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Day 32 (Death Note) SS for CeruleanBlue!


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Happy Holidays, @CeruleanBlue!!!  :D I'm your secret santa!  I hope you like it.  :heart: 

Day 32

“Ryuzaki, he looks horrible.”


Without moving his eyes away from his suspects on the screens to face Matsuda, L affirmed the statement.  “He does.”  It didn’t take the world’s best detective to deduce that the prime suspect for the Kira Investigation was unwell.  It was Day Thirty-Two of his voluntary confinement, and it seemed that his physical health was beginning to decline along with his mental state.  While Light Yagami had begun fervently denying the notion that he’d have the capacity to kill, he now resigned himself to a state of near-silence.  


The teenager laid on his side at the legs of his cot.  For the past few hours, this had been his default position.  His body would convulse periodically with a fit of coughing...Just like it was doing now.  His matted-down caramel-colored hair managed to flop against his forehead with each chest spasm.  Teeth clenched firmly, he attempted to maintain some form of control.  To L, it looked as if Light were trying to hide his illness—a futile and vain gesture for someone who had supposedly relinquished all of his pride.  


Ryuzaki!” A hand slammed down on the table in front of the slouching man.  Oh, Aizawa.  “Can’t you give him some medicine or something?”  Unimpressed, L looked up at the seething man.  He stared with dull eyes, until it looked as if the rage had settled.


“If you remember, he was offered medicine yesterday, but he refused it,” L dropped an extra sugar cube into his tea, and took a second to watch it dissolve.  “Besides, he has a cold virus, and such things will not rid him of it.”  


Aizawa opened his mouth, then closed it in defeat.  L knew the men thought he was being needlessly cruel to someone who was, in their eyes, innocent.  But it wasn’t as if L had ever cared about anyone’s opinion regarding himself or his actions.  


He sipped his tea.  Still too bitter.  Plunking more white cubes into the dark liquid, he returned his attention to the screens.  It seemed that Light was whispering something to himself.




I’m not Kira.  I’m not Kira.  I’m not Kira.


There was that one stupid flickering light.  Being under fluorescent lights for so long could really aggravate a person, but flickering fluorescents was a whole other level of aggravation.  Just like the aggravation of not being in control of the situation.  Who was setting him up for this?  Since his confinement, the Kira killings had stopped.  All he could do was lay there while lacking any ability to save himself.  Hell, right now, Light wasn’t in control of even his own body.  


He could remember waking up one day with a warm, throbbing feeling in his throat.  How long ago was that day?  His sense of time was so skewed at this point.  Were his meals being brought at the same intervals of time each day, or was L intentionally changing them so that Light would go insane?  Maybe that was the whole point of this.  Maybe the goal was to get him to confess to a crime he never committed.  What had caused him to second-guess himself to the point where he honestly believed he could ever be Kira?


It must’ve been yesterday when L’s disguised voice rang through the speakers.  


“Light-kun, are you ill?”






“Would you like tea or any kind of medicine?”


“No,” Light rasped.  How could he possibly know what would be in a pill given to him by L.  Clearing his throat—and ignoring the soreness it left behind—he insisted that he was well.  


Pathetic.  He felt completely pathetic.


Here he was unable to even cover his mouth, or wipe the moisture from his eyes.  His nostrils twitched without his permission.  If someone had told him a year ago that he would be in this predicament, he would have never believed it.  He would have laughed in the person’s face.  After all, he was an honor student with a bright future and a strong sense of justice.  How could he have ever anticipated that he’d be the prime suspect for a mass-murderer with a serious god-complex?  He couldn’t possibly be Kira!  Not even subconsciously.


His body tensed.  He hadn’t been eating well.   How could he eat?  How could he sleep?  How much longer until his intellectual mind declines from being in confinement for so long?  


The steady pace of his breaths was interrupted with a hitch.  His nostrils flared to their fullest circumference.  “Huhh…”  The last thing he needed right now was to have his nose running.  It was such an inconvenience that his perfect immune system would fall to a cold during his confinement.  “hhh….KShhh...uh!”  He had done his best to smother the ailing appendage into the sleeve of his shoulder.  The sudden jerk shot dull pain through the front of his skull.  


“Bless you.”


Mockery.  Empty gesture.  He didn’t care.  He could do this.


“...Thank you.”


With a twitch, his nose informed him that he wasn’t done.  Light wondered if L was watching him, waiting for his body to just betray him over and over again.  


“-H’Zzssh!”  It would be easier to just coax the last one out.  He just wanted that pre-sneeze face to go away.  


“Bless you, Light-kun.”


“T-Thank you.”


He didn’t even have the strength to stand up and relocate himself onto the cot.  Regardless, he decided a position change was necessary.  His arm was beginning to fall asleep from using it to prop himself up.  Slowly, deliberately, he drew his knee into his chest.  Pushing off the floor, he put himself into a position where he could sit up.  His legs formed a pretzel.  


He sniffled.  The persistent itch would not falter.  On top of it, his nose had begun to run again.  He pressed his nostrils against his shoulder.  Light hoped his dad wasn’t watching his desperation.  He tilted his chin so that he was looking at the flickering light bulb.  His eyelids slowly drew together, as if they were two weak magnets of unlike poles.  


To his horror, he was stuck like that.  Ryuzaki must be having a field day seeing me, the guy he thinks is Kira, in such a position.  


Hahh…”  He sniffled sharply, but no sneeze followed.  Moisture began to form in his eyes in its place.  Blinking away tears in his eyes, he lowered his chin.  Damnit, it must look like I’m crying.  The sensation of the sneeze had diminished, but it hadn’t left.  He sighed as he took a moment to deal with the present conflict.  He had two options: sneeze, or don’t.  Being caught in that state of limbo wouldn’t do him any good.  


Light wondered if perhaps he was winning any sympathy points, that surely someone as pathetic as he looked couldn’t possibly be Kira.  He pressed the tip of his nose into the sleeve of his shoulder.  His eyes began to water again.  


“Light-kun,” The disguised voice came through.  L.  “Criminals have stopped dying since your confinement.  What do you make of that?”


“Ryuzaki, huh,” Light rubbed his nose against his shoulder.  “Someone must be framing me, I-I’m not Kira–”


“You’re sure of that now?  Before you claimed that you just ‘might’ be Kira.”


“I don’t know why huhh I s-saihhd that, but I’m s-sure.”


“You seem to be stuttering quite a bit.”


Light’s fists clenched.  “I...h’TSSHhuh!–”


“–Bless you.”


“Thank you.”  Frustrated and tired, Light shut his eyes firmly.  “I am not Kira.”




Ignoring the annoyed looks from his subordinates, L tapped the microphone once more.  “Do you think you could be Kira subconsciously?”  


“No,” Light cleared his throat, “No, I could never be Kira.”


“That conflicts with your initial reasoning for your imprisonment,” L stated.  In all honesty, this situation baffled him.  It seemed that he had reached a dead end with his suspects.  All evidence pointed to Misa Amane, and subsequently, Light Yagami.  Now, both had changed their entire attitudes, and the killings had resumed.  Light somehow went from looking like a calculated killer to a desperate teenager.  Somehow, Light looked like a victim.  Aizawa had left the room in a fit of anger, and Matsuda had gone after him.  


He thought back to the tennis match.  L couldn’t help but wonder if Light felt like he was losing right now, or if this was all part of a diabolical plan.  Or the third option that he didn’t want to consider: the option that he was wrong.


His eyes became wide as he watched Light have another sneezing fit.  


“h’TSshh!  --hKishh….uhh.”


Was this some sort of guise to gain sympathy?


It was interesting, at the very least.  Impossible for him to turn his eyes away.  The video quality wasn’t the best in the world, but it was clear enough that L could see Light’s pinkened nostrils twitch.  He could also deduce that at least another sneeze was coming–he seemed to sneeze in groups of at least three.






Light awoke to find that he was laying on his cot, snuggled in a blue blanket.  Dazed, he looked around.  He sniffled.  On the bedside table was a glass of water with a bendy straw.


There was a single strand of long black hair on the blanket.  L?


“Thanks,” he mumbled, drifting back to sleep.



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(Warning: I wrote a novel here)

First of all, I adore how well-written this is. And the style totally suits Death Note too. I can hear everything in their voices, especially L.

I actually really like Light's sneezes here.

Also, sneezing while talking is definitely a plus. And with this part —

9 hours ago, Pollen Girl said:

"You seem to be stuttering quite a bit.”

I actually loved that he points out the hitching. I don't know why, but that kind of affected me a lot.

L closely watching Light sneeze and making deductions on them and being fascinated — this is one of my favorite things in Death Note fics.

I'm kind of wondering now...

9 hours ago, Pollen Girl said:

“Light-kun,” The disguised voice came through.  L.

Did L choose that time to speak on purpose because he wanted to see Light talk through the sneeze? Either out of interest or to make him feel more pathetic?

This is going to be really long I'm sorry lol

9 hours ago, Pollen Girl said:

He thought back to the tennis match.  L couldn’t help but wonder if Light felt like he was losing right now, or if this was all part of a diabolical plan.  Or the third option that he didn’t want to consider: the option that he was wrong.

I really like this part. It's so L. And I love references to the series.

Sugar addict L is always a good thing.

My poor Innocent!Light I feel so bad for him but on the other hand hurt/comfort is the love of my life. And I do see hurt/comfort in this and that makes me really happy. Especially because I've always wanted to see (because the truth is more painful) L and Light being friends (and I used to/still ship them) and L giving in and caring for Light even just a little warms my heart.

I'm wondering if the blanket is blue because that's L's color or if that wasn't intentional.

9 hours ago, Pollen Girl said:

Light awoke to find that he was laying on his cot, snuggled in a blue blanket.  Dazed, he looked around.  He sniffled.  On the bedside table was a glass of water with a bendy straw.


There was a single strand of long black hair on the blanket.  L?


“Thanks,” he mumbled, drifting back to sleep.

I really love endings where the sick character is all cuddly and/or finally resting — where the sick character is taken care of when he needs it — and I like ending fics with the sick character thanking whoever took care of him.

So I really like this ending lol.


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I meant to reply earlier but have been crazy the past few days, but I'm sooo loving this I just had to reply! This was absolutely spot on, I'm so glad for this time of year!!

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@CeruleanBlue`I'm so so so glad you liked it!!!!  :heart:  That means so much to me, I loved reading your reactions. The blue blanket thing actually wasn't intentional, but I'm going to pretend like it was!!  B) 


@snuffles Thank you!  I'm happy you liked it.

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