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The Force Needs 5 More Minutes (Star Wars, Kylo Ren)


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Summary: General Hux stumbles across a feverish Kylo Ren and finds himself reluctantly taking on a caretaker role. Kylo's sneezes are unintentionally destructive, and some of Hux's thoughts are louder than others. (Set before The Force Awakens. No spoilers!)

Hey everyone! I just joined the forum and typed up my first fanfic and my first sneezefic. Don't worry though, it's not my first try at writing! I'm a fan of couples with one tightly wound nugget paired with a total mess, so I'm all for Kylux. This could easily be two work colleagues learning to get along, though. I hope you guys enjoy this! If you appreciate a man with a prominent snoz like I do, you'll understand how the need to see Adam Drive sneeze inspired this story.;)

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. If I did, I'd be rich, they'd be sneezy, and we would all be happier.

Ok, on with the story!


Hux honestly doesn’t know whether he’s looking forward to or dreading the immanent confrontation he’s currently striding down the corridor towards. On one hand, if the ship damage reports he’s still signing off paperwork on are anything to go by, he’s walking into a shitstorm. On the other, Ren’s absence from the tactics meeting provides him the opportunity to criticize Kylo’s complete lack of discipline, if only implicitly, as well as to question exactly why the ship, his ship, once again looks like the ripped-up chew toy of a particularly large, exceptionally stupid dog. Honestly, the knight’s behavior earlier that morning seemed out of place and erratic, even by Ren’s standards. He had been known to use the Finalizer’s nearly priceless console tech as a saber punching bag in the past, but only after a particularly harsh training session with the Supreme Leader or a failed mission. Today, however, he was indiscriminate between trooper blasters and overhead light fixtures, among other things, all of which had burst suddenly at his abrupt, unprovoked shrieks, according to witnesses. Hux doesn’t know what to make of it, but he’s definitely not surprised. How is he supposed to bring order to the galaxy along side a man who does nothing but wreak havoc, even within the confines of something as relatively small as his command ship? Hux reaches Ren’s door and knocks curtly. No response. He waits, sighs, and knocks again. Ridiculous Hux thinks, entering the override codes to Ren’s private quarters without hesitation. His location doesn’t register on Hux’s Padd, so he must be here.  The lights are down, and for a second Hux considers the possibility that Ren is offboard. Then, he hears it. Faint, raspy breaths keep an unnaturally slow but steady rhythm. It Hux exercises restraint and stops himself from rolling his eyes for his own safety. Vader wannabee. He’s not in the mood for this melodramatic nonsense.

“Ren, the tactics meeting you failed to attend was mandatory.” Aside from the wheezing, Hux is met with uncharacteristic silence. “I’ve come to brief you, as it is imperative for you to know this information if the First Order is to continue on track.” He pauses, still void of a response. Perhaps this is a tactic meant to unnerve him, he muses. If he knows Ren, though, his co-commander won’t be able to keep his mouth shut for long. “Don’t expect this every time you decide to display your astounding lack of responsibility. I’m not your babysitter, Ren.” The breath doesn’t so much as pause, and Hux is beginning to feel genuinely disarmed. He’s done playing games. “Lights full capacity!” he snaps. The lights flash on, and all at once Hux is standing before a scene so bizarre his hand jerks toward his blaster on instinct from sheer surprise. He is instantly grateful for the breathing that irked him before; without it, he would believe what he’s found to be Ren’s corpse. The Knight lies unnaturally still, sprawled between tangled black bedsheets. Force knows how, but he’s managed to turn shades paler than his usually lily white, drained of all signs of life besides his heaving chest and the rattle that accompanies it. Hux orders an emergency medical droid before taking another step forward. Then, he’s beside the bed, resting two figures firmly against Ren’s carotid artery. Hux is caught off guard yet again, this time by the burning heat of Ren’s skin. Just below that, he can feel to flutter of Ren’s heartbeat, so rapid he doesn’t even bother to count it. Now that he’s closer, he notices the sweat beading along Ren’s hair line, the sunken purple circles under his eyes, and the red chapped skin along his damp nose. Hux wills his brain to process this. Force users, he remembers, are resistant to disease. An ill Ren is not an impossibility, but it would have to be a hell of a strain. Hux removes his hand at once and takes serval steps back. Poison, he realizes, is still on the table. He finds himself actually hoping that he’s been exposed to some godforsaken plague instead of having walked in too late on the assassination of Snoke’s greatest asset. His Padd sounds a soft alert; the med droid has arrived outside the door. Thank Force! Ren remains unresponsive, even through the poke of IV and blood sampling needles. “Report diagnosis!” Hux barks.

“The patient is in critical condition as a result of dehydration and Dantari Influenza.” The droid supplies. Hux is as relieved as he can be, considering Supreme Leader Snoke’s apprentice is still lying incapacitated beside him. Dantari Flu makes sense considering the contained outbreak in sector 4 a few weeks ago. The only reason he didn’t consider it before was-

“Isn’t he vaccinated?”

“Negative. The virus has progressed in his system for a prolonged period. Fatality is a possibility if he continues without medical attention. He is currently being treated with fluids and antiviral serum through liquid intravenous, but transport to Med Bay is highly recommended. The patient’s command status requires authorization for transport.” The droid hovers expectantly. Of coarse Ren’s been wondering around his ship with a fever, too stubborn or stupid to report to Med Bay himself. Groaning, Hux realizes he was wrong to announce that he wasn’t Ren’s babysitter. Apparently, it took more than a level 8 ship-wide medical order to give Ren a simple vaccine.

WHY isn’t he vaccinated?” Hux demands. Even Ren wouldn’t risk catching this to be contrary. Then again, maybe he was confident in his disease resistance, the idiot.

“Checking medical records…” the droid pauses, emitting a low hum. “He did not attend his allotted appointment, or the subsequent rescheduled appointment.” Hux indulges in a deliberate eye roll. Of course he didn’t. Hux feels like blowing up a planet. He didn’t work his entire life, clawing his way up the ladder to deal with this man-child.

“The patient’s command status requires authorization for transport.” The med droid repeats.

“Authorization granted.” It wizzes out as soon as the words leave his lips. Hux hovers by the bed, unsure exactly what to do. His rival looks so weak, so helpless. He shouldn’t be concerned, Hux reminds himself. After all, Ren got himself into this, and he certainly deserves it. If anything, Hux should be happy that Ren’s immature behavior has finally caught up with him. But he isn’t. Hux was a sickly as a child, a waifish little boy whose size and health came as a great disappointment to his father. Ren’s breathing really does sound awful. Hux knows the pain of a flu gone to the chest; he worked through one milder than Dantari once in military school and ended up hospitalized over the summer with pneumonia, all to keep his perfect attendance record intact. Even unconscious, Ren looks miserable, lying there with strands of his tangled dark hair plastered to his glistening forehead. Hux resists the urge to brush them aside. Then again, he reasons, it wouldn’t hurt to check Ren’s fever. Hux gently strokes back the hair as he cups Kylo’s forehead. He’s burning up! The knight moans softly, leaning into Hux’s cool touch. Good, the fluids and meds must be bringing him around. Kylo’s eyes begin to flutter, and as he cracks one open, he cries out suddenly. Turning his face into the pillow, he shakes with wet, chesty coughs from the sudden shift. Hux whips his hand away at the outburst, catching on a few seconds into the fit. “Lights 20%!” he nearly yells over the coughing. “Just breath, Ren.” He instructs firmly, wavering between thumping Kylo on the back and backing away to avoid being choked himself. Luckily, Ren is able to catch his breath without help. For a few moments, he lies still and takes Hux’s advice, audibly gasping until he falls back into a regular pattern with only a few wheezes here and there.

“…General?” he croaks. “Wha..What did you-?”

I found you holed up in here in critical condition because you refused to attend your medical appointment.” And the tactics meeting, but I suppose being unconscious is a valid reason for that. Never mind the fact that officers from other ships were there, and he would have been a walking biohazard. Ren blinks blearily.

“…Biohazard?” Kylo’s voice is at least two or three octaves lower. It’s almost as deep as when it’s processed through his voice modulator, though he can’t seem to raise it above a gravely whisper and it’s natural hint of nasal reverb has been multiplied tenfold.

“Get out of my head!” Hux snaps. Kylo narrows his eyes. Hux assumes in anger, but is met with a tone of confusion.

“I didn’t…I…” Hux gets the feeling Ren isn’t completely with him.

“You did.” He offers mildly.

“Then don’t think so loudly...it hurts…” Kylo pinches the bridge of his swollen nose. “Appointment?” he asks after a few moments of silence, during which Hux had tried in earnest not to think loudly despite having no idea how to accomplish such a thing.

“For a flu vaccination.” Hux explains softly. He’ll wait to rebuke a Ren that can process the difference between thoughts and speech, not this mess of a man. Kylo blinks. “You would have been notified.” Kylo stares. “Twice.”

“I wasn’t.” Ren scowls, looking a bit like himself for the first time. Hux sighs and pulls out his Padd; better to just show the man than to argue with him while he’s so ill. He may honestly not remember. Skimming through his executive orders, Hux brings up Level 8 Quarantine, Sterilization, and Preventative Procedures and selects the attached file, the vaccination schedule. He begins to scroll through sectors, then names, trying to ignore the bought of sniffling that has gradually sprung up from the bed beside him.

“HHHHhhakkXXXSHUU!!” Ren thunders abruptly. Hux nearly jumps out of his skin at what is quite possibly the deepest throating-scraper of a sneeze he’s ever heard and the simultaneous sound of glass shattering from somewhere in the refresher. Normally Hux would be embarrassed by his lapse in composure, but at the moment, Kylo seems too busy trying to stop coughing to enjoy startling Hux. Disgusting. Hux can see mist settling on the sheets. He has to remind himself he’s vaccinated several times over. You can’t catch it, don’t think about breathing it, it doesn’t matter.

“Shudd up!” Kylo comes as close to yelling as he can, sniffing indignantly and flopping down on the mattress as dramatically as is possible from about a foot above it. “I swear, whend I get oud of dis bed I’ll..I’ll…heh…I-haahhh….HHhheeEEEEXXSHHOO!!!…ughh.” Kylo snaps at the waist, curling in on himself as he sneezes freely.  Hux would be amused, if not for Ren’s involuntary groan and the training weights that fling themselves from the wall.

“Damnit Ren, cover your mouth!” With a thick snuffle, Ren carefully readjusts himself and fixes Hux with the bitchiest glare he can manage, apparently deciding to save threats until after his nose settles down. Hux sighs, pulling a meticulously-folded black silk handkerchief from his coat pocket. Ren makes no move to take it, and the way he glances at it before continuing his steely scowl confirms Hux’s suspicion that he’s never used one in his life. By way of explanation, Hux unfurls it with a flick of his wrist and says, “Clean yourself up.” After a moment’s hesitation, Ren finally breaks eye contact, accepts the peace offering, and runs it under his tortured nose. Hux turns his attention back to his Padd, hoping to give the young man some semblance of privacy in case by some small miracle Ren decides to swallow his pride instead of his snot and actually blow his ridiculously long nose. He finds Kylo’s file, which, sure enough, has two marked absences from scheduled vaccinations. His eyes widen at the dates, and he scrambles to pull up Ren’s mission records. He was offboard!

“Huh?” Kylo mumbles tiredly from under the handkerchief.

“Blow your nose!” Hux replies snippily. Kylo coughs a bit and, to Hux’s great surprise, allows himself productive-sounding honk. He must really feel awful then. Hux wills himself not to panic; a clerical error like this will be impossible to trace, but he’s not directly responsible for every member of the crew. He pulls up the order and Med Bay appointment schedule again, aaaaaaannnnnnnddd there’s his signature at the bottom of each. He nearly jumps when his Commlink goes off.

“Yes? What?”

“General, a med droid arrived requesting first responders to, uh,” the officer pauses nervously, “Lord Ren’s quarters.” For once Hux is glad the knight is so volatile. The crew goes out of its way to leave his rooms undisturbed, even, it seems, when facing a direct order to report there. Supreme Leader Snoke will be furious when he realizes his asset is comprised, especially by something as common place as a case of the sniffles, however severe the case may be. If he realizes. “Just checking to see if you authorized that,” the voice continues, “or if the droid is malfunctioning.”

“I have the situation under control. Lord Ren is undergoing classified endurance training.” Hux lies placidly. “Only I have the clearance level to supervise him, so I’ll need a team of droids equipped for every possible medical scenario on standby. Detach their transmitters from the medical log, and wipe their memory after they assist me. Clear my schedule for the day, and only contact me again for a code red alert or above.”

“Yes sir.”

“It goes without saying that Ren’s quarters are off limits to all staff.” Hux adds to be on the safe side.

“Yes sir.”

“Very good. You are dismissed.” The Commlink shuts off with a soft click. Hux turns back to face Kylo, who is looking at him as if he’s some kind of force apparition.

“What?” he snaps. Ren looks as if he’s about to reply, but instead he casts his gaze away from Hux. Noticing the subtle quivering of Ren’s nostrils, Hux runs his hand uncertainly down the back of his neck and says “Oh, go ahead, Ren. I’ll wait.” Sure enough, his co-commander’s breath hitches desperately, and with a flare of his obscenely large nostrils, Ren smothers a wet “hhhetchuuh.. he.. he… HHhehh.. EXXshubbbehh!!!” into the folds of the dampened handkerchief.

“Gesundheit.” Hux supplies generously, glancing down at the now cracked screen of his beloved Padd. “Do you always, um, break things when you sneeze?” Ren nods embarrassedly, then scrubs the underside of his nose with the well-abused handkerchief. “I suppose I’ll have to get some more of those..” Hux comments offhandedly.

“Why?” Ren looks utterly lost.

“Well they aren’t much use soaked through, and at the rate you’re going-”

“But why are you…here? You ordered…privacy here…instead of sending me to Med Bay. Am I…dying?” Finding Kylo collapsed in bed earlier that day, Hux was certain he would never see the man in a more vulnerable state. Wrong again, he supposes.

“What? No! You’ve only got Dantari Flu! It feels like hell, but it’s perfectly manageable as long as it’s treated.” Hux can’t help but roll his eyes when Kylo’s widen, then narrow venomously at the good news. “You are being treated, Ren.” Hux deadpans, gesturing towards Kylo’s IV. “We’re under strict orders not to kill each other, remember?”


“Alright, look. The Supreme Leader will not be happy about,” he waves a hand in Ren’s general direction, “this. But what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. So, I’ve arranged for you to recover off record. I suggest you do it quickly.” Apparently satisfied, Kylo visibly relaxes, an impressive feat for a man already lying down. “Need anything?” Hux asks bruskly.

“Water.” Ren sounds exhausted, but he answers at once. Hux wordlessly makes his way to the refresher, where he works delicately around the freshly broken mirror shards. Over the rush of the sink, he hears a poorly muffled “EExxshuhh!” and an accompanying clatter from the other room. I suppose he can’t help it.

“Gesundheit.” Hux offers casually as he makes his way to the bed with a full glass of water in hand.

“Thank you.” Ren sniffs. Hux can tell by the intensity of Ren’s gaze that the man isn’t only referring to the blessing or the water.




Well, that's all for now! I have some ideas to continue with (Kylo sneezing in his mask, Kylo holding back sneezes in front of Snoke, Hux taking responsibility for Kylo's illness to help he poor guy out while he's still under the weather) Let me know if you enjoyed this and want more!


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Oh honey, this is fucking fabulous! and I can definitely tell you've written before. Your writing is lovely. I loved this and SUPER want more. LOVING all of the ideas you have for the plot going forward. It was really great.

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OMG THIS IS AMAZING! I've been waiting for something like this for a long time, thank you thank you thank you!


(and btw, I love the title. It made me laugh for like 3 minutes straight.)

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Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for all the positive feedback!! I've never shared any of my writing before and didn't really know what to expect, so these comments really brightened my day! I actually haven't written anything but class papers in years:blushsmiley: This makes me want to get right to writing the next part! I actually think I'll start it now!

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This is absolutely delicious. :drool:

All the details are perfect. I mean, if I were to describe exactly what I would want in a Kylo Ren fic it would be this. Kylo losing control of his powers (especially accidentally using the Force when he sneezes :wub:), Hux concerned/irritated, just absolutely everything. All of the ideas you listed I definitely support as well. I'm so pumped for more Kylo on the Forum! :heart:

Wonderfully done and I can't wait to read more!

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This is perfect! I was just looking for a kylo ren fix, and couldn't believe there wasn't one already. Love the attention to how the characters act. I would definitely be interested in more kylo Ren stories ❤️

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This story was great! I'm a huge Star Wars fan and have been for years. I loved Kylo Ren's character in this and I can't wait for more! Keep up the amazing work!

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Ok Guys! Here's part 2! It's a bit shorter, but I felt like I reached a good stopping point and wanted to share what I had. Enjoy!


Hux reaches for his Commlink with the deliberate ease of a snake about to strike, allowing himself a singular exasperated intake of breath before answering. “Where.is.he.”  It’s not so much a question as it is a command. It’s only been four days since Hux prevented Ren from dying of stupidity, and he’s nearly thirty-six hours behind schedule from playing nurse and correcting errors made under subpar management in his absence. But, here it is, the sixth damage report of the day. Hux prefers Ren bedridden, possibly even unconscious, seeing as now that he’s unsteadily back on his feet he’s more of a petulant wrecking ball than ever.

“The training room, sir.” I should have known. Of coarse he’s exerting himself surrounded by weapons. Hux is beginning to think that the Rebel’s best chance of killing Ren is simply leaving him to his own devices. Hux delegates the day’s procedures over the Commlink as he strides across his ship, steps briskly into the training room, and stands before Ren with tension in every ounce of his military posture. 

“You should be resting.” he informs Ren in his most terrifyingly calm I have an army voice.

“You where the one who said I should recover quickly, General.” Ren’s helmet replies mechanically.

“And I see you’ve decided not to recover at all instead.” Hux may not be able to see his face, but he knows Ren’s hardly at his best. The force user didn’t seem to anticipate Hux’s entry; Hux would be willing to bet his senses are dulled. And Hux never makes bets he can’t win. “You’re only weakening your body. And destroying the Finalizer while you’re at it. Don’t assume I won’t order another quarantine! If it’s the only way I can run the damn ship, I allow this…incident to enter the Supreme Leader’s radar just to keep you confined.”

“You’re threatening me?” Ren straightens to his full height and steps closer to Hux, who signs sharply through his nose at having to look upwards to address him. Ren may be compromised enough to bluff to, but he’s still too prideful to buckle. “Ren,” he reasons, “This is senseless, dangerous, and-”

“BRRRAAAASSHHHRR!!!” screams the voice modulator as what Hux can only assume is a sneeze tears through Kylo and splits cracks down the blaster-proof walls.

“-unsanitary.” Hux concludes with slightly less contempt, fishing into his pocket for one of handkerchiefs he’s been keeping at hand. He extends the fastidiously geometric, uniformly folded square to Ren. When the man makes no move to accept it, Hux blesses him in a tone far gentler than he’ll even admit to using. “Gesundheit.” The seal of the soiled helmet hisses and a disheveled Ren emerges, hastily pressing the silk to his wriggling nose. “Ren…” Hux’s eyes dart to the weapons case as Kylo’s breath begins to follow a pattern of hitching Hux has been unlucky enough to grow accustomed to.


“Don’t!!” In one swift motion, Hux saddles an arm around Kylo’s back and whisks them into the corridor.

“EHXXshhhuh!” Hux is anti-climactically lifted about an inch off the ground and dropped back into place, “hep’eeexxSHHH!!!” then thrown flat on his back. Brushing himself off testily, Hux secures victory over the snuffling disaster before him with two syllables.


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8 hours ago, fickle_tickle said:

“EHXXshhhuh!” Hux is anti-climactically lifted about an inch off the ground and dropped back into place, “hep’eeexxSHHH!!!” then thrown flat on his back. Brushing himself off testily, Hux secures victory over the snuffling disaster before him with two syllables.


Okay, this officially killed me it’s so adorable. :heart:

You’ve got their characterization down perfectly! All of the dialogue, the thoughts, the ways they react to each other are perfect. I love the part you wrote where Kylo stands at his full height to intimidate Hux and how Hux is just so annoyed now because he has to look up to talk to him. If I could make a request, I'd love to see your version of what would happen if Kylo tried to stifle his sneezes.

Once again, this is wonderful and I’m excited to read more!

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Ahhh! I'm obsessed with how quickly you updated 👌 count me in for more Kylo updates in the future. Even though it was a shorter fic, I'm still loving the characters and how well you managed to capture both of their attitudes perfectly. 

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Well, here's the third chapter. So far, I've been writing in third person singular from Hux's perspective. This time, I decided to switch it up a little and write from Kylo's. Also, VividBubbles!, I thought your request for stifling was a great idea and included it! Thanks again everyone for the wonderful comments!


Not that he needs to lie down or is necessarily enjoying it, but the bed does remind Kylo how heavy and sore his entire body feels, and, he thinks as he sinks into the mattress, that there really isn’t any reason to get up again today. He could, of course, if he wanted to, but he has graciously decided to stay in his quarters to humor Hux, who would otherwise only nag him and disturb his focus more than this retched illness. Muted behind the pressure of congestion, Kylo senses a sentient presence outside the door. Reaching out, expecting Hux’s mind, he is disappointed to discover a med droid. Not that he misses Hux, who he hates, Kylo reminds himself firmly; the droids have simply managed against all odds to be more annoying than Hux this past week. It requests entry with a soft ping, and, knowing Hux must have sent it, Kylo briefly considers leaving it outside or destroying it so that Hux will be forced to come himself instead. This, though, would mean he wants Hux to come, which he does not, so in the droid skitters. He allows it to flit around him like the irritating gnat it is, to prod him and take his temperature, which to his dismay has risen significantly. He vaguely remembers waking up to Hux taking his temperature manually a few days ago when he was first diagnosed. Though he had been confused and disoriented, the feel of human touch had been…comforting. Not that he was weak enough to need comfort, even in this state. He had just forgotten what it felt like, he reasoned. After all, he hadn’t been ill since he was a youngling, and even then, with busy politician for a mother and an inattentive smuggler for a father, he hadn’t exactly been coddled. The subtle hum of the med droid’s thoughts, which are more pre-programmed operating procedures than anything else, is a dull monotone void of any definition or discernible emotion. The white noise echoes in his aching head and grates on his nerves. It’s nothing like the sound and feel of Hux’s mind, which has a calming effect on Kylo as it works in an overly-organized fashion to grasp full control of its environment. Unlike most, its emotional sound is generally quiet and consistent, a beating of irritation and stress in the background rather than a fluctuating rhythm blaring out above practical thinking. Not that Kylo likes it; he’s only gotten used to it with Hux being so close as of late. Hux’s thoughts sometimes project themselves as clearly as if Kylo is reading them, particularly realizations and orders Hux is mentally imposing on himself, which is hardly likable. Still, Kylo supposes he prefers Hux’s mind over any other he’s come across. Not because he likes Hux, Kylo reminds himself yet again, but because he hates people. Besides, its unobtrusive planning tendencies were grounding throughout the worst of the fever, when Kylo had no idea what to do himself. The droid leaves Kylo to the total silence of isolation, something he prefers. Usually. He really should meditate. If only it didn’t take so much effort. Groaning, he sits up and crosses his legs despite the protest of his body. He supposes it will be alright to mediate from the bed and to keep the blankets just this once. Just as he begins to focus, he feels it, a deep-seeded sting in his right nostril. It always starts like this. Even with the very little experience he has with illness, Kylo knows he’s prone to sneezing fits. It enrages him; he loathes these unexpected loses of control. As far as he knows, his Force reaction is unheard of. Ben Solo, foolish and insecure as he was, had never sought training to correct it when he was young enough for force sensitivity struggles to be expected, and now there was no chance of revealing such a ridiculous vulnerability to his current master. “he…hptt’SHHHHUU!!! EXXSHUH!!” He launches forward, nearly slamming his head on his knees. He looks up just in time to see a chair crash against the opposite wall, narrowly missing his Grandfather’s helmet as it wizzes across the room to meet its maker. Kylo pounds his fist against the bed and starts to scream, but ends up coughing.  He’s scarcely caught his breath when he feels another sneeze coming on. The only thing Ren’s learned to hate more than sneezing is stifling, but he’s willing to suffer solitary indignity to save the last relic of his idol. At least there’s one benefit to Hux’s absence. Disgusted to find it dripping, Kylo grips his nose and suppresses a wrenching “hep’shhh! Exshuh! EXXshh!!”, flung against the bed and held down by his own Force for the deration of the fit. No longer locked in place but too exhausted to move anyway, Kylo gives a gurgling sniff that triggers a bought of coughing. He eventually decides he’d rather blow his nose in his scarf than choke, so he summons the last of his energy to float it over from his abandoned layers on the floor. Hux would have a handkerchief. Hux would, in his ignorance of the Force, not see this as a failure. Though he was wrong, it made Kylo feel less pathetic to sense Hux’s view of illness; a hassle, a disadvantage, a contamination, but an accidental inconvenience bound to happen to everyone. Astoundingly, Kylo even senses empathy in Hux. He should see this as a weakness in Hux, but inexplicably, he doesn’t. Not that he needs empathy, Kylo thinks hazily as he begins to drift off. It's nice Hux is willing to…help him, he supposes, without pitying him, which would leave Kylo seething. Not that he needs help. Normally, such genuine regard would guilt Kylo; he knows he doesn’t deserve to be looked after. But Hux’s ministrations are almost always coated in mild distaste, so Kylo is comfortable enough to accept them without emotional consequence. Not that he needs Hux, Kylo thinks as sleep engulfs him. He jolts awake mid-snore.

“Lord Ren!” comes a distinctly un-Hux-like yell from the corridor followed by another cautious knock. Force, he feels terrible.

“WHAT?!” he roars into the poor officer’s mind, not so much as bothering to open his eyes again.

“Supreme Leader Snoke has ordered your audience,” the voice replies more meekly than ever, “immediately.” Well shit. For a second, Kylo actually finds himself hoping Hux will be there. Force, he hates himself right now. Just look what a simple virus has reduced him to. He did not, does not, will not, under any circumstances, need Hux.


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Thanks so much for doing my request! I really enjoyed this update, especially with the switch to Kylo's point-of-view. But aww, poor Kylo! He's just so bad at emotions ugh I love it.:heart:

I'm looking forward to the next update!:D 

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Okay, I... I just... Wow. I don't like Kylo, it's a character who tends to annoy me because I se him as a whining teenager. But your fic is absolutely hilarious (Ren sneezing in his mask? I don't think I'll ever forget this part) and I totally picture the scenes in my head. Thank you for this, it was an unexpected Christmas / New Year present and I'm enjoying it! 


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Ya! I am digging this hardcore! I am anxiously awaiting the next part. There are not that many characters I like reading about in fandoms so thank you for choosing some that are grand! Your  writing is  glorious!!! Thank you !!! I am enjoying it so much!

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Hey, I'm enjoying reading this! You have the characterization and interactions spot-on, and I'm always a sucker for sneezing associated with loss of control re: powers. Force sneezes, yo. 

If I could offer a bite of a friendly critique, though? Your paragraphs tend to run super long when it's just one character introspecting. You could try to break them up a bit so that it's easier to digest. My personal method is to group things by trains of thought and minor actions. 

Anyway, looking forward to the next part :yes:

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay but school's been insanely busy! Anyway, here a tiny chapterlet that I fully intend to add on to ASAP!

The Supreme leader senses his weakened state. Kylo is sure of it. As the colossal projection pierces him with its unwavering gaze, time seems suspended. That is until Hux strides in. The echoing hiss of the unsealed entrance accompanies the steady beat of a military gait void of hesitation, and Kylo finds himself fighting to conceal a sense of relief on top of the urge to attempt sniffling in the broken silence.

“Supreme Leader.” Hux stands at attention without sparing Kylo so much as a glance. And just like that, Snoke’s attention is split; Kylo feels it as palpably as a shift in temperature. If competition as ruthless as General Hux has seemingly failed to notice he’s wearing thin, Kylo reasons, the Supreme Leader may at least believe that he’s done a respectable job of powering through and masking his vulnerability. Hux has lunched enthusiastically into a report on the state of the First Order, one that Kylo should probably pay attention to incase he’s asked for input. Force, he tries, but Hux is speaking at nearly incomprehensible speeds, spouting out numbers and schedules that don’t resonate with anything but the pounding behind his eyes. Kylo decides early on that his energy is best spent standing up straight and suppressing shivers, which he hopes have inopportunely sprung up in response to a lack of blankets and not a rising fever. Most difficult of all is avoiding drips from his nose without the option of risking even one well-timed sniff. Kylo really does loath his nose. He knows it’s too big. He was made fun of for it by classmates when he was a Padawan, and even now, when no one without a death wish would dare do such a thing, it gives his face an unintimidating childishness that he is far more confident hiding behind a mask. And an air filter, for that matter, seeing how annoyingly sensitive it is. It’s always the first thing to act up when he’s sick; he had been sneezing his way through the finalizer before he’d developed even a tickle in his throat. As far as Ren’s concerned, it’s his weakest point. He’s honestly considered slicing off with his Saber more than once, but with his luck that would just make him even more prone to sneezing. It’s so sore and stuffed right now, he’s actually considering subjecting himself to the humiliation of asking Hux for another one of those wonderful handkerchiefs, if by some miracle this meeting ends. He really was feeling better before this. Everything still ached, but not quite as much, and every breath no longer felt like the onset of a cough or a…..oh no. As though just the thought of a sneeze has triggered it, a familiar sting tingles at the base of his nose. Kylo presses his tongue against the roof of his mouth and holds his breath. Though Snoke’s eyes remain on Hux, Kylo feels his attention shift back to him; he can’t so much a rub at his nose. After a stiff few seconds of painstakingly doing nothing, Kylo allows himself the necessary evil of a slow exhalation through his mouth. Though slowed a bit by his efforts, the sneeze continues to build. His throat stings. His eyes sting. The prickling itch spreads down his nose rapidly, all the way to the reddened tip. His nose, practically buzzing with the insatiable need, begins to twitch involuntarily. He simply can’t help it. With an reflex gulp of air, Kylo unleashes a monstrous “Hept’ AAKCTSHEEEW!!!

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 It never gets easier, especially when it comes to Ren. Just once, Hux wishes a Kylo-related problem would work itself out, but it seems the man can’t even manage to kick a cold so long as Hux is depending on him to do so. He had planned to proceed in the meeting with the Supreme Leader as if nothing was out of the ordinary and had been foolish enough to hope Ren would be able to do the same. However, as soon as he caught sight of the knight, who turned his obscenely pale face to watch Hux enter, the General felt like slapping said face. How could a grown man spend no less than a week in bed and still look like a kitten that’s just been pulled out of a freezing lake? Force, even Ren’s body hates him. Well, Hux decides as he begins his report, he’s done all he can in the way of attempting mutual benefit. He was practically Ren’s personal nurse for Force’s sake. Ren had failed to recover in time and was going to have to take the fall. After all, Hux reasons, only he knows how Kylo managed to come down with the bug. Ren may make the connection once he’s finally well, but Hux doubts he’ll be willing to remind anyone of his bought of vulnerability, especially not the Supreme Leader. Who knows, maybe the Kylo will be able to pull through the meeting after all. Hux hasn’t heard a peep out of the man so far, a definite improvement over the snuffling human disaster that’s been consuming his week, or any version of Kylo for that matter. But then, just as Hux begins to turn his full attention to his briefing, he’s interrupted by an all too familiar explosion from his left. The sneeze throws Kylo forward and leaves him swaying limply like a ragdoll, setting off a miniature avalanche of rocks that fling themselves through Snoke’s flickering hologram.

“Kylo Ren.” the Supreme Leader’s growl cuts through the faint echoes of the sneeze and its aftermath with the effectiveness of a lightsaber. “In all my years I have NEVER,” he bellows, standing suddenly, “seen such a PATHETIC display!!” Kylo crashes to his knees, coughing as he gasps from the shock. He can’t seem to catch is breath, hacking over the venomous silence. Mortified, Hux can’t look away. Snoke glowers down, eyes maintaining all the rage of his screams as he sits again to assess his apprentice. Chest heaving, nose dripping on the bare floor, Ren shudders against the chill of his persistent fever. “You, heir of Vader, despite my training, have demonstrated the Force control of an INFANT. And because of a weakness so common. You have FAILED!! You are an utter disappointment, you useless, wretched child.”

This hits Hux a bit harder than he was expecting. For the first time in years, he remembers his father. Properly remembers; not a flash of the cruel face in his own reflection, not a disassociated skill from his own “training” to make use of, but the man, Bredol Hux himself. Suddenly, standing aside to let Kylo crash and burn becomes difficult.

“To lack such basic discipline, over your mere physical body, is deplorable. And to let your feebleness affect your control of the Force...” Snoke takes a sickening pause, and for a moment Hux thinks Ren may be executed right then and there.

“Supreme Leader,” Hux steps forward and intervenes far more meekly than he intended “I take full responsibility for Kylo Ren’s state of health. His vaccinations were mis-scheduled during a quarantine I directly ordered.” Abruptly joining Kylo on the floor, Hux lands on his face rather than his knees.

“I know, General.” Snoke allows himself a satisfied smile. “Do not ever interrupt me again. Remember, your life is worth less than his.” Ren coughs. “You are lucky I expect total disclosure in my subordinates. Consider hiding anything from me again, and you will be replaced. And you,” he turns back to Ren, “Your training will become far less comfortable…when your strength is back. You’re weaker than I could have ever anticipated.” With that, the giant vanishes. Hux stands immediately, but Kylo, apparently down for the count, gears up for another sneeze. By now, Hux can see one coming from a mile away. He sees Ren’s nostrils quiver and decides to take matters into his own hands; considering the rockfall earlier, this isn’t the safest place for Ren to let loose. Hux may not have ever seen the field, but he does have military training. Despite his thin frame, he’s perfectly capable of slinging the majority Ren’s oversized, overheated body onto his shoulder.

“he…hehShh! EXXXshuh! Uhh..EXXSHOO!” Hux winces as a bit of the spray hits the back of his neck.

“How many times do I have to tell you to cover your damn mouth, Ren?” he snaps, receiving only a groan in response. At least the damage is minimal. A few lights flicker weakly overhead. Ren must be drained. I should take him to Med Bay. He should be on the mind by now.

“No!” Ren croaks, and begins to squirm in what Hux can only assume is a sad attempt at an escape. But Hux has already decided.

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Okay, wow. :drool: Definitely don't feel sorry about the wait, this update was entirely worth it. I have to say, I absolutely love your description of Kylo from Hux's point of view. The line where Kylo's described as a kitten that's just been pulled out of a freezing lake and even his body hates him is hilarious but also really freakin' adorable. :heart:

This update was wonderful and I'm excited for the next one!

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