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"Love Untouched" - (Secret Santa for I love Alan Rickman)


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I'm so sorry this took so long, @I love Alan Rickman. I became really busy but I finally finished your story. I hope it's going to be something you enjoy. I tried to stick to your request as much as I could. Anyway, here it is. :) 



“Honey, are you home?” I called out to my fiance as I walk into our apartment.


I just returned from my last class of the day at the local university. I decided to work for my master’s degree right after earning my bachelor’s. My courses were rigorous but I found the challenge meaningful. It would prepare me for my career as a psychologist.


I didn’t know if I’d find Ethan home, considering his job as a business executive was demanding. His company handled the stocks and bonds of wealthy members of the community; a job he had inherited from his father. Three years ago his father, unfortunately, passed away and Ethan was left the business in his will. He gladly took the opportunity but had to step down when the stress began to affect his health. Within months he sold the company to a trusted partner and took the --less stressful-- position as a business executive. It still gave him the adrenaline he craved, but didn’t require him to be at the office as much.


He didn’t have as much work but he certainly did have a lot of commitment. He’d often be in meetings than ran until eight PM even though his day ended at six. I didn’t mind the extension. At least he was coming home at eight instead of ten or sometimes eleven depending on what clients he’d had that day.


Before he sold the company we barely had any time together. Most days I had classes at seven AM and I wouldn’t come home until six PM. By that time I would organize my notes for the day and make dinner. But since he worked later I had to put his plate in the fridge and go to sleep before he came home. Then I would have to leave for class before he woke up in the morning. We only saw each other in passing most of the time. It almost felt like we were roommates instead of a couple.


Eventually his body became absolutely exhausted and he had difficulty keeping up. Most nights he only got five or six hours of sleep, which was much less than he should’ve been getting. It was evident in the bags under his eyes and the increase of mistakes at work. He couldn’t afford to make mistakes. His clients demanded the best service and would go elsewhere if he couldn’t provide.


The pressure became too much and he cracked. He desperately wanted to make his father proud but he didn’t have experience to be flawless. For weeks I had to assist him in the process of stepping down. I provided the reassurance he needed to sell the company. Thankfully it was for the better.


After he stepped down I actually saw him. Sometimes he was late to dinner but I was able to wait for him. We talked more about our daily lives and were able to go to bed at the same time. His mental health began to improve, too. He didn’t feel the constant pressure to be perfect. He could enjoy his job again.



“Honey?” I called again. I didn’t get a response that time either. Ethan should’ve been home. He didn’t text me saying he was having a meeting or staying late.


I placed my bag on the kitchen counter and went to our bedroom. The door was cracked, allowing a hint of light to escape. I gently knocked on the door before pushing it open. There was Ethan, curled up on the bed in fetal position. He was still in his suit, though he had taken his shoes off. Why only take off your shoes when you could change into something more comfortable?


I shook my head in amusement, “Ethan?”


That time I received a mumbled response, “Skylar, is that you?”


“It’s me,” I walked over to the bed and brushed my finger through his brown hair. With even the smallest touch I could feel that he was clammy. That wasn’t good at all.




“Are you feeling alright?”


“...’m fine,” If he could hear himself he’d know that was a pathetic lie.


“You don’t look like it,”  


“I am,” He turned his head to look at me.


I sighed when I saw his bloodshot eyes and pink-tinged nose. He had definitely come down with a cold. He seemed fine the night before but I guess I didn’t notice the signs. Ethan wasn’t good at admitting vulnerability. He could be shot and lie that it was only a scratch, even if he was near death.


“You really don’t look well, honey.” I sat on the edge of the bed and continued to brush my fingers through his hair. That always managed to make him relax, sometimes even enough to be honest with me.


He seemed to relax almost instantly from my touch, “Fine…”


“How are you feeling?” I locked my eyes with his and softened my gaze. He needed to know that I wasn’t going to judge him for being vulnerable. Everyone gets sick whether they want to admit it or not. It’s not a flaw in their personality or something they choose. It’s a part of being human. It was something I loved about him: his humanity.


“Not well,”

“When did you start to feel this way?”


“Last nighhh…He trailed off. I immediately recognized his expression: raised eyebrows, twitching nostrils, and parted lips. He reached into his pocket as fast as he could and pulled out a crumpled tissue. Hhh… ISSHHueh! … hh--ESSTTuh!” He barely caught the sneezes in the tissue.


“Bless you,” My poor love.


He sniffled, “Sorry…” I noticed the mild blush cross his cheeks.


“Oh honey, you don’t have to apologize.” He always seemed to feel embarrassed sneezing in front of me. But it was just another sign of humanity.


“I don’t want you to get sick,”


“I’m not worried about that at all. My main concern is helping you get better.”


He nodded, “Okay.”


Nothing could change the love I felt for my man. Not even a cold.



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Ahhh I really liked this. Especially since my partner's name is Ethan...I got to imagine him in this state ;) Thanks for writing!

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Oh...my God. This is so amazing. It just hit all the feels and everything. Oh, I just love this so much! Thank you a lot. The wait was worth it, and adore it. This is something I guarantee I will be rereading many times over again and not getting tired of. What a brilliant little story! :heart: I'd love to see more of these two if you're up to it, but you don't have to. I can always go back to this and fantasize about them myself. :blush: Thanks once again for a beautiful gift!


P.S. You just got a new follower. I love your writing style!

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