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Choose Your Own Adventure


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Choose your own adventure

Chapter 1


There was an old building, a mansion really where you could choose your own adventure.  You could have all kinds of experiences, depending on which room you choose.  But, Oak Moon was most interested in the experiences with people who sneezed.  So, she choose door number 27. 


All she knew before entering was that behind door number 27 was a sneezer.  She knocked on the door and a middle age man opened it.  “Hi.  I’m Phoenix.”  The man said in a deep and congested voice. His nose was chapped and his face a bit flushed.  He sniffled as he spoke.  His face contorted and he pulled a hanky from his pocket. 
“HARSHEEExxxPHH!”  “Excuse me.  I’m coming down with a terrible cold.” The man said.  His sneezes were absolutely amazing!  “Bless you then!”  Oak Moon said in response. 


Oak Moon took out her perfume and spritzed herself.  She meant fully to irritate Phoenix’s nose and she succeeded in her quest.  “HAARSHEEESH! AHSHOOO! HAH-CHEW!”  Phoenix sneezed three times in a row into his hanky and then honked his congested nose.  “Bless you!” Oak Moon said.  “Thanks.” Said Phoenix.


The poor sick man sneezed the entire 10 minutes that Oak Moon was in the room.  When the timer beeped, Oak Moon shook Phoenix’s hand and thanked him.  He covered his face with his tissue, held in the other hand and simultaneously sneezed a wet one as they shook hands.  "HETISHEIUUUUXX!"  "Bless you!" Phoenix said as she released his hand and exited the room.  


She choose door number 4 next. 

“Hi, My name is Pepper.” Said a young woman with curly red hair.  She had a jar of white powder and a Q-tip.  “Lie down.”  She instructed Oak Moon.  Oak Moon did as she was told and Pepper inserted the white powder into her nostrils.

“All done. You can sit up now.” Said Pepper.

Almost immediately Oak Moon felt the urge to sneeze.  “HAHTCHOO! UHSHOOO!  HEHTISHEW!  AHHH-CHEW!  ISHEW!  HUHTISHEIUUU!”   Oak Moon’s body slumped forward and she sneezed in a huge fit.

“Goodness, bless you!”  Pepper said.  Pepper took some tissues and wiped Oak Moon’s runny nose.


Oak Moon took a deep breath and her nose still twitched.  Pepper sprayed something all around Oak Moon.  Oak Moon inhaled and her nose bothered her even more.  “HUH…HUUUUH…HUUUUHTISHEIUUUUU!”

“Bless you!” Pepper said handing Oak Moon the box of tissues. 

The timer beeped and they shook hands on Oak Moon’s way out the door.


One more door.  Oak Moon choose door 85, another sneeze door.

There was a woman and it was obvious that she had a bad cold.  “Hi, I’m Parmesan.” She said in a rather horse voice.  She coughed a congested cough and cleared her throat.  “I have to sneeze, but I can’t.  Can you help me?” She asked.

Oak Moon didn’t know how to help, but she would try.  “Here, look up at the light.” Oak Moon suggested.  Parm looked right at the light and hitched a bit.  “HUH…”

But she couldn’t sneeze.  “Here, close your eyes.”  Oak Moon said as she sprayed her perfume.


Parm rubbed her nose and looked up.  “HuuuHHH.. Uggh, it won’t come!”  She said.

Oak Moon saw a box on the desk.  She picked up the dental floss and took out a strand. She folded it in half. 


Here, let me try this.  She inserted in up Parm’s nose until she saw it twitch and then slowly and gently rubbed it back and forth.  “HUUUHHTCHEW!  HUUUHTCHEW!  HUUUUUHHTCHEW!”  The sneezes were huge and the spray was even more enormous.  What was even better was it was right in Oak Moon’s face.

“Congratulations!”  Parm said. You are the first all day to make me sneeze!

“Bless you and feel better!” Oak Moon said on her way out.


Oak Moon's adventures were over for the day and she headed home, relishing in all the sneezing she was able to experience! 



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