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Home (Sick) for the Holidays --Shameless (Lip) --Secret Santa for Bongo


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Happy holidays, @Bongo!! I'm your Secret Santa this year :) This was really fun to write and I hope you enjoy it!!

Author's note: This fic takes place during the holidays after Lip's first semester at college. Carl is in juvie at the time so he's not mentioned. I may not have gotten everything perfectly accurate to the show during this time, but I wanted to focus on Lip instead of "setting the scene" so to speak.

Splush. Lip shouldered his backpack and stepped off the L…directly into a puddle of slushy snow. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” he muttered under his breath. His boots had once been waterproof, but after years of wear, they were barely functional, and now his feet were soaked through.


Shivering, Lip zipped his jacket against the December air and trudged home. Familiar sounds greeted him as he walked up the front steps—Debbie and Fiona screaming at each other, someone slamming pots and pans together. The chaos was strangely comforting—though the holidays were exceptionally stressful for the Gallaghers, he was glad to be home.


“Yo Gallaghers, I’m home!” Lip bellowed, then winced, surprised at how scratchy his throat felt. He barely had time to kick off his boots before he found himself enveloped in a hug that resembled a stranglehold.


“Lip!!!” Debbie shrieked directly into his ear. 

“Geez, Deb, you’re strong,” Lip laughed.


Grinning, his sister released her grip on him and flexed a bicep.  “I’ve been training!”


Ian bounded down the stairs with Liam in tow. “Look, Liam, Lip’s home!”


“Hey, buddy!” Lip scooped his youngest brother up for a hug. The boy wrapped his arms around Lip’s neck tightly, refusing to let go.


“He’s been talking about you coming home all week,” Ian said with a smile.


“Get over here.” With his free arm, Lip gave the redhead a bro-hug.


“Lip! Come here!” Fiona shouted. Carrying Liam on his hip, Lip sauntered into the kitchen, where his sister was cooking pasta. The oldest Gallagher sibling’s face lit up when she saw him. “We’ve missed you!” Her lanky arms embraced him tightly. “How did your finals go?”

Lip opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by an urgent tickle in his nose. Stepping away from his sister as quickly as he could, he lifted the front of his shirt to cover his mouth: “Huh-huhtchooo!”


“Bless you!” chirped Liam.


“Thanks, buddy.” Lip swiped at his suddenly runny nose.


Fiona looked him over with scrutiny. “Are you sick?” It was more of an accusation than a question.


“Nah, just a random sneeze.” Lip resisted the urge to sniffle, knowing that wouldn’t help his case. Not that he was sick—he really was fine. He had to be.


“Good. The last thing we need is another cold in this house. Liam’s just gotten over one, and I used all my sick days staying home with him. I can’t afford to miss any more work, with the holidays coming up.” Fiona sighed and rubbed her temples, clearly exhausted. Guilt was forming a knot in Lip’s stomach; he knew how hard she’d had to work since he’d been off at school.


“Go and relax. I’ve got this.” Lip took the wooden spoon from his sister’s hand and began stirring the pasta. 


“You just got home, I’m not going to put you to work right away,” Fiona protested.


“Don’t worry about it.” Opening the fridge, Lip grabbed a beer and pressed it into the slim brunette’s hand. “You deserve a break more than anyone.”


Fiona hesitated for a moment, then shot him a look of gratitude and headed for the living room.


Lip forced himself to think about anything other than his pounding headache while he cooked. As tired as he was, he liked knowing that he was still needed here. 


“Huhh-tishuhhh!” Lip groaned, realizing that his pillow was now damp.


“Did you just wake yourself up with that sneeze?” Ian was standing in the doorway, looking amused.


“Uh, yeah, I might’ve.” Lip winced when his words came out as a raspy whisper; he cleared his throat hastily.


“Did you still want to make some money while you’re home? Kevin told me that Tommy wants you for a construction project.” 

“Yeah, that sounds great. Did he say when?” Lip’s voice betrayed him, and he coughed harshly into his fist.


“I think it started a few days ago, so he could probably use you today. If you’re up for it.” Ian raised an eyebrow at his older brother.


“Yup, I’m uhhh- up for it. HUHH-tscchhhh!”


“Whatever you say. Just don’t let Fiona see you doing that.” Ian chuckled, then disappeared into the hallway, shutting the door behind him.


“I’b dot sick,” Lip said to no one in particular, but the sneeze had left him congested, and he wasn’t so sure anymore. 


The construction site wasn’t far from the Gallagher house, so Lip had decided to set out on foot. He hadn’t counted on the December air feeling like icy knives against his feverish skin. When he arrived at the site, his nose was running profusely—he tried to stop the stream of moisture with his sleeve, cursing himself for not thinking to bring tissues.


“Hey, college boy!” Tommy hollered from across the lot, making his way towards Lip. “You too good for us now, or are you ready to get to work?”


“Hey, Tomby. I’mb ready. Put be to work.” Lip attempted in vain to clear his throat subtly.


Tommy physically cringed at the sound of Lip’s voice. “Are you sick?”


“Doh, I’mb fide,” Lip lied. A shiver gave him away; he pulled his coat tighter around him, under the guise of crossing his arms. The gesture was not lost on Tommy.


“Look, kid, I’m not one to turn away cheap labor, but Kevin would kill me if you died on my watch, or at least he’d ban me from the Alibi. Go home and get some rest.”


Lip opened his mouth to protest, but his nose had other ideas. “Uhhhktchuhhh!” Sniff. “All right, I’ll combe back toborrow?”


“Don’t come back until you’re healthy,” Tommy ordered. Lip turned and trudged away. “Oh, and kid?” Tommy barked at his retreating form. “Bless you!” 

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waking himself up with a sneeze, totally adorable. And it was all very believeable. Like "“Yo Gallaghers, I’m home!” is exactly how he would have announced his presence. And Debbe during her training period was a nice touch. Everything just came together so well. 


Thank you!

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Oh my gosh, I loved this! Absolutely love Lip, and you captured him so well!!! ❤️

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oh boy oh boy Ive been dying for someone to write a shameless fic, especially about Lip :wub: if you ever wanted to add on to this Im sure nobody would complaaain ;) I loved it, all the characters are written perfectly, I can picture it like an episode!!

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