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Haruka and Alice (random drawings, M)


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 Remeber that "Haruka and Alice" comic I did? Well... I liked those characters and wanted to draw them again , but this time a little better (Because the comic was just a practice, that's why it didn't have color). If you want to check it out: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/topic/69891-haruka-and-alice-male-original-comic/

  I'll do a brief introduction before heading to the reason of this topic:

- Haruka: He's 16 years old and comes from Japan, he's allergic to cats and dogs and has a weak inmmune system. His best friend is Alice and uses to act a bit tsundere towards him. He's 1.66 centimeters tall (Because I don't know how to measure inches, sorry).

- Alice: He's 18 years old and is british, he has spring allergies but a strong inmmune system. He's a cat lover, thing that Haruka hates, and a babysitter sometimes to gain money. He's 1.83 centimeters tall (Gotta learn some inches).

Now, I drew two images, so... 


Cover your mouth

 Yeah, I don't know how to draw hands, I suffer doing it. Does this count as messy? Nah, i don't think so. (Hope you can read my handwriting).



 Yay, he got sick :D 

 Oh, Haruka's style hasn't changed from the original one, he just didn't put on his sweater in these ones. Maybe I'll draw more of them, torturing these two is fun.


 Welp, this is it, I hope you liked these drawings, bye <3 



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this and your other comic are super adorable! your art looks great too! 

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