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Caring for Jean (TDBM)


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Because I'm still obsessed with this fandom, and because I never get to read anything like this for it, I have to keep making it myself. 


Lucien Blake knew he was completely spoiled by his wife. She kept his life running smoothly, whether it was booking in patients in the surgery, making sure he had a fresh shirt no matter when he returned home, or just indulging him when he wanted to talk endlessly about a case.

At times, though, it left him feeling a bit guilty, because he felt that he should be repaying her somehow. Coupled with that was a slightly nagging feeling in the back of his heart that not only did he not deserve her, but owed her as well. This may be why he always got just the tiniest bit gleeful when he was able to take care of her for a change; it was his way of helping to even the score, so to speak.

Of course, he never wanted Jean to be hurt or ill in any way, but he had to admit, he loved the feeling of taking care of her, even while it caused him to worry, probably too much.

So, when she woke up before him one morning, as she always did, and instead of simply hopping out of bed and starting her day with the energy and efficiency he usually associated her with, paused to sit on the side of the bed to stifle a soft sneeze, it certainly piqued his attention.

“Bless you, love,” he told her, rolling over onto his side and propping himself up on his elbow to get a better look at her.

“Thank you,” she said briskly, finally getting up and reaching for her dressing gown. “You have early hours in the surgery this morning,” she reminded him, before turning away to sneeze again, “t’iishu!”

“Bless you!” Lucien told her, raising an eyebrow; he couldn’t remember the last time he had heard her sneeze.

“Thank you,” Jean replied, heading to the bathroom to start her day. He followed her a moment later, entering just in time to hear her sneeze for the third time, “eh-iishu!”

“Bless you, thrice! Catching a cold, Jeannie,” he asked her, mildly concerned.

“No, of course not!” Jean told him, looking annoyed.

Lucien knew better than to press her when she had that look on her face, but he made sure to pay extra attention to her over the rest of the day. By lunch time, he had noted three more sneezes, several sniffles, and at least twice, when she thought he wasn’t looking, where she had leaned tiredly against the door frame.

It was when he caught her wincing with her hand against her throat after a particularly strong sneeze that had bent her nearly double, that he felt the need to get a little firmer with her.

“Alright, Jeannie, come on; into the surgery. You’re my next patient of the day,” he told her, placing a hand on her lower back and steering her out of the kitchen and into the hall.

“I’m what?” she asked, distracted as she wiped her nose on a handkerchief. “Lucien, don’t be silly; I’m fine,” she started to say, but her breath began hitching again before she had the words out, “Heh, heh hehishoo!” she finally sneezed, turning away from him as he led her into the surgery.

“Of course you are,” Lucien told her good humoredly, as he led her to the exam table. “But just to be certain, let me take a look at that throat of yours, hmm? I saw you wincing and rubbing it a minute ago, has it been sore long?” he asked as he reached for a light and a tongue depressor.

“A couple of hours,” Jean admitted, finally giving in and acknowledging that she was feeling under the weather.

Lucien gave her a quick check up before announcing that she had the start of what looked like a nasty cold. “Now, I want you to get some rest,” he informed her as he helped her off the exam table.

“Rubbish,” she told him, wiping her nose again. “I have far too much to do, and you know you’re going to need a hand with reception this afternoon as well; you have a full schedule.”

“Nothing I can’t handle on my own,” Lucien countered sternly, steering her toward their bedroom in the converted studio.

Jean opened her mouth to argue, but a sneezing fit cut off what she was about to say, as well as causing her to lose her balance, falling against Lucien, who steadied her until the fit had passed, “Huh-ish, itsh, itsh, huh, huh, ITSCH!”

When she had finished, Lucien gave her a pointed look as if to say, “See?” which she returned with a glare.

“Honestly, Lucien, it’s just a head cold. I can manage perfectly well, and I don’t need you to fuss at me,” she told him irritably.

Lucien sighed. He knew that arguing with Jean usually got him nowhere; he’d have to pick his battles carefully here.

“Well, I’m not convinced,” he told her, “But you’re right; I do have a full schedule this afternoon. So, I won’t fuss, but I do wish you would take it easy and rest when you can, alright?”

The afternoon passed quickly; Jean hadn’t been exaggerating when she told him just how full his schedule was. He barely had time to take a breath between patients, and didn’t finish up the last one until 5 when finally shut his door with relief.

It occurred to him, though, that he hadn’t seen Jean in a while. Usually, she would at least pop her head in from time to time to see if he needed anything. He wondered if she was simply keeping clear of him, or if she had finally heeded his advice and gone to get some rest.

He ventured into the kitchen to find her sitting at the table, a cup of tea cooling in front of her and her head in her hands.

He paused for a moment to look at her, gathering his thoughts. As if she could sense his presence, she looked up.

“Lucien. I haven’t started dinner yet; I’m sorry. I don’t know where the time went,” she began, before sneezing once more, “Heh-itsh!”

“Don’t worry about dinner; I can step out for fish and chips if need be,” he began, moving toward her and reaching out to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “How are you feeling?” he asked, frowning at how warm she felt through the sweater she had put on over her clothes.

“Terrible,” she answered, giving him a small smile. “I suppose you were right, and I do need some rest.”

Lucien smiled back at her in return before moving his hand to rest on her forehead for a moment. She was very warm, and his smile quickly disappeared.

“Right. So, what do you say we get you to bed, hey?” he asked, gently raising her up and propelling her toward the door.

“Lucien, wait,” Jean said desperately before they had taken a few steps. He frowned, turning toward her to see what the problem was, but she turned away from him and began sneezing desperately into her handkerchief, “HehISH, hehISH, hehISH, hehISH, heh, heh, heh-ITSHOO!”

“Bless you!” Lucien told her, handing her his clean handkerchief. “Goodness me, that does sound like it’s getting nasty. Let’s get you into bed now,” and with that he led her to their bedroom, seating her on the bed and rummaging in the drawers for her pajamas.

“It’s far too early for bed,” Jean grumbled at him, hurrying over the dresser when she saw the mess he was making of her things.

Lucien wasn’t having it, however, “You have a temperature,” he told her sternly as he steered her back to the bed. “Now, rest; doctor’s orders,” he told her with a slightly mischievous look.

Jean looked like she was about to interrupt him, but sneezed again instead, “iTSH!” bending at the waist as she did so. Lucien rubbed her back sympathetically.

“Jeannie. Love. How about you let me take care of you, hmm? For a change?” he smiled teasingly at her, and after a moment she nodded and smiled back. Maybe it WOULD be nice to be the one taken care of, rather than the other way around.

Lucien spent the next two days doing everything he could to show Jean that he loved her by taking care of her, his own appointments, and the housework. He brought her endless cups of tea, rubbed her neck and shoulders when she mentioned they were sore, and popped into the bedroom every few minutes it seemed to feel her forehead or offer her a clean handkerchief.

By the third day, Jean was feeling much better and braced herself as she left the bedroom, fully expecting to find the house a complete disaster. She was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that Lucien had managed to keep up with things as well as he had.

She wondered, though, where Lucien was; she hadn’t seen him yet that morning and he wasn’t in the sitting room or kitchen. She headed down the hallway toward the surgery to see if he was there when a sound caught her attention, “HERASHOO!”

Jean hurried forward just in time to see her husband sneezing a second time, seated at his desk, “Huh, huh, HUHASHOO!”

“Bless you!” Jean told him, coming into the room and smiling at him sympathetically. “You’ve caught my cold, haven’t you?” she asked him.

“Well, perhaps,” Lucien smiled at her a bit sheepishly. “But more importantly, how are you feeling?”

“Much better, thanks to you. I was pleasantly surprised to see the house still standing, I have to admit,” Jean teased him as she sat down on the edge of his desk. “How ever have you managed it all; I know this has been a busy week in the surgery for you, and you’ve been taking such good care of me as well.”

Lucien smiled at her, “I couldn’t let you down, Jeannie. You do so much around here, I wanted to make sure you knew that I understood that and appreciated it. Must say, though, it’s been a bit exhausting, ESHOO!” He sneezed into his handkerchief, turning away from him and sniffling a bit.

“Well, I appreciate your efforts,” Jean told him, “Now, come on; my turn to take care of you again, now you’ve caught my cold.” She smiled sympathetically at him, “How do you feel?”

“Oh, a day or two and I’ll be right as rain,” Lucien sniffled, wiping his nose on his handkerchief. “After all, I know you wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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I have to admit that I have no idea what show TDBM is, but I have a soft spot for doctors showing concern and care for someone with a cold and this was perfect :wub: Lucien was so sweet with her and I love all the little remarks he made about her cold getting worse. Thank you for writing this :D

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On ‎1‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 3:43 PM, Oolia said:

I have to admit that I have no idea what show TDBM is, but I have a soft spot for doctors showing concern and care for someone with a cold and this was perfect :wub: Lucien was so sweet with her and I love all the little remarks he made about her cold getting worse. Thank you for writing this :D

The show is The Doctor Blake Mysteries. And I have a similar soft spot, which coupled with my love of the show has me coming up with numerous scenarios like this one. :D

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