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Happy new year everybody!

I had a little fit at a party last night while I was outside with some friends smoking a...certain plant :hypoc: I'm not sure what exactly triggered it, but I felt a tickle come up in my nose, feeling sort of feathery. I rubbed my nose to get rid of it, but that only ended up making it worse. As I geared up to sneeze, one friend jokingly went "there [name] goes" as my pre-sneeze face is fairly obvious sometimes, and I often sneeze a little while smoking. I fired of six sneezes, all in quick doubles, just uncovered to my side. They were on the louder side, but I still wouldn't call them loud. They also weren't messy, thankfully, but I was quite sniffly after. The same friend who made that comment blessed me.


As a side note, I learned about vasomotor/non-allergic rhinitis recently and I think I must have it. Too many random things irritate my nose.

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Awww, glad that as long as that person made that comment, they blessed you as well.

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I love when people acknowledge the pre-sneeze face, because it means they're watching intently enough to know what's happening. Sounds like it was a fun night, sneezing aside. 

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