She gave him a pat in the back, and got up, about to move to the other couch where she originally sat. Right then Morgan and Prentiss walked into the room.

”Hey guys!” Morgan said, surprisingly alert for not having had caffeine yet, strolling over to the coffee and taking a cup, Emily right behind him.

”Morning.” Emily mumbled, taking a sip of her coffee. JJ answered to them, wishing them good morning and explaining that Hotch and Rossi were already at work, while Spencer just gave them a small wave, getting up from the couch. Everyone was here, so it was time to go to the station.

”You okay there, pretty boy? You look like death warmed over.” Morgan noted,  taking a long hard look at Reid, who had just stumbled getting up and nearly tripped in the progress, only catching himself the last second.

”Yeah, i’m fine. Couldn’t sleep, need more coffee.” He said quickly, blushing. Damn, of course Morgan would be suspicious. Reid started walking towards the exit, hoping he’d just drop it. Of course he had no such luck.

”Couldn’t sleep? Really? After the week we’ve had, i think i fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow.” Morgan replied, walking after Reid, fastening his pace until he was right next to him,  while the girls were little slower, walking behind them.

Reid opened the hotel door, about to answer something when suddenly his nose, which had been feeling a little itchy but nothing to pay too much attention to, felt like someone had just stuck a very fluffy feather in there. Crap. It must be the cold air, making him react like this. He didn’t really have time to do much else but lift his hand in front of his face before his nose exploded.

”hhHH— HacchhHHXxx! Ah, ehh-tsssCCHhn! TshxxXNn!!” they tumbled out rapidly and he tried his best to stifle them. They were nasal and wet, and he sniffled rather wetly, rubbing his nose, while trying not to look like a kid who got caught hand in the cookie jar. Thankfully, he didn’t think that Emily or JJ heard them.

”Bless you, kid! You sick?” he asked, trying to make eye contact with Reid, who was doing his best to avoid it.

”No.” He was sure his whole face was red right now, crap, and he was sniffling again. Today was really not his day.

”Yes you are, what the hell kid, that’s why you look like you’re about to collapse any minute now and sound like a chainsmoker!” Morgan raised his voice a little, but not enough for the girls to hear him.

”No i’m not! And why did you just ask me that when you won’t accept the answer? I’m fine!” Sniffling, again. Morgan didn’t make any sense. Damn this cold. Damn his runny nose.

”Because i was hoping you’d be honest with me. How long have you been feeling sick? You were quiet yesterday, was it because of this?”

”I haven’t! I----” And there it was. The damn tickle. ”ehhh–HGGXXXT!!” He stifled it forcefully against the back of his hand. That didn’t even sound like a sneeze, just a weird, wet explosion. And it felt wet too. He sniffled hard, and when that didn’t help enough, he had to snort a little. Shit shit shit. Gross.

”Bless! Jesus, kid!” Morgan tried to feel his forehead, but Spencer dodged and pretty much ran the remaining two meters to the car. He’d be safe there. He knew Morgan would be driving, and he wouldn’t discuss this around others until he was 100% sure that Reid really is sick. At least Reid hoped he wouldn’t.

And thankfully he didn’t. Morgan and Prentiss sat at the front, he and JJ at the back. He rested his head against the window, which felt nice and cool. He kept sniffling quietly throughout the car ride, knowing the others couldn’t hear him over the car engine and their own chatter about the case. JJ did give him a few worried glances every now and then. He knew he should probably make some effort, join the conversation (or really, just look like he was listening since he didn’t want to speak any more than necessary) and try to look more alert, but he really didn’t feel like trying. He already had enough to worry about with trying to keep the mucus escaping from his nose and breathing a certain way so he didn’t accidentally cough, and he didn’t have the energy to do anything more right now. Expect drink his coffee. He took a sip. Shit, that was the last of it. He groaned, which earned him another concerned look from JJ. He blushed, but kept his head against the window, ignoring her.

Soon, they were at the station. Entering their office, Reid strolled to his maps hoping everyone would just leave him be. And they did, for about five minutes. That’s when JJ appeared next to him, tapping his shoulder and making him flinch.

”Sorry Spence, didn’t mean to scare you.” She smiled at him.

Reid cleared his throat

”Ah, no, it’s okay. Sorry. Did you need something?”

”Thought you might want some more coffee.” She answered, offering him a cup that he hadn’t noticed she was holding.

”Oh! Thank you.” His voice cracked and he cringed internally, taking the cup from JJ.

”You’re welcome. How’s the geographical profile going?”

”It’s… Getting there. It’s just frustrating, i know i’m missing something.” He answered, trying to clear his throat again but it only made him cough, which he muffled into his fist. Thankfully JJ didn’t comment, just kept watching him. (Not that that was great either, he knew she knew something was up and he knew she knew he knew that she knew. Aaaand now he was pretty sure he had a fever.)

”Let me know if we can help.” She said after a brief silence. Spencer just nodded, not really wanting to risk trying to talk and ending up coughing again.

It took about ten minutes for someone to pay attention to him again. And he was blaming his cursed itchy nose for that.

He’d been rubbing his nose discreetly, as it had been slightly tickly, but it just kept getting worse. He couldn’t even focus on his maps, keeping his nose under control was all he could think about right now.

”hhe–..heh-…” His breath was hitching. No, please no. Not right now. ”HHEh—” He pinched his nostrils shut ”—hh–he-ahh-..!”

”ah–AApshh! Ngght!ngght! nxxgtsh!” The stifled sneezes were breathy and almost silent, but very intense. He could feel his body shuddering with the force of them. ”eehhh..ahhhsxx-THCHIEW!” He only managed to half-stifle the last one. Not good.

He could hear a chorus of Bless you’s from the others, and he just nodded his thanks, blushing and sniffling rather pathetically, refusing to look at them.

”You feeling okay, Reid?” This time it was Emily asking. Great, just great.

”Yeah.” He mumbled in a very congested voice, sniffing again, this time a bit more intense. Damn, his nose was really starting to run again.

”Hold on, i’ll go see if they have any tissues here.” Emily said, already leaving the room.  Reid didn’t know it was physically possible to blush more than he already was, but apparently it was because he could feel his face getting even hotter.

”Not sick, huh?” Morgain muttered, walking to Reid.

”No, i’m fine.” He answered, but Morgan really wasn’t buying it. For starters, it sounded more like ”do, i’b fide” due to his stuffy nose and honestly the way Reid was pouting wasn’t helping matters either.

”Spence, it’s okay if you’re not feeling well.” JJ said with the motherly voice. Damn, they really were babying him again.

He sniffed, trying to clear the congestion in vain.

”I’m fine, just dusty in here.” he said in a quiet voice, still refusing to look at them. He really needed to blow his nose. The most annoying thing was that he actually had some toilet paper still with him, but no way he could take that from his pocket right now without questions. And no way he was blowing his nose in front of the team.

”Spence-” JJ was just starting to say something when the door opened and Prentiss appeared with a tissue box in hand.

”Found these! There you go!” She said, giving the box to Reid.

He took the tissues murmuring his thanks, knowing he looked more like a tomato than a human being right now. This was the most embarrassed he’d been in a while. He took a tissue from the box and turned his back to the others, wiping his nose with it.

”You should probably blow your nose you know, you sound like you need it.” Of course Morgan just had to comment. Reid gave Morgan a glare, one that was supposed to shut him up but honestly just looked kinda pathetic with the deep blush and red and runny eyes and nose, grumbled tissue in hand.

That’s when the door opened again, and Hotch stepped into the room. Oh yeah, Hotch, Reid hadn’t seen him today. He hadn’t even realized Hotch and Rossi weren’t here. He probably should have, and he probably should have asked someone about it. Huh.

”I just got off the phone with Garcia. Turns out Alice had been house-sitting for one of her moms friends, and she was the last person to talk to her before she was abducted. Her name is Chloe Thompson. Morgan, Reid, i want you to go interview her, find out what she knows. Garcia just sent you the address.” Hotch told them, walking to the table and opening one of the files there.

”On it!” Morgan said, while Reid quickly put the tissue box on the table, pocketing the tissue in his hand.

”Hold on a second, i’ll have to use the bathroom quickly” He told Morgan, walking to the direction of the toilet ”I’ll meet you in the car!”

He entered the bathroom, thankful for one moment of privacy. He took the used tissue from his pocket, bringing it to his nose and blowing. The tissue was immediately ruined, and snot burst into his hands. Oh crap that’s disgusting. He snorted and sniffled, trying to control the mess a bit, before grabbing some toilet paper and cleaning his face and hands on it. He took some more paper, blowing his nose again. It hurt. He should have brought the tissue box with him, now that he thought about it. He blew his nose wetly two more times, before being satisfied with the state of it. Just as he binned the tissue, he suddenly let out another sneeze.

”APPSSCCHOO!” he didn’t have time to cover, and he could feel the mess on his upper lip. He opened his eyes, and sure enough his face and the mirror were both covered in snot. God, his germaphobia was having a field day with this cold.

Cringing, he took more toilet paper and wiped his face, then the mirror. He blew his nose again, wet and hard. And again. He tossed the toilet paper away and washed his hands. He looked at himself on the mirror. His nose was red and swollen, some mucus glistening at the edge of his nostrils. There was also the beginnings of a fever flush on his cheeks. He sniffed again, exiting the bathroom and making his way to the car.

Sure enough Morgan was waiting there. Spencer sat in the car, silently cursing his nose which had started to itch again as soon as he stepped outside the station. The change in temperatures was really messing with his cold it seems.

”You got the address?” He asked, sniffing, but sounding tad less stuffed than before.

”Yup, it’ll take us about 20 minutes to get there.” Morgan responded, starting the car.

Reid resisted the urge to groan. 20 minutes in a car with worried Morgan and a cold that made it impossible to go without sneezing or sniffling for five minutes? Great, just great. And no tissues, because he was an idiot and left them at the station. This time he did groan, resting his head in his hands.

This got Morgans attention.

”Or you could just tell Hotch you’re sick, i’m sure he could send someone else there?” He suggested, studying Reid.

”I’m not sick!” Reid retorted, sounding frustrated. And then he sniffed. And muffled a cough.

”Yeah yeah, so you keep saying, but you also keep sneezing, coughing and sniffling every five seconds.” Morgan answered, raising his eyebrow at Reid, who blushed.

”It’s just allergies.”

”In January?”

”There’s a lot of dust around.”

”Right, sure. Everywhere you go just happens to be really dusty.” He knew it had been a long shot, and that there was no way Morgan would believe him, but it still annoyed him when he didn’t. His head hurt and he didn’t feel like arguing with him right now. And now he needed to sneeze again. Just great!

He crushed his nostrils in his fingers, bobbing forward with six nearly silent sneezes.

”tssshh! Annxxghs! nxxhs!tshxng! hnngxX! Mgghbtsh! ugghh…” he groaned, releasing his nose. That had hurt.

”Bless you.” Morgan said, sounding a little smug. Like Spencer had admitted he was sick with those sneezes, when he definitely hadn’t!

”I’m. Fine.” Spencer responded, sounding annoyed but also rather congested again. At least there hadn’t been any mess this time. He didn’t want to think about what he’d do if he ended up sneezing all over himself in a small space right next to Morgan, without any tissues with him. He shuddered just thinking about it.

”Sure. And i’m the queen of england.” Spencer decided not to respond to that. Instead he let his forehead rest against the window once more. He closed his eyes, thankful for the feeling of the cool glass against his hot forehead.

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Yay!!!! So glad you came back to this with such a wonderful update! 

3 hours ago, zen said:

Sorry! It's been too long! i got really busy with moving and then it took forever for me to be able to publish this one due to social anxiety, but here i am lmao. Here's the next part of the  fic, finally!

I'm sorry if I was making you anxious! I was(and am!) just super excited for a Reid fic. I'm still playing catch up with CM but just started season 13  (which I wisely dvr'd when I started Netflix from s1) and I am still soooo a Reid fan. Please don't let my rabid fan girling  scare you from posting 

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On 1/23/2018 at 6:53 PM, zen said:

Not that that was great either, he knew she knew something was up and he knew she knew he knew that she knew. Aaaand now he was pretty sure he had a fever.

I love this. I love feverish Reid plus it was funny! And, yes, I'm reading it again--I really like it!

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On 24.1.2018 at 5:16 AM, ReidSeeker said:

Yay!!!! So glad you came back to this with such a wonderful update! 

I'm sorry if I was making you anxious! I was(and am!) just super excited for a Reid fic. I'm still playing catch up with CM but just started season 13  (which I wisely dvr'd when I started Netflix from s1) and I am still soooo a Reid fan. Please don't let my rabid fan girling  scare you from posting 

Oh no, don't worry it wasn't you! I just have a hard time posting things in public forums in general lmao, but absolutely not your fault! I'm just glad that someone is interested :laugh2: i personally haven't seen the last few seasons and i'm honestly probably not gonna watch them. I miss the way the team used to be so i'm just kinda ignoring everything that's happening and pretending like they're all still just one happy family :---D


On 25.1.2018 at 3:01 PM, sterek_teenwolf said:

Yeesss! Thank you for such an amazing update, can't wait for more sneezy Reid!! :jump:

Thank you!! I'll try to get back to this soon!


And hey, a little note here for anyone interested in this fic! Sorry it's been so long (again lol) i have to have a certain mindset to be able to write (especially when it comes to sneezy stories), and i've been missing it lately. But i feel like i'm slowly getting it back, and hopefully i'll be able to update this soon! Thank you for understanding :heart: 

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And oh hey what do i know, i was just about to start writing more when i realized the third chapter is in fact ready already so..... Without further ado, here's the next chapter!

(Oh, actually a small warning. It does get messy!)


Chapter 3


Next thing he knew was Morgan shaking his shoulder.

"C'mon kid, time to wake up! We're here." Derek said, his voice radiating concern but also calm.

"Oh." Was all Reid said back, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. He must have dozed off? His throat was dry and hurting, so he swallowed. It made him cough. The fit lasted about thirty seconds, and there was Morgans hand against his back the whole time, comforting him.

"Sorry." Reid said, voice cracking and sounding more like a frog than human being.

"Hey, it's okay. Just take it easy pretty boy." Morgan sounded worried. He didn't want Morgan to worry. This was not good.

He cleared his throat, trying to get some moisture there.

"Sorry, i'm...fine. We should go inside now." he said, opening his seatbelt and the car door, getting away from his seat and Morgans arm that was still rubbing circles on his back.

"Hey woah woah woah, kid, not so fast!" Morgan yelled after him, hiking up to him. "You're clearly not fine, and i'm pretty sure you have a fever. How 'bout you wait in the car while i go talk to her?"

"I don't have a fever." Was all Spencer responded with, sniffling. He got to the door and rang the bell before Morgan could stop him.

"God, you're stubborn." Morgan muttered, standing next to him.

"Like you can talk... ESSCCHXXXGnngGHT!!" The sneeze came suddenly, but he managed to half-stifle-half-muffle part of it.

"Bless you." Morgan said to sniffling Spencer, "At least i'm not pretending to be fine with the world's most obvious cold. Or flu?"

Spencer didn't have time to answer, as that was when the door opened (Thank god!)

"Hello ma'am." Morgan said to the woman who opened the door, introducing himself and Spencer (who waved at her). Reid was thankful Morgan was taking the initiative, since he really didn't know how much longer his voice was gonna last. Not to mention, he really wasn't in the best headspace for an interview right now. His thoughts were mumbled and his brain felt foggy. Now that he was thinking about it, he probably should have stayed in the car. Not that he was gonna admit that to Morgan.

They entered the house, the woman, Chloe Thompson, taking them to the living room. There they sat down on a couch, coffee table dividing the room, Mrs. Thompson sitting on the other side of it on a chair. She looked like a nice woman, she was in her fifties and seemed to be the motherly type.

Morgan lead the interview on, Reid was mostly listening, asking few details every now and then. He was also sniffing every now and then, but doing it as discreetly as he could. It was all going pretty well, (if you didn't count the embarrassing voice cracks he kept having every time he asked something) until he needed to sneeze.

He was silently willing himself not to sneeze, but obviously that didn't really help. His nose felt like it was on fire, and he could feel his nostrils flaring. He rubbed it, hoping Morgan and mrs.Thompson wouldn't notice. Not that it helped, jesus it was so itchy! He sniffed hard, which did nothing but make the tickle worse.

"ehh..." He hitched, nostrils still flaring "he- he- ahhh...!" He closed his eyes, burying his nose into the crook of his elbow. He could feel eyes on him and the talking had stopped, and he was sure that both Morgan and mrs. Thompson were staring.

"APPPSSchOO! AChhiew! TshIEW! Nggght! xxxnght! nghnmm!" they were rapid and nasal. He ended the fit with a snort, trying to keep snot from escaping his nose. It made him cough a few times, and then he sniffled again, rubbing his nose on his elbow.

"Excuse me." He mumbled, moving his elbow from his face (after making sure there was no mess on his face) while staring at his lap, face bright red.

"Oh bless you sweetheart!" Mrs. Thompson explained, looking at him with pity. "I guess there really are no sick days when you work in the law enforcement, huh? You poor thing." She continued.

He was still blushing and he really hoped that the earth would swallow him whole right now.

"Thank you ma'am. Could i maybe use the restroom?" He asked, still not making eye contact.

"Oh, of course darling, it's right there" She said, pointing at a door "Just go through there, second door on the left." She smiled at him, with the same sort of motherly smile JJ had.

He nodded his thanks to her, getting up and ignoring Morgans pointed glare. He entered the toilet, sighing in relief. He desperately needed to blow his nose. Again, he unrolled some toilet paper, bringing it to his nose and blowing hard. It made a very wet sound, and he cringed. God, being sick was disgusting.

"AAMMPPSSHHH!!" Suddenly a sneeze burst out of his nose. It was muffled by the toilet paper, but very wet and intense. He took some more paper, blowing his nose three more times before being satisfied. He coughed and headed back into the living room.

"Hey kid, there you are! I think we're done here." Morgan said as soon as Spencer stepped into the room.

"Huh? Really?" He asked, sniffing.

"Yeah, i think we've got everything we need. Thank you ma'am." Morgan faced mrs. Thompson for the last bit, shaking her hand.

"Thank you. I hope you find her soon. Poor girl, such a sweet thing." She shook her head sadly. "And i hope you feel better soon, Dr. Reid. That sounds like a nasty cold you've got."

Spencer blushed, muttering a quiet "Thank you ma'am" and made his way toward the door.

He got into the car, closing his seatbelt before stifling three rapid sneezes into the back of his hand


"Bless ya. Still not sick huh?" Morgan, who'd entered the car just as the sneezing started said.

"Can we please not do this right now?" Reid asked, sounding miserable and curling into himself. He could feel his energy draining with every second that passed, and all he wanted to do was curl into some corner and sleep for the next few weeks. He coughed weakly.

"Okay... Sorry kid." Morgan said after studying him for a moment, and he was looking worried again. Reid wanted to reassure him that he was okay, but he couldn't find the energy to do so right now. He wiped his nose into his sleeve, not even caring how disgusting that was or that Morgan could see.

Morgan started the car, and soon enough Reid could feel himself dozing off.

"aacchhSHOO!" He woke up with a sneeze. Uncovered, a rather messy sneeze. "ughh..?" He rubbed his nose and eyes, snorting and sniffing.

"Wow, bless ya kid! We're almost at the station." Morgan said, glancing at him from behind the wheel.

Reid didn't answer. He was already on the build up for the next sneeze, confused from just waking up, his nostrils flaring as he was wiggling and rubbing his nose trying to stall the inevitable. "he..eh...ahhh... EhHKSchoO! ah-ahhHTSIEW!" he sniffed hard, his nose still twitching.

"Bless you!" He could hear someone saying.

"etchhoo! Exxgght! Ngghhtx!nxxxmgh!mgghxx!aasssCHMMHbxx!" he tried his best to stifle the messy fit, muffling the sneezes into his sleeves.

"IITCHEW! ApPSHoo! Snnnrrtt!! EXXXXSHHHOO!!" He kept sneezing, snorting and sniffling, trying to keep the mess under control. "AHHTSCHIEW!!! EPPSSCHHHH!!! HNGGtXXXTTCH!!" God, they were getting harder and harder to control.

"HHH----HNGSHOOH!! HETCH!SHOO!XXSHIEW!! HNNGGGXXXGHT!" Suddenly there were tissues in his face, someone was holding a tissue to his poor nose. He tried taking the tissue to himself so whoever was holding it wouldn't have to subject themselves to the mess, but they wouldn't let go. He ended up holding the persons hand who was holding the tissue.

"AISHH!! MMPPFFGGHT! AASSHHMMMPPTCH!" He tried to muffle the wet explosions with the tissue. God, it tickled so bad! "ASSSHHMMMPFF!! ETTCHHOOO!, ha-AHH---!!! EPSHIEWMMMFF!"

"Bless you pretty boy, just breathe, you're okay" He could hear someone murmuring next to him. That someone probably being the same someone who was holding the tissue. Pretty boy? Oh shit. He was in a car. With Morgan. Who had stopped the car. Right, It was Morgan who was currently holding the wad of messy tissues to his very runny and sneezy nose.

"AATSSHHCHHH!!! EHHHXXXGGGHHT! ENNGHHTXTSH! TSHOO! TSHIEW! TSHHHXXXXNGH!" That information surely gave him motivation to stifle. "EPPSH!ESHH!ESH!ENNNGghht!ahhxxxgngt!"

His breath was still hitching, his eyes watering and his poor, germ-ridden nose flooding.

"APPSHoo!!....Ehhh----EISHOOXXNGHT! .... haaaaah....ASSSCHOOO!!" The last sneeze seemed to clear the itch. Finally! He took a deep breath through his mouth, since breathing through his nose was literally impossible (Not just because of the wad of messy tissues he and morgan were collectively holding on it).

Which reminded him. Morgan. He took the tissues from Morgan, who finally let go of them.

"Oh by god, i'bb so sorry borgad..." He said through the snorts and sniffs, trying to keep the mess in the wad of tissues. His eyes were already watering, his face was wet with tears and snot, and he could feel more tears dropping. God, this was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to him. And really, there had been a lot of embarrassing things in his life.

"It's okay kid, don't worry about it. I've got some more tissues for you here, there you go." Morgan handed him more tissues from... A tissue box? Where did he get that from?

Spencer accepted the tissues and tried to clean the mess. He dropped the used tissues in his lap, wiping his nose and eyes and rest of the mess off his face, before moving on to blowing his nose. It took him too many tissues and nose blows to feel comfortable, and he had to do it in front of Morgan. It sounded awful, he was so congested and the blows were so wet. That's when he needed to cough, and he ended up in another coughing fit.

Again, Morgan was rubbing his back, whispering encouragement to him, trying to make him feel better. When he was finally done he had to blow his nose again, and his eyes were watering even more. Now he was just flat-out crying. This was horrible. He was so ashamed and he felt awful.

"Hey, it's okay kid... I've got you, you're fine, nothing to be embarrassed about." Morgan murmured to him, still rubbing his back.

"Yes there is!" Reid cried, still keeping a handful of tissues over his runny nose.

"C'mon, pretty boy, you're sick, it happens..." Morgan kept trying to calm him down.

"That was disgusting" Reid said through the sobs. "I'm sorry i didn't mean to do that i don't know what happened please don't hate me i--"

"Hey now, no one hates you ok?" Morgan interrupted him "Seriously, it's not like you can help it. And it's just a little snot, trust me, i've been through worse." He tried to joke. Reid blew his nose again.

"I'b sorry..." He said again dropping the tissues on his lap and revealing his red, swollen nose.

"Shhh, hey, don't worry about it." Morgan grabbed Reid for an actual hug, instead of just the one-hand-back-rubbing.

Reid buried his head into Morgans chest, sobbing quietly while frequently sniffling. The position was a bit awkward over the gearstick, but Morgan didn't mind.

It took a few minutes for Reid to calm down and lift his head from Morgans chest, scooting back into his own seat. Morgan let him go, but kept his hand on Spencers shoulder.

Spencer grabbed a tissue from the box that was still on Morgans lap, giving his nose a slight blow.

"Hey. You okay?" Morgan asked, looking at him with worry.

"...Yeah. Yeah. Sorry" Reid responded, blushing. His lap was full of used tissues. Jesus.

"What did i just say about you not needing to apologise?" Morgan said, but his voice was kind, and he smiled.

"Yeah...Right. " He sniffed. "Could we, um, maybe not tell anyone about this?" Reid was blushing again.

"If you mean what happened in the last ten minutes, sure, it'll be our secret. If you mean not telling the others you're sick, then no." Morgain answered, patting Reid on the back.

Reid sighed, which made him cough.

"...Right." So, he was defeated. He couldn't hide this cold for even a day. That was embarrassing.

"Now, how about i take you to the hotel?" That made Reid instantly more alert.

"What, no, i can work!" He shouted, looking at Morgan with wide eyes.

"Kid, you've definitely got a fever. I really think you've got the flu."

"What, but, no, ..." He tried to come up with some sort of excuse. Damn.

Morgan sighed.

"Ok, kid, how about this. We'll go to the station right now, and then Hotch can decide whether you're too sick to work or not. "

Reid looked at Morgan. Shit. No way Hotch was gonna let him work if he had a fever. But they were really busy, and definitely needed everyone on the case. Maybe Hotch would realize that and let him work. He could at least try it.


Morgan nodded at him and started the car again. Reid decided to be useful for the rest of the ride and collect all the tissues into a small plastic bag, ready to throw them away.

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I love it! 

I'm so glad you're going to continue this story, even if it's spaced out a bit--that's what notifications are for, right? :D

I am fully caught up (except for the last episode) and I like the current team. I think what they've been doing is trying to prove they are still a family. Which didn't need proven before, it just was. For me, as long as there is Spencer Reid, I'm going to be there to watch him. :Pounce: 

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I love this so much! I’m only in the middle of season 5 right now, but I’m trying to finish the rest of it. This story is so cute! I love the way that Morgan and Spencer interact. I can’t wait for another part, especially if you’re adding Hotch to the mix. Great writing and amazing storyline! 

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5 hours ago, ReidSeeker said:

I love it! 

I'm so glad you're going to continue this story, even if it's spaced out a bit--that's what notifications are for, right? :D

I am fully caught up (except for the last episode) and I like the current team. I think what they've been doing is trying to prove they are still a family. Which didn't need proven before, it just was. For me, as long as there is Spencer Reid, I'm going to be there to watch him. :Pounce: 

Yay, thank you for still being interested in this, even though it is taking me long time to actually write,, 

Yeah i don't think they ever could be.... Not family? lmao :--D but to me it's just so important that Morgan and Hotch are there as well. Especially since i ship morgan/reid. (Not to worry if you don't though, they're simply platonic here (unless u wanna read into it)) so yeah i'm just not into the newer seasons... I kinda wanna watch the prison storyline though so i'm a little conflicted about that. We'll see :---D My fics will always be with my fav team tho :heart:

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4 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

I love this so much! I’m only in the middle of season 5 right now, but I’m trying to finish the rest of it. This story is so cute! I love the way that Morgan and Spencer interact. I can’t wait for another part, especially if you’re adding Hotch to the mix. Great writing and amazing storyline! 

Thank you, this is so sweet! You guys really make wanna continue this, even if it takes me some time :heart: There will definitely be some more Hotch too, i really love how he's like a dad to Reid. They're all just so adorable tbh

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The prison storyline was Reid so I was happy to watch but man, it's rough.

 I prefer the "brother" relationship with Morgan, but I have read plenty of...I think it's called "slash" and they're fine, too. I love "dad" Hotch :)

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Here i am again! Sorry this chapter is short, and has no sneezing in it but i just wanted to get this out here now. I'm currently writing chapter 6, and am not very sure how long this story will be. If anyone has any requests they might want to happen in this story feel free to share. I might write some in! 'cos i'm currently not sure where i'm going with this :---D I will definitely finish this story tho, so no need to worry about that. I just have to figure out how i'm gonna do that :laugh2: 


Chapter 4

Soon enough they were at the station, and he was able to throw the tissues away into a nearby trashcan when exiting the car.

As soon as they got in and into their office, where the rest of the team was waiting, Morgan pushed Reid down into a chair.

"Okay, so, first things first. We talked to Chloe Thompson. Wasn't much of a lead, really. She didn't know anything, the last time they talked was when Chloe called Alice and asked her to come over some day for some tea, to thank her for watching the house for her. Nothing seemed suspicious or amiss, and she didn't think anything of it." Morgan told the team, who were currently all looking at him. "Secondly, Pretty boy is definitely sick. He has a fever, and i'm betting it's the flu." That turned all their eyes to Reid, who blushed, looking at his hands.

"Reid?" Hotch asked sternly

"I'm fine! Really, i didn't think it was that bad." He said, coughing.

"Sure you didn't." Rossi said, and Reid frowned. He hadn't even seen Rossi the entire day, what did he know?

Hotch sighed. He walked to Reid, and put a hand on his forehead. He tried to dodge, but Hotch's warning "Reid" made him stay put.

"...Yeah, definitely fever. JJ, you take Reid back to the Hotel, and take the victim files with you. You can stay with Reid and work the case from there. I'll send someone else at some point."

JJ nodded, getting up.

"Wait, no! Hotch i'm okay, i can work, really!" Reid pleaded, looking at Hotch with puppy eyes. Garcia called them his secret weapon. It wasn't working this time.

"No, Reid. You're sick, i don't need you collapsing and ending up in the hospital."

"But i can help!"

"No. I'm sorry, but you're in no shape to work." Reid pouted in defeat. Today really wasn't his day.

"Well, JJ doesn't need to stay with me. I'll be fine on my own." He tried.

"Reid. I'm willing to bet your temperature's well over 100, I also don't want you to collapse at the hotel without us knowing. It's okay, she can work from there." Reid knew the argument was done, he'd lost. He sighed, again, making him cough. It was deep, wet cough and it hurt. He opened his watery eyes and saw Hotch frowning at him.

"Or maybe she should take you to the hospital...?"

"No! No, i'm fine, i'll go to the hotel but no hospital!" Reid exclaimed.

"Fine. But you'll stay in bed, rest, and listen to JJ. Okay?" Hotch said sternly.

"Okay." Reid felt like shrinking.

"Come on then Spence, off we go." JJ walked over to him and grabbed his arm. "We'll stop by the pharmacy on the way over, that okay?"

"...Yeah." He got up, following JJ to the car, waving to the others.

"Bye!" "Feel better soon!" "See ya later!" He could hear the rest of the team yelling after them.

The trip to the pharmacy was quick, JJ gathering everything they needed while Spencer opted to stay in the car this time. He really was exhausted.

He thought he’d just closed his eyes for a second when JJ entered the car, making him jump.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” She said Apologetically.

“It’s ok.” He said, or rather tried to say. It ended up sounding more like a croak, which in turn made him cough. JJ rubbed his back, and he didn’t want to know what she looked like. He honestly didn’t mean to make anyone worry, and was currently cursing his body for betraying him.

“You ok?” JJ asked once he’d stopped coughing.

“Yeah, sorry.” He winced, clearing his throat.

“You don’t need to apologize Spence. It’s okay to be sick.” JJ  said sternly, starting the car. He just blushed in reply, looking at his hands. Thankfully it wouldn’t take long for them to arrive at the hotel.

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Yay! You made my day with this post! :D

my favorite thing, aside from sneezes, are fevers causing confusion or slowing the mind down...like it takes a minute to comprehend what people are saying to him or wanting him to do (like, take this medicine and he just looks at it, not knowing what to do) is that too detailed?? Sorry I'm excited lol

also into very sleepy boys and I don't mind a faint :D:sneeze:

oh and platonic snuggles! Holding someone up so they can breathe or to keep them warm and comforted and they fall asleep cause now they are safe :Pounce:


um...I like lots of things :blush:

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How am I only just reading this? This is my absolute favorite fic of my absolute favorite Dr/agent. That attack in the car was amazing (sorry Spence but it was). I am super excited for more. :heart::sneeze:. if anyone catches this i really hope it's Morgan. or even if they are sick together (somehow). I just adore their brotherly love :blushsmiley::heart:

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Another great part! I can’t wait to see what happens from here. Anything that you write, i’m sure it’ll be amazing! :D

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Hey, just here to thank everyone for the comments and suggestions, i promise i haven't abandoned this fic! i'll get back to it as soon as i can, hopefully the next part will be up soon!! probably next week. thank you for the patience and sorry it's taking me so long 😊

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