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Untold Stories


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Untold stories…

Chapter 1


#1 The Tickle

She felt a tingle in her nose all day that she just couldn’t make go away.  Still, she went about her business, baking the cake, cooling the cake and finally it was time to ice the cake.  She carefully placed the first layer on the can plate and iced the bottom layer. Then she placed the second layer on the cake.  She iced the second layer and then placed the third layer on the cake.  As she iced the third layer on the cake, the tickly in her nose increased.  She’d been annoyed by it all day and doubted that a sneeze would actually come out.  She took the decorations and started placing them on the cake.  The tickle continued to bother her until…”AH-CHEUUUU!”  She sneezed right on the cake.  She figured though, that no one would know so she continued to finish the cake while she sniffled hard.  It felt good to finally get that sneeze out!


#2 The lobby door

The mail carrier had packages for delivery that could be left in the office. He came in and placed them on the desk and called out, but no one answered.  He made a note of the delivery time and then reached for the door handle, except he had a sneeze sneak up on him and he sneezed all over the door, including the handle.  “HARshEW!”  It was one of those loud and quick sneezes, one like he had been having all day, in fact every time he stood up, he sneezed a few times.  “I must be getting a cold.” He thought to himself as he walked to his truck.  “huh-SHEUU!”  Bless you!” Said the secretary, who had a bag of lunch in her hand.  “Thank you.” Said the mail carrier.


#3 The sneezes

Willow was aware she was catching a cold because she had woke up congested with a killer sore throat.  She needed some groceries, including a box of tissues and cold medication.  She headed to the nearest grocery story and picked out her items.  Her nose dripped and she wiped it on the back of her coat sleeve when no one was watching.  As she checked out in one of those self check lines, her nose itched and ran some more. She wiped it with her hand and continued to press buttons needed to check out.  No one was around as it was pretty late at night.  Her nose annoyed her and she sneezed twice without covering.  The spray hit the buttons on the check out scanner.  “HAHTISHEOU!  HAH-ch-EW!”  She wiped it off with the back of her coat sleeve and sniffed hard. Then she quickly headed out of the store, hoping no one saw her contaminate the check out line. 


#4 The cleaning service

Oak had one house left to do, one house left to clean with this terrible cold she was coming down with.  It started out as congestion in the morning, along with a very sore throat.  When she arrived at the third house though, her nose tickled and she felt as if she needed to sneeze.  She let herself in with the key under the mat. No one was home.  She felt a sigh of relief in that she didn’t have to hide being sick.  She grabbed the dust rag and spray and got to work. The dust irritated her nose and she sneezed a few times.  “AKTSHOO!  HAKTISSEUU!”  There, that felt much better, but now her nose was running and the spray from the wet sneeze splattered the table, so she wiped it off with the dust rag.  She continued about the house and as she worked, the sneezing increased.  Since she was alone, she didn’t bother to cover her sneezes.  She found some tissues and blew her nose before she locked up, happy to be done for the day. As she turned the key, she sneezed once more.  “AHHHKKKTSEUUU!”  “Goodness, she thought to herself, this cold is coming on strong!”  She climbed into her car with her cleaning bucket and headed home for the night.





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