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That Tickled My Nose


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2018 has, thus far, proven to be ah-may-zing!!!!  Hubby and I spent a quiet NYE home because he has a cold.  If I didn’t feel so happy for ME, I might have the ability to feel badly for HIM...but I don’t right now.  I can’t. The front row seat I have to what may be the sneeziest cold he has had in years is all consuming.

We got up this morning, and he had his usual nose blowing session after being asleep for hours.  His meaty nose is still so, so red. As I was putting Vicks on his chest, he asked if I would just put a little bit around the tip of his nose. GULP...  ohhhhhhhkayyyyyyy...

I dipped my finger into the jar and took out the smallest amount with my index finger.  I reached up and started to gently spread it around his nose and nostrils.  Immediately, he sniffs and pulls back a bit.  He holds up one finger to me as he can’t talk.  His already swollen nostrils begin to flare and his eyes close.  His mouth drops open and I see him start to hitch.  His face scrunches up and he turns every so slightly away from me.  “Huh, huhhhhhh, HUH-ichewwwwwwww,” he sneezed. I begin to say, “Bless you b...” when he cuts me off.  A quick, “Heeeeeeichewwwwwww,” comes spraying out.  His face is still scrunched up so I wait for what seems to be an eternity.  His breath begins to hitch again.  “Huh, uhhhh,   HUH!” And nothing happens.  He opens his eyes and swears.  “Dammit I lost that HURRRRRRRASHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!” That sneeze literally flew out of him catching us both by total suprise.  I put my hand on the small of his back and rub in little circles saying, “BLESS YOU babe.” His eyes are watery and I hand him a wad of Kleenex.  He pushes past me and grabs for a thick paper towel and blows his nose.  When finished blowing he looks at me and says, “No tissue was going to be able to handle that.  Holy crap putting that Vicks on sure tickled my nose!” Oh. My. God.

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On 1/3/2018 at 9:14 AM, foreverajerseygirl said:

Holy crap putting that Vicks on sure tickled my nose!”

No shit! :lol1:

I always love your obs of him. Way to start of the new year right!

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