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The Twelfth Night (HP, M, allergies, Remus Lupin)


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Written for the following prompt sent to me on Tumblr:  What if... Remus was sensitive to the smell of cinnamon or some of the other christmasy spices?


Well...not quite in time for Christmas but certainly in time for Twelfth Night which is the 'official' last day of Christmas. A little drabble set sometime after their graduation from Hogwarts.


Christmas had been a quiet affair at Remus' family home with his dad. Though he liked seeing his father and their shared quiet Yule tradition of listening to an old Wizarding Wireless broadcast of the official version of 'A Christmas Carol' (the one where the spirits are more clearly Wizards), he is always glad to leave home and go back to his friends. Home hasn't been really home since his mother's passing and the start of the war.


Lily and James planned a party for Twelfth Night and Remus arrived bundled in his coat and holiday jumper, eager to be out of the frigid air and into the warmth of the Order safe-house. They cannot host at their cottage in Godric's Hollow for security reasons so Dumbledore has arranged for them to use this spot. The place is already bustling with other Order members and there's the sound of Celestina Warbeck singing carols coming from the wireless. Remus sheds his coat and removes his snow-laden boots in the front hall as people wander past, shouting greetings.


Lily finds him a moment later, her red hair tied up in a messy bun and an apron over her plaid holiday dress.


“Remus!” she exclaims, hugging him tightly. “I'm so glad you've made it.”


She holds him for a moment longer and says softly into his ear.


“So glad. Let me know if you need anything. How are you?”


It's only one more night prior to the moon, as she's apparently aware. The familiar ache is beginning to settle into Remus' bones and he knows that tomorrow he'll wake feeling tired and sore with the beginnings of what feels like the flu but will culminate in him rearranging all his bones over the course of a night.


“I'm fine,” he assures her with a tired smile. She gives him one last squeeze and releases him.


“Good,” she says. “Come in. James and Sirius have outdone themselves with the decorating...wait until you see.”


She rolls her eyes but she's grinning at the same time. Remus follows her into the house where he's hit by an array of intense scents. The heady aroma of cinnamon is most present mixed with balsam pine fir and the earthy smell of myrrh. Around the main space, large enchanted candles float magically across the ceiling mixed in with glowing orbs that appear to give off a faint smoke.


Almost instantly, Remus feels his eyes and nose burn with irritation. He blinks and rubs at one eye absentmindedly as several people rush over to greet him.


Hestia is in the middle of filling him in on her latest Order assignment when he cannot bear it any longer.


“Excuse me,” he manages to choke out before turning away with his nose buried into the sleeve of his jumper.


Nght! Eh-tXHT! Ngh-GHXTTT!


He stifles three rapid-fire sneezes before surfacing with a sniffle.


“Bless me,” he says softly. “Go on.”


Hestia, who has paused to watch the outburst, continues.


Remus listens, trying to ignore the painful itching of his eyes. He cannot help but glance up at the floating orbs and candles, wondering what possessed his friends to enchant so many noisome decorations. He isn't usually very allergic to scents, but close to the moon his nose becomes distinctly more sensitive. Clearly they've forgotten about his numerous sneezing fits in potions class over the years.


A particularly pungent orb drifts by in a cloud of cinnamon and cloves and Remus has barely a moment to interrupt Hestia and excuse himself.


He stumbles around a corner into the hallway and is overcome, head snapping forward in an extensive, ticklish fit.


Ehh-GHTT! Nehhh—ehh-TSGHT! HHGHSTT! Ehhh....hehhh-TSXHHT!


He can barely get a breath between the sneezes as they tumble out. When he has a cold, his sneezes tend to be heavy and solo, but his allergy sneezes are fittish to the extent that they can stop a whole room to stare. It's embarrassing and he's grateful he's managed to get away.


But apparently not for long.




Sirius' voice rings out in his ear. He's stopped sneezing for just a moment and is catching his breath with wheezing inhalations that crackle and whistle.


“I thought I saw you sneak in. Why're you hiding out here?”




Remus sneezes harshly into cupped hands and looks up at his friend through bleary, reddened eyes.


“Why did you---ehhh---why did you think it was a good idea---ehh-TSGHHT! Ngh-TSGHT! Hehh-GGXHHHT!”


He can no longer speak as another fit spills out. He's leaning against the hallway wall, dizzy from the effort.




“Oh shit,” Sirius says, suddenly realizing what is happening. “It's those fucking candles. And here we were so proud of ourselves for how good it smells. I'm sorry, Moony. C'mon.”




He takes Remus by the shoulders and gently steers the still-sneezing man into a room where the door has been closed. It's a small bedroom that's sparsely appointed. He sits Remus on the bed and transfigures a nearby doily into a handkerchief. It's lace-trimmed and dainty, but it'll have to do. Remus takes it gratefully and blows his nose.


“You don't happen to have an allergy potion here?” Remus asks with a trembling voice, nose still teetering on the verge of a sneeze.




He's getting more and more congested with each fit and the sneezes are starting to sound stifled just from his swelling sinuses.


“No, I don't think so but I'll go look in the first aid kit. We can send for one?”


“I should just go home,” Remus said. “I'm tired anyway.”


“If you sit here for a bit, will it eventually go away?” Sirius asks.


“Eventually,” Remus replies, pinching his itchy nose with the handkerchief. “But as soon as I go back out there it'll start again.”


“Give me a half hour,” Sirius says. “I'll get rid of the decorations and you can rejoin us.”


“It's fine, I'll go home,” Remus said.


“No, you'll stay and enjoy a Christmas celebration. I know how dull you say it is at your da's and you deserve this. Besides, I know Lily and James have a gift for you.”


Remus smiles and rubs at his itchy eyes.


“Alright. Let me know when the coast is clear.”

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Oh my god! I haven’t seen the Marauders on this Forum for such a long time, and this completely made my day. Everything about this is perfect! Please please please post another part or anything else Marauders-related because I would be so grateful! Great story idea as well😙

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