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A day at the movies - A Corazon Tale


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I know …. I KNOW!!! I have a story I’m already working on...but this one couldn’t get out of my head...You guys up for a small Corazon Tale? ;) This obviously happened BEFORE “The Corazon Toast” (which can be found here)...and there will be more Corazon Tales -- or Corazon Chapters--- to come, so I hope you enjoy!!



“You wanna know--”


“--how I--”

“Oh gosh, here he goes…”

“--got these scars--”


“Cover your ears, he’s gonna---!”


Andre Corazon muffled another chaotic sneeze into his red and black checkered handkerchief. He rubbed his pink, swollen nostrils with the fabric in a circular motion, the tickle far from gone. It was as if the dust mites were making a permanent home inside his right nostril.


...Okay, maybe not a home. Too small... More like... an apartment complex...or a condominium.


...or even a small city. Nevertheless, Andre was too distracted to hear another movie watcher, a red head with an annoyed look in her emerald green eyes hiss at his friends.

“Can’t he muffle those?! Some of us are trying to watch the movie!”

Vincent looked at the woman, raising an eyebrow. “He is muffling them,” he stated matter-of-factly. With that, the woman, wide-eyed in surprise, turned around and remained silent. Andre groaned, slightly embarrassed. He would have much rather stayed in his college dorm, watching something on the television, since he didn’t have many DVDs in his collection. However, this...was The Dark Knight. They had been talking about seeing this movie for months...but now, Andre was beginning to regret said decision.

“What’s the Corazon Culprit today?” Marcus teased in a whisper.

“DUHhh--huhh--dust--” Andre managed to choke out in between hitching breaths, his chest moving up and down in a fast rate, his eyes half closed as his nose battled with his allergy. “I...cuh--cahh--I’m sorry, I...I...haaavetooo---HURRUMMMPSHHHHH!!!!!” People around the three jumped slightly in surprise at the volume of the sneeze. Some gave out blessings, while others gave them an annoyed glance.

“Geez, they do sound like normal--”


“--Oh nope, that’s a normal one. Well, normal for Andre.” Vincent chuckled, playfully elbowing his sneezy friend as they continued to watch the movie. “Man, if only Timothy was here watching this. He loves Batman.”

“And miss out on his date with Becky? Not a chance.” Marcus smirked. “I’m telling ya, they’re gonna get married one day. Just wait. I’ve never seen him this love sick before.”

“Guhh---huhh! Guys,” Andre hitched, scrunching his nose slightly. “Muhh-might huhh--haaavealittle---HUH! Pr-pruhh--prahhhblem… The two friends looked to their allergy ridden friend. “Hihh...Hah..Hahhahh…” Andre’s nose twitched and scrunched up and down slightly, but no sneeze.

Vincent gasped softly. “Oh no...hitching? Shit...”

Marcus looked at Vincent confused. “I don’t get it. Isn’t he just gonna sneeze again?”

Vincent looked to Marcus as if he had three heads. “For a normal person, yeah…”


“For our friend here?” Vincent nodded his head to Andre, who was still hitching, fanning his hand in front of his tanned-yet-reddened nose. “For Andre...it’s worse. Much

“How bad can it--?”

“Did you already forget what happened at the botanical gardens last month?”

Marcus’ eyes finally lit with realization...and shock. “...Oh shit. We gotta get outta here.”  The two helped Andre up to his feet, trying to get through the semi-packed theater. Tears blurred his vision, his nose twitching as he tried his best to rub the itch out of his nose, giving the other movie goers an apologetic nod. Through his blurred, allergic vision, he noticed they were almost our of their row...soon they would be out of there. Without even thinking about it, he sniffled, which only cause the small tickle to grow bigger.


“Vincent, move it!” Marcus called out, noticing the hitching building. The two hurried, trying their best to get out of the aisle, barreling out the door, until…

“HEEAACHOOO!!! HAAHCHOOOO!!!” Andre bent drastically forward, just catching the sneezes in the crook of his elbow as he pushed the door open, but he was far from done. “HURESCHOOO!!! HUUUSHOOOOO!!! RUUSHOOOOO!!” After a moment, Andre sighed in relief. “I...I think that’s it.”

Vincent smirked at Marcus, who had a similar look. They each held up three fingers, each one taking turns to countdown.


“Huhh---wu-wait a second...”




“HURESSSHOOOO!!!” Andre bent forward once again, grabbing his chest when he was upright and chuckled softly as his two friends laughed. “Hey, how did you guys…?”

“We know your nose better than you do,” Vincent explained with a smirk. He turned back to look at the doors closed behind them and sighed. “Well, who wants to go see The Dark Knight?”

Andre’s brow furrowed. “Whu--after all that...you wanna go back in there?!” he asked, rubbing his knuckles against his reddened nostrils.

Vincent shook his head, powering up his phone. “Who said anything about that?! I’m talking about a drive-in theater!”

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4 hours ago, starpollen said:

Lovely!  Would definitely read more!

Wow, thank you! I plan on writing a lot more... I'm stuck on two scenarios that I could write next... Either Andre meeting his dorm mate Timothy for the first time... Or one of the other scenarios mentioned in "The Corazon Toast"...


Rest assured, more will be written! Again, thanks for the comment! 

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3 hours ago, facet said:

You know I love your writing so no complaints from me that you're doubling up on stories! :D 

Vincent and Marcus are so cute with their countdown at the end! It's clear these guys have been friends for a while and that they really care for each other! :heart:

Haha, but you already know all this don't you? Great work as always! :) 

Although I already said something up here I still couldn't have said that otherwise...I also really do love it how Vincent stood up for Andre it really was sweet

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You folks sure know how to make me blush! :blush:

Seriously, thanks for all the positive feedback.. Really boots my confidence on here and lets me know I'm doing an okay job with my characters! :)

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