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Okay, so I've been in the mood for an allergy fic so I decided to write one. I've been torturing Dean a lot lately, so I thought I would spread some of the love to Sam. Hope you all appreciate it and enjoy!


Prompt- Dean is allergic to cats, and they'd always thought of him as the allergic one, but then they have to do a ritual and some of the herbs or oils or something that they have to use makes Sam sneeze like crazy. But he's good-natured about it and at first Dean is like 'heh what do you know, I'm not the only one with shitty genetics.' but then it won't let up, even after they've finished whatever spell they're doing and Dean is really good at looking after Sam because, having lots of experience with his own allergies, he knows all the tricks to make Sam feel more comfortable.


    Dean leaned forward with the herbs in hand. He crushed them as much as possible before he set them in the small bowl. "Hey, Sam, are you ready?"


    Sam walked over. He took out a knife and was about to slide it over his flesh when he felt a prickling sensation in his sinuses before he pitched forward into his elbow without warning.




    "Damn, bless you," Dean muttered as he took the knife from Sam. "Want me to do it?"


    Sam snatched back the knife and raised an eyebrow at his brother. "Dude, I just sneezed. I'm fine," replied Sam as he sniffed and ran the knife along his skin before he turned it over so a few droplets fell onto the pile of herbs.




    Dean looked back over to his brother as he bit the insides of his mouth. Something was up with Sam. Sam didn't just sneeze. Unlike Dean, Sam didn't have any random sneezes. He only ever sneezed when he was sick since he wasn't allergic to anything, unlike Dean.


    Growing up, Dean was always sneezing. Every motel that they seemed to stay at had some sort of stray cats running around. Dean was extremely sensitive to even being within a mile of a cat. He would always be sneezing into the sleeve of his shirt while their father grumbled under his breath. Sam was always at his side, but even he got frustrated from time to time with his brother's nasal plight.


    "Would you like me to do the spell," Dean offered as inconspicuously as possible.


    Sam shook his head as he grabbed their father's journal. "Dean, I got it. What's your problem, man," he asked as he lifted a hand to rub a bit at his nose.


    "Nothing, nothing," replied Dean as he lifted his hands up in surrender and took a step backwards and glanced over at Sam.


    Sam fingered the page as he leaned almost over the bowl. As soon as he opened his mouth to speak his head immediately shot down against his chest. "Huh'ItcshShew! Huh'TchsHsSHew! Huh'ItcSHShew!"


    "Sam, come on," complained Dean as he rolled his eyes. "You just sneezed all over the herbs. Now I have no idea if it's going to work."


    Sam squinted his eyes as he shook his head to clear it. The herbs were the least of his worries. He had no idea what was going on with him. He sniffed heavily as he rubbed a hand under his nose to try and stop the flow. He looked around as he cleared his throat.


    "I dodn't dake id you'd have a tissue or sobethig, do you," Sam asked desperately.


    Dean's eyes twinkled in amusement. "It's a good thing you're looking at the king of allergies right here." Dean dug around in his pockets before he brought out a bandanna. "It's better than nothing and it's what I always use. You can at least get more than one use out of it."


    Sam took the bandanna in his hand and lifted it to his face. He rubbed it under his nose before he blew his nose. Once he was finished he blinked his eyes to clear it. He took a step forward before he faltered a bit as the world shifted. He almost collapsed had it not been for Dean right there to catch him.


    "Woah, woah! Easy, tiger. What's going on," Dean asked as he forced Sam to sit down until everything stopped spinning.


    "Jusdt feld all dizzy all of a sudden," Sam answered with a tired sniff. He then lifted a hand and started to rub at his left eye. It watered down his face and it almost looked like he had been crying.


    Dean instantly grabbed Sam's hand and brought it away from his slightly puffy face. "Dude, stob," Sam complained as he blinked his eyes madly. "Id itches!"


    "I know," chided Dean as he tapped his foot against the ground impatiently. "Actually, I really think I know!'


    Dean jumped to his feet and rushed over to the bowl. He grabbed it and brought it over to Sam. "Here, sniff this," Dean urged as he thrust the bowl right in front of Sam's face.


    Sam pushed it back in frustration. "Deadn, stob."


    "Just humor me, Sammy. Come on and just take a whiff of it," invited Dean with a glint in his eyes. "Please, for me?"


    Sam mumbled something incoherent as he snatched the bowl away from Dean. Sam doubted that he could smell anything through the stuffiness of his nose, but he tried anyway. He took in one smell before his nostrils flared, his mouth opened, and his breath hitched madly.


    "Huh'ItcSHsSHew! Huh'TcsHsSHew! Huh'TcsHehShew! Huh'TcsHSHShew! Huh'TcShhShShew! Huh'ItcSHshSHew!"


    "Okay, enough of that," Dean muttered as he snatched the bowl from his brother before Sam could do anymore damage to himself. 


    Sam looked up at Dean through watery eyes. "Huh'ItcsHsSHew! Whads....Huh'ItcHSsHsEHw! Habbening...Huh'ItcHSSHew! Do....Huh'ItcSHshSHew! Be? Huh'TcsHehShew!"


    Dean looked around madly before he found the bandanna that Sam had been using. He picked it up and thrust it over Sam's nose. "Alright, let's get you out of here."


    "Whadt," Sam mumbled as Sam shook his head away from his brother. Dean clamped tighter on his face and Sam gave up trying to fight him. 


    "I think that you're allergic to those herbs. Extremely allergic to those herbs is a better description. It's best we get you out of here," Dean told him as he pulled him out of the warehouse and over to the Impala.


    Sam raised an eyebrow. "Allergies? Like you," he asked in utter surprise.


    "Yeah, I guess I'm not the only one with shitty genetics here," Dean chuckled as he opened the passenger door and helped Sam sit down. Sam blinked his eyes in a haze as he continued to grip the bandanna as if it was a lifeline. 


    Sam shrugged while Dean climbed into the driver's side. "I guess. Hey, rebeber thadt one motel we stayed in with the cads thadt roabed around?"


    "Oh yeah, don't remind me," huffed Dean as he subconsciously rubbed at his nose. "I don't even want to think about it."


    "Huh'ItcsHehSHew! Huh'TcshSHew! Huh'ITcSHSHew! Huh'TcshSHew!"


    "Bless you," Dean murmured as he started the ignition and sighed heavily. "Let's get you somewhere where I can look after you."


To Be Continued.....

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Hmmm allergic Sammy and apprehensive Dean. What could I ask more? 😍

Thanks!! Can’t wait for the next update! 

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I'm glad that everyone is like this story. I hope you continue the next part!


Years Ago


    "Dean, come on! Come on!"


    Dean groaned as he opened the passenger door and climbed out after his brother. Sam always seemed to have so much energy at 8. It was kind of frustrating like when Dean wanted to have some alone time or just relax while Sam just wanted to play. But, he didn't mind. It was the least that he could do for the kid who was cooped up in a car for days at a time.


    "I'm coming, Sammy. I'm coming," called Dean as he grabbed his and Sam's duffle from the back. He threw his on his back and carried Sam's since Sam's was much lighter. He followed his brother down the sidewalk toward the front before he pitched forward with warning.




    Sam spun around before he turned back to what he was doing. "Bless you," he chirped.


    "Oh, thanks," Dean sniffled as he rubbed at his suddenly slightly itchy nose. 


    Whether or not Dean liked to admit it or not, he was a very frequent sneezer. He had at least four or five fits a day with single sneezes sprinkled in. He just seemed to always be allergic to something. It was such a frequent occurrence that Sam would count how many sneezes Dean had a day and each day Sam would see if Dean could break his record from the day before. Dean found it irritating and embarrassing, but Sam found it fun, so Dean let him.


    "Hey, Dean, look!"


    Dean turned as he saw a pitch black cat walking toward his brother. The cat's fur looked freshly groomed while it's whiskers were frayed and some were missing. It's tail was kinked over it's back with it's claws slightly glinting out of his paws. The cat opened it's mouth and let out a mrrrrow of greeting to Sam. 


    "Kitty," Sam cheered as he kneeled down and stretched out his hand to pet the cat.


    "TchsShoo! TchsShoo! TcshChoo!"


    Dean blinked through his sneezy haze before he grabbed Sam by the arm and yanked him back, just as the cat's head had found one of Sam's fingers. "Awe, Dean," complained Sam loudly.


    "That's a wild cat, Sammy," Dean pointed out with his fist pressed against his still flaring nostrils. "Not to mention that cats make me sneeze. Remember, I've told you that before."


    Sam's face fell. "Yeah, I know," he sighed in disappointment.


    Dean sniffled as he narrowed his eyes at the cat, who had stayed right where he was before. Dean turned back to Sam and rested a hand on his shoulder. "Let's go check out the room, huh? Maybe I can convince Dad into letting us have the big bed, huh?"


    "Alright," muttered Sam as he dragged his feet forward.


    "I'm sorry, kiddo. You know I'd let you play with the cat if we could. I'm just allergic," Dean tried to explain to his still discouraged brother.


    Sam glanced up. "Allergic," he repeated.


    "Yeah. It means that your body doesn't like something. That's why I sneeze a lot and my eyes water like I'm crying and I just don't feel good. I try to avoid things that make me feel that way and cats are one of them," Dean explained as he took Sam's hand in his own once the fire in his sinuses had calmed down quite a bit. "So, do you think that you can leave that cat alone? For me?"


    "Okay," Sam told him as he grabbed Dean's arm and hugged it.


    Dean suddenly dropped Sam's duffle and lifted his hand over the lower half of his face. "TcshShoo! TchsShoo! TchsShoo! TcshhShoo! Ugh. We deed you to wash thadt hand for be, okay?"


    "You sound funny, Dean," Sam told him as he skipped along.


    "Yeah, I deed to blow by dose is all," Dean replied as they came up to their father, who was paying for a room in the lobby.


    "TchsShoo! TcshShoo! TchsShoo! TchsShoo! TcshchShoo!"


    John looked down at his son and raised an eyebrow. Dean tried to scrub his nose into submission with little success. He knew that his father found his sneezing and sniffling almost more irritating than he did. He tried not to do it around him, but that was nearly impossible. After all, Dean couldn't control it.


    "Dean," whispered Sam as he pointed up at the counter.


    There stood a calico cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Her fur was very long and left tufts wherever she was. She walked over to Dean's direction and struck out a paw toward his face.


    Dean scrambled backwards in time to bury his entire face into the crook of his arm to help with the sound. "ItcSHsHsoo! TchsShoo! TchschShoo! TchsShoo! TchsChoo! TchsShoo!"


    "Bless you," chimed in Sam as he looked up at his brother, who was panting for air.


    "Dis is goig to be a long week," Dean sighed.


To Be Continued....

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Here is the next installment. Hope you like it!


    "Okay, Sam, we're here," announced Dean as he looked over at his little brother in the passenger seat.


    Sam was curled almost into a ball with the bandanna still pressed against his nose. Dean could see that it was still running like a leaky faucet while his eyes were puffy and red. His face looked a little swollen too and if Dean didn't know any better, he was sure that he saw a rash running up from Sam's neck and under his flannel shirt.


    Dean reached over and nudged Sam. "Hey, you hear me? It's time to get out."


    Sam mumbled something as the bandanna fell from his face. He looked over to Dean before his nostrils flared, his mouth opened, breath hitched, and head snapped down. "Huh'TcSHsSHew! Huh'ItcSHShew! Huh'TcsHSHew! Huh'ItcSHSHew! Huh'TcshSHew!"


    "Geez, still? Bless you, Sammy," Dean murmured as he rummaged around the glove compartment. He brought out a pack of tissues and handed them over. "Here. I always keep a pack in here for emergencies. I don't see any other emergency as big as this happening."


    Sam took them and pulled out a bunch. He brought them to his nose and blew deeply. Once he was finished he stared back over at Dean. Dean motioned to the motel room and Sam struggled to stand. He slumped a bit against the Impala as he scrubbed at his eyes with the tissue, leaving bits and pieces around his swollen eyes.


    "Hey, hey. What did I say about that," Dean huffed as he rushed forward and brought Sam's giant hands from his face. "Rubbing them will just make them worse."


    "How do you know," flashed Sam hotly.


    "Because I know, okay? Trust me," Dean replied as he pulled Sam forward. "Let's just get you inside before you pass out from lack of oxygen."


    The brothers made their way inside before Dean forced Sam to sit down on the end of his bed. Dean lifted up his duffle and started to rummage around. "It's a good thing I keep this stuff handy."


    "Because you're always sneezing," Sam taunted.


    Dean's eyes glinted. "Yeah and now you are too. Who's laughing now, huh," questioned Dean as he managed to find allergy medication that he usually took at the bottom of his bag. He brought it out and showed it to Sam. "Take two of these, okay? They should help."


    Dean placed them in Sam's hand and Sam looked at them with a narrowing of his eyes. He reluctantly took them and tossed them in the back of his mouth. Dean handed him a glass of water and Sam downed the pills instantly. They didn't taste like anything and they were smooth going down his throat. His throat felt dry and irritated as well. 


    "Feeling miserable yet," Dean asked with a raised eyebrow.


    Sam nodded with his mouth slightly open, unable to breathe through his blocked nose. "Yeah," he croaked before he lifted both hands over his face urgently.


    "Huh'ItcHSSHeW! Huh'ItcSHSHew! Huh'TcsHSHew! Huh'ItcSHSHew!"


    "Bless," Dean offered as he rummaged around. "I'll need to get you some-"




    Dean spun around and saw Sam with his hands still over his face and eyes nearly streaming with actual tears. He saw Sam's hands still over his face and he sighed. "Oh, kiddo."


    Dean managed to find another clean bandanna and came back over to Sam. He set the bandanna down on the bed before he grabbed the remainder of the tissues from the travel pack. "Alright, use the bandanna for your hands and I'll clean up your face."


    Sam shook his head with his hands still fixed there. "Dno," he argued stiffly. "Disgusting."


    "Sam, it's not that bad, trust me. It's just snot and it's not even like you're sick. Your body just thinks you and herbs need to break up. That's all," Dean replied as he nearly pulled Sam's hand from his face. "It'll be over in two seconds, okay?"


    Sam eventually gave up and pulled his hands from his face. He scrubbed at them with the bandanna while Dean did his best to clean up the area around Sam's nose before he tried to rub at his glistening and twitching nostrils. They appeared very irritated and the last thing that Dean wanted to do was trigger another sneezing attack. Sam seemed miserable enough as it was.


    Dean drew back on the bed and smiled at Sam. "Alright, you're good," he told him with a thumbs up. "Now, as I was saying, I think that you're going to need some more stuff."


    "Like," Sam pressed.


    "Like tissues, eyedrops, some compresses, just to name a few things. Basically all the things that I use when I have an allergy attack," Dean explained as he made a mental check list in his head.


    Sam frowned. "I cadn't go oudt like dis," he argued.


    'Then I'll go out for your," Dean decided, even though there had been no thought that he wouldn't. "You just sit tight and try not to have an asthma attack. If it gets bad then you can borrow my inhaler."


    Sam nodded slowly. "Thags, Deadn."


    "Don't mention it." Dean grabbed the keys to the impala and thrust them in his pocket. "Just do me one thing while I'm out."


    "Whadt's thadt," Sam asked as he blinked the remaining tears from his eyes.


    Dean smirked in amusement. "Blow your nose, bitch. I can hardly understand you."




To Be Continued......

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I hope that you guys like this next part! It's been a little bit, but I'll try to post the rest of the story quicker. Hope you enjoy!



Years Ago


    "TchsHoo! TchChoo! TchShoo! TchsShoo! ThcsSHOO!"


    "Are you okay, Dean," fretted Sam as he jumped on the bed beside his brother.


    Dean squinted his watery eyes to look at his brother. He had been sneezing nearly nonstop for the past half an hour. He had gone through half a box of tissues and taken his allergy medication. However, none of it seemed to be working.


    Dean flashed a fake smile his brother's way. "Never been bedder, Sabby," he told his brother as he reached forward and ruffled his little brother's mop of brown hair.


    Sam recoiled in disgust. "You just got snot in my hair!"


    "Did not."


    "Did too!"


    "Did not!"


    "Did too!"




    Both Winchesters turned to see their father coming out of the bathroom. He set the newspaper that he had been reading down before he started going through his duffle and adding things to it.


    "Dad, are you leaving," Sam asked as he slid down from the bed beside his brother and jogged over to his father. He stood on tiptoes to try and be a little taller so that his father would recognize him.


    "Afraid so, Sammy. Don't worry. It'll only be for a week or so and Dean'll look after you," John muttered as he grabbed his journal and tucked it into his pocket.


    "TchsShoo! TchsShoo! TcshShoo! TchsShoo!"


    Dean glanced down in pure embarrassment as their father walked over to him. His eyes were stern and his jaw was set. "You okay, Deano?"


    "Fine, dad," answered Dean in a raspy voice. "Never bedder."


    "Good. Look after Sam. I left money in safe. Code 2061. Be safe," John called before he slammed the door shut and Dean heard it lock them in.


    Sam looked beyond annoyed and frustrated. He might not know exactly what their dad did, but he had the idea that it wasn't normal and it wasn't safe. He still didn't know why Dean was always watching him, but he did know that it was important to listen to what Dean had to say.


    "Dean, why did dad leave again," complained Sam as he jumped back next to his brother and rested his head on his shoulder.


    "TchsShoo! TchsShoo! TchsShoo! Ub, he has do, Sabby," replied Dean as he lifted more tissues to his nose and blew wetly. Once he was finished he flashed Sam a hopeful smile. "Do you thig thadt you could take a shower, baybe? I thig there's cad dander on your clothes?"


    "If I do can we go and get something to eat," requested Sam as he pulled away from his sniffling brother.


    "Whatever you want," replied Dean with a smile.


    "Yeah!" Sam leaped over to the other bed and pulled out random clothes from his duffle. He headed into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.


    Once the shower started running, Dean leaned back and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was going to be a long week.


To Be Continued....

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Here is the next installment. Enjoy!


    "Sam. Sam, I'm back! Sam!"


    "Huh'ItcsHSHew! Huh'TcshShew! Huh'ItcSHSHew!"


    Dean set the groceries down before he headed over to the source of the sneezing; the bathroom. He opened it slightly and looked in to see the shower running, but his brother fully clothed on the bathroom floor. He looked beyond miserable and hardly awake at that. How he had gotten there, Dean would never know.


    "Sammy, what are you doing," Dean gasped in surprise.


    Sam sniffled. "You said to maybe take a shower. Thadt's whadt I'b doig," he replied softly.


    Dean sat beside him and rubbed Sam's back up and down comfortingly. "Yeah, if you were up to it. Clearly you're not," he pointed out firmly. "You should've waited for me."


    "I didnd't wandt to bake anything worse," Sam answered as he rubbed sleepily at his face and part of his nose. His eyes slightly blinked as he swallowed back a groan.


    "Worse? I'm not entirely sure that you can," replied Dean in amusement. He stood up and turned off the shower before he sat back down slowly. "You look pretty rough, Sam."


    Sam sniffled painfully as he made a grab at his still twitching nostrils. "Yeah, I'b aware," he crooked as his head slightly fell on Dean's shoulder. Dean rubbed at Sam's back, but Sam seemed interested in only one thing.


    "Huh'ItcSHshSHew! Huh'TcsHSSHew! Huh'TcshSHew! Huh'TcshSHeW!"


    "Ugh, Sammy, gross," complained Dean as he felt something wet and slick against his neck from where he had been sprayed. He lifted his hand and rubbed at his neck before he looked back down to Sam. However, he really couldn't be that angry. He knew that his brother couldn't help it.


    Sam mumbled something as he lifted a hand to his nose and rubbed at it halfheartedly. "You used to sneeze on be all the time," he huffed.


    "Yeah, yeah, whatever," Dean chuckled as he moved Sam's sweaty hair from his head. "Now, let's get you back into the bedroom. I have somethings that might make you feel better."


    Sam didn't say anything as Dean helped haul him to his feet. He helped him forward and over to the bed. He set Sam down and Dean flicked Sam's hair back from his head. "There. We don't want your Goldie hair locks tickling your nose. Something tells me that you're not going to want anything messing with your nose."


    Sam sighed as he wrinkled his nose. "Yeah, especially you."


    "Don't go all bitch on me," chuckled Dean as he walked away from the room and made it over to the first aid kit. However, this wasn't the usual first aid kit that Sam was used to seeing. This was something quite different. 


    "Whadt's thadt," Sam asked as he lifted a hand to his face and rubbed at his fiery, red nose. "Huh'ItcshSHew! Huh'TcshShew! Huh'TchsSHew!"


    "Bless. And you should really remember this, Sammy," Dean pointed out as he grabbed the first aid kit and carried it over to his brother. He set it down and flipped open the top of it. "You used to call this 'SA' remember? Snoters anonymous?"


    Sam couldn't help but snicker. He did remember that. He remembered giving Dean such a hard time about it. Now he wanted everything that was in that bag. However, he had really no idea what to do with it. Dean had always been so secretive about what he used.


    "Come on. Tilt your head back," urged Dean as he started to scissor Sam's puffy, right eye open.


    Sam drew back. "Deadn, id burds," he complained loudly.


    "Well, it's going to burn a hell of a lot more if you don't let me put these drops in," pointed out Dean with a tiny smile. "Come on, kiddo. For me?"


    Sam muttered something under his breath before he pulled himself closer to his brother. Dean let out a breath of relief as he opened Sam's red and irritated eye open. He dripped a few cool drops of the liquid into Sam's eye and Sam let out a hiss of relief. It burned for a moment before a cool feeling washed over him.


    "Good, good," praised Dean as he moved over to Sam's other eye. He quickly dropped more cool liquid into Sam's other eye. Sam drew black, blinking like mad. He lifted a hand to his face to rub at it before Dean launched himself forward and took Sam's wrist in his hand. "No, no. Itching it will only make it worse. C'mon, Sammy. You know that."


    "Okay, okay, fine," huffed Sam as he looked to his brother, sniffling heavily. 


    "Next order of business," announced Dean as he turned around to the counter. He brought out a tissue box with lotion, fluffy tissues. Dean usually used those and Sam would make fun of him to not end. Now, the role was reversed, yet Dean wasn't doing the teasing. "Blow your nose. That'll feel better." He tossed the tissues to Sam and they collided with his chest.


    Sam took them in his hand and blew his nose. He felt the warm lotion around his chapped nostrils and he let out a breath of relief. He turned to look at Dean with still watering eyes. "Feel any better," Dean asked.


    Sam nodded slowly. "A liddle."


    "Well, I'm going to stay up with you until you're feeling 100% again! Also, I think that we're going to do some more research on what herbs you can and can't be around," Dean told him as he sat down beside Sam and rubbed him between the shoulders gingerly, just enough so that Sam knew that he was there.


    Sam blinked his still red and swollen eyes while his mouth became slightly ajar again. Dean immediately picked up the tissues and shoved them against Sam's face.


    "Huh'TchsSHew! Huh'TcshSHew! Huh'ItchsSHew!"


    "Still goin' strong, huh? Bless you anyway," Dean murmured as he watched Sam delve into the tissues. He ripped three out and folded them over his streaming nose. He blew once more before he threw them in the direction of the trash can.


    He missed and Dean couldn't help but chuckle. "Nice. Looks like this is even taking your sense of aim. Oh right, you didn't have one to begin with."


     "Shud ub!"


    Dean laughed as he helped Sam to the front of the bed where he could actually lay down. "Alright, alright, I'll lay off. You didn't use to let me live it down when we were kids."


    Sam raised an eyebrow. "Really? I hardly remember," he lied.


    "Yeah, you used to bitch at me every time I sneezed at how annoying I was. Don't worry. I forgive you," Dean told him as he kicked off his boots and laid next to his brother. "But, maybe I went through all of this so that I could help you? Ever think of that?"


    "Dno," answered Sam sleepily with a heavy sniff with his nostrils flaring. "Dnot really."


    "Just get some rest," Dean chided as he helped Sam lay down. Once he was positioned he lifted his thumb and pointer finger and massaged his forehead firmly.


    At first all Sam felt was discomfort, before it finally turned into relaxation. He opened his mouth in relief and breathed heavily with his chest slightly falling.


    "There you go, Sammy. Get some sleep."


To Be Continued...

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AGGHHHHH!! I need more:wub::jump:I love caretaking Dean-poor Sammy! And the flahback was amazing!! Great update-can’t wait to read what’s next!😄

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On 1/29/2018 at 3:38 PM, jensdw said:

Aw! I absolutely love brotherly Dean in this part. He knew just what to do. 

Great update!

I'm glad that you're enjoying it!


On 1/30/2018 at 1:43 PM, castiel_angel said:

AGGHHHHH!! I need more:wub::jump:I love caretaking Dean-poor Sammy! And the flahback was amazing!! Great update-can’t wait to read what’s next!😄

I'm so glad that you're liking it! I like the caretaking aspect too. It's probably my favorite thing to write.


On 1/30/2018 at 2:01 PM, Coffee Mug said:

Yes!!! Sick Sammy!!! Thank you so much! 

Glad you like it! I hope you like what I have in store next!



Years Ago


    "TcshShoo! TchChoo! TchSChoo!"


    "Maybe we should've eaten somewhere other than here," Sam suggested as he looked at the small 'diner' that the motel said that they had. However, it didn't take a genius to know that everything around here smelled like cat and mold.


    Dean looked up from the napkin that he currently had pressed against his streaming nose and eyes. He flashed a pathetic smile to his little brother. "Id's fide, Sabby. Jusdt order whadtever you wandt," Dean told him.


    Sam could hardly understand his brother anymore and that was saying a lot. He knew how to decipher Dean's congested talk, but it was getting pretty bad. Sam sighed as he looked down at the menu. "I want chicken nuggets and french fries! What about you, Dean?"


    "TchsSchoo! TchsChoo! TcshSchoo! TchsChoo!"


    "Maybe soup," suggested Sam cheerily.


    Dean blew his nose before he looked up at his brother, eyes narrowed. "I'b dnot sick! Id's allergies. I told you thadt," pointed out Dean as he rubbed at his eyes with his fists furiously.


    "Whatever you say," Sam told him before he looked down at his feet and then his hands. "I'm going to go wash my wands! You should too."


    Dean sighed. Every since Sam had learned about some basic health during cold and flu season, he made Dean wash his hands every chance he got. He forced a smile as he nodded to his brother. "Alright. Baybe I can gedt sobe wadter in by eyes. Thadt bay helb," Dean told him as he stretched out his hand for Sam to take.


    Sam did so cheerily as they made their way to the bathroom. Sam frowned when he saw the sinks were too high for him to reach. "Dean," he complained.


    "C'mere. I gotcha," Dean told him as he hoisted Sam up under the arms and held him over the sink. Sam stretched out his hands and started to wet his hands while Dean struggled to keep him upright.


    "S-Sab...ugh...eh...albost...d-done," Dean asked with his nostrils starting to flare and drip against Sam's hair.


    Sam shook his head. "I didn't even add soap yet."


    The motion of Sam shaking his head had his curly hair tickling Dean's already sensitive nose. Dean tried holding his breath, but nothing worked. His breath hitched and the tickle grew while Dean had absolutely nothing to sneeze into.


    "TcshShoo! TchsChoo! TchsChoo! TchsChoo! TchSCHoo!"


    "Ewe! Ewe! Dean!"


    Dean immediately set down Sam before he rushed over to the napkin holder. He grabbed a handful of the rough and dry napkins and rubbed it against his nose madly. He blew his nose as he bent at the waist from the sheer agony of it.




    Dean turned and saw his little brother glaring at him while trying to rub at his hair. Dean blushed as he walked over. "I'b so sorry, kiddo," Dean sympathized darkly. "I couldn't do anythig."


    "You're a jerk," Sam cried with tears starting to shine in his eyes.


    Dean kneeled down and rubbed a bit at his hair. It was slightly slick and sticky, but Sam didn't need to know that. "I'll ledt you have first shower todnight? Okay?"


    Sam frowned as he stomped a foot against the ground. However, he couldn't stay mad at his brother as he looked upward. "Okay," he replied as he came forward and hugged Dean.


    Dean hugged him back before he broke away and launched himself back into the napkins he had at the ready. "TchsChoo! TchsChoo! TchsSchoo! TchsChoo! Dabit!"


    "Dean, that's a bad word," Sam argued.


    Dean sniffed, his nose completely clogged so that no air came through. "Well, Sabby, technically id didn't cobe oudt righdt, so id didn'dt coundt."


    Sam rolled his eyes before he heard a soft noise coming toward them. He looked around and saw the black cat from earlier. It came toward Sam with it's mouth opening pleadingly for food.


    "Dean," Sam warned.


    Dean spun around as the cat started to make it's way over. Dean blinked his eyes as he leaned forward, unable to control himself. "TchsChoo! TchsSchoo! TchsCHoo! TchsSchoo! TchsChoo!"


    Dean suddenly felt his chest tightening and black spots clouding his vision. He looked over to his brother and tried to say something before he fell forward as the whole world went black.


To Be Continued....

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OMG A CLIFF HANGERRRR:jawdrop:pleeaassseee continue! I’m in love with the plot-can’t wait for more😍 I laughed at Sam’s hygiene issues-so in character-keep up the awesome job!

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Here is the next part and then there will be one more part after it. That should be the last of it. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. 


    "Itchsxxh! TchsChxx! Itchsxhxh! TchsxxhXh!"


    "What the hell," Dean mumbled as he slowly woke up. His eyes adjusted to the darkness before he realized that he had fallen asleep on Sam's bed with Sam. That hadn't happened since they were kids since Sam had refused to share a bed with him anytime he could since he stated that he was 'too grown up' to still share a bed with his big brother.


    However, right now Sam wasn't bitching about it. In fact, he could barely take in a breath, let alone talk. He was perched beside Dean, sitting straight up with his large hand clamped over his face tightly. In fact, his hand was clamped over his twitching, streaming nose.


    "Sam," Dean inquired.


    Sam turned to look at his brother before he pitched forward. "TchsChzxxh! Itchsxxhh! Tchshxxxh!"


    "Hey, hey, stop that right now," Dean snapped as he drew forward. He gingerly took Sam's slightly wet hand from his nose and watched Sam sniff heavily as he tried to pull the mucus back into his nose as it tried to escape. "What are you doing? You could really hurt yourself."


    Sam shook his head. "Tryig to be quiedt," Sam explained as he motioned to his nose. "Dnot workig as well as I'd hobed."


    "Yeah, clearly. Hold on." Dean threw the covers off of himself and walked back to the foot of the bed where the tissues were. He brought it back to his brother as he tossed it to him. "Give a good blow and stop holding them back. That just makes all the shit stay in your nose and trust me, you don't want that."


    Sam did as he was told. He took in a massive breath and blew his nose like a whiney child. Once he was finished he looked back at Dean. "I still feel like I dneed to sneeze," he confessed.


    Dean's mind reeled in possibilities. He bit at his bottom lip in frustration. "I left the herbs there, but the dust might still be on our clothes. Alright, let's get changed."


    Sam raised an eyebrow in surprise as he rubbed at his nose with his wrist. "Righdt dknow?"


    "Yes, right now," answered Dean as he lifted his duffle and pulled out the last thing that he had washed. It was his sweatpants and a t-shirt that was almost too small for him. Oh well, it would have to do.


    Dean quickly changed before he threw his clothes aside in the completely opposite end of the room. He would wash them later. Right now he had to deal with Sam. "Alright, Sammy, your turn."


    "Sab," snorted Sam as he rubbed even harder at his nose. "Id's Sab."


    "Alright, Sab," Dean chuckled as he grabbed at Sam's duffle and set it aside. "Let's see. How about some shorts and a t-shirt. I think that we washed these last. They shouldn't have any herbs on them."


    Sam nodded as he reluctantly slid out of bed. He took one step before he faltered forward. Dean rushed to catch him before he sat him back on the bed. "Careful. You're going to be a little dizzy. I don't know how much of that gunk in is your head."


    Sam shook his head to clear it before he brushed his long hair aside. "I jusdt wandt to sneeze it all out," he croaked.


    "I think that I have something for that since you're too weak to take a shower. But, can you change for me real quick? I promise I won't look," Dean added since he knew how embarrassed Sam became. It wasn't like they had never seen each other naked before. Sometimes they had to dress wounds in awkward places and the small motels didn't care about 'privacy'. But, Dean was always aware of Sam's embarrassment and tried not to press him too much about it.


    Sam nodded in appreciation. "Okay. I'll only be a minute," Sam announced as he started to pull his sweaty shirt from his body. He grabbed the other t-shirt that was soft from it's millions and millions of washes that it had gone through. Sam sunk into it and nearly forgot about everything else. That was until an all to familiar sensation crept up on him.


    "Huh'TcshShew! Huh'ItcshShew! Huh'TchsSHew!"


    Dean poked his head out of the bathroom in time to catch Sam's nasal explosion. "Goodness, dude. Bless ya. It sounded like you were going to implode or something," Dean chuckled as he walked over to Sam with two bowls of water. One was warm and one was cold. "You ready?"


    Sam raised an eyebrow as he ripped more tissues from the box. "Jusdt ledt be blow by dose," he mumbled as he lifted a hand to his face and blew his nose heavily. Once he was finished he slumped sideways and glanced over at his brother. "Whadt are you doig with those?"


    "You'll see. Just lay back, but prop yourself up. It'll be easier to breathe," Dean explained as he move some stuff around so that Sam was more comfortable. "There you go."


    Sam looked up and rubbed at his nose with his hand, which had turned quite crusted with the reminisces of what had come out of his nose. "Whadt are we doig?"


    "You'll see. Just relax," Dean instructed as he wet a bandanna in the warm water and placed it over Sam's nose. Sam snorted a bit as water entered his nose. Dean adjusted it before he wet the cold bandanna and placed it over Sam's eyes. Sam let out a deep breath and smiled.


    "That better," Dean asked.


    "Yeah. You dnow thadt you're really good at dis," questioned Sam and Dean could imagine him raising an eyebrow under the bandanna.


    Dean crossed his arms over his chest in amusement. "I supposed so. I've had lots of practice. Usually I'm where you are."


    "How are you bedder," Sam questioned as he snuffled loudly.


    "Well, I learned to adapt to it. Allergy testing and medication. The pack that you make fun of. It's just little things, dude. But, seeing you're in the same boat as me I think that it would be better if you leaned all this stuff too."


    Sam nodded. "Okay, budt in the borning."


    "Yes, in the morning. For now let's just see if you can sleep through the night," Dean suggested as he turned to turn off the lap between the two beds. Sam could only sleep in darkness most of the time.


    Dean went to climb into his bed before he felt Sam's hand feeling around for his. When Sam found Dean's arm he pulled down a bit. "Stay," he pleaded.


    Dean smiled as he nodded. "Alright," he whispered as he shifted Sam over so that he actually had enough room. He slid down beside his brother and moved the bowls of water to the nightstand. He watched Sam sniffle and snort for a little bit as the warm cloth released the building congestion.


    Eventually Sam turned his head so that his cheek was resting against Dean's shoulder. Dean smiled as he lowered his head.


    "Huh'TcshShew! Huh'ITcSHSHew! Huh'TcshSHew!"


    Dean rolled his eyes as he felt Sam's spray coat his neck. "Don't worry, little brother. I know these genetics suck, but we'll get through this.We always have and we always will."


To Be Continued...

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Here is the final part. Thank you to everyone who read and commented on this. I I hope you like the final part and don't hesitate to make requests for me to write next! 


    Years Ago


    "TchSchoo! TchSchoo! TchsChoo!"


    Dean roused awake with his sneezes. He blinked his eyes and felt as if they were traveling hundreds of miles per hour. He shuffled around before he realized that he was in the Impala. Correction, he was in the Impala's backseat with his head in Sam's lap. He felt Sam playing with his short hair and it actually felt pretty good.




    "Dean, you're awake! Dad, Dean's wake!'


    John turned slightly from the diver's side and let out a breath of relief. "Thank God."


    Dean squirmed as he sat up. The congestion shifted and he felt it start to drain from his nose. He pressed his hand against it before he looked around madly.


    Luckily, Sam grabbed the half used tissue box that was always had in the Impala and handed it to his brother. Dean took it eagerly and started to wipe and blow at his nose. When he was finished he nodded to Sam in appreciation. That was when the events of earlier came rushing back.


    "What habbened," Dean asked, still a little congestion making his consonants soft.


    "You gave Sam and I quite a scare, Deano. You passed out in that filthy bathroom and Sam ran and got me. Thought you were having an asthma attack. Thought it best to get you out of there," John answered as he pressed on the gas a bit more.


    Dean looked over to Sam, who nodded in conformation. "It was really scary."


    "So, where are we going," asked Dean in embarrassment. He hated to show weakness to anyone, let alone Sam. Sam idolized him. Sam was always trying to copy him and be just like him. That last thing that he wanted to do was ruin that persona for Sam.


    "To a hotel," answered John with a firm nod, his eyebrows knit together. "Somewhere where there's not cats everywhere or mold in every corner."


    "Like a hotel with a pool and food," Sam asked as he leaned forward to grab on the passenger seat. He looked eagerly to his father before he turned and looked at his brother.


    John's eyes lit in amusement. "Yes, that very one. We'll take it easy and have some relaxation. I'd say you boys earned it."


    Dean had never heard those words come out of his father's mouth and he doubted that he ever would again. But, it would be nice just for a little bit to not worry about constant sneezing or if he'd wake up unable to breathe. He couldn't help but smile.


    But, Dean did feel for Sam. This wasn't the trip that he thought that it was be. He was sure that he scared Sam half to death. He knew he would've been terrified if something like that happened to Sam.


    "Hey, kiddo," Dean whispered as he drew closer to his little brother. He wrapped an arm around him before he rubbed at his nose. "I'b sorry aboudt everything earlier. You know, the sneezing in your hair and scaring you like thadt. I didn'dt bean to."


    "I know that you didn't, Dean. Dad says you can't help it when you sneeze and stuff," Sam told him as he buried his head in Dean's chest. "I'm just glad you're okay and we're going to a hotel!"


    Dean laughed as he rubbed harder at his nose. "Budt....I...e..think...w-we....have to do...eh....huh..sobethig....first...."


    "Like what," Sam asked as he tipped his head upward.


    "TchsChoo! ThscShoo! TchsShoo! TchShoo!"


    Dean dove for the tissues again and managed to save his brother from most of the spray.


    "Bless you," John and Sam chorused.


    Dean nodded as he blew his nose. "Thags."


    "So, what do we have to do first," chirped Sam as he pulled at Dean's arm eagerly.


    Dean chuckled in amusement at his brother's eagerness. "You need a shower. You smell like cats!"


    That was when both Sam and Dean knew that they could just get through everything if they had each other. They always had and they always would.


The End

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THIS WAS FREAKING AMAAAZZZIIINNGGG! Everything was just to perfect:wub:I loved every part, and I’m so glad in the last fix that John had finally been the father that those two deserve:heart:THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

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37 minutes ago, castiel_angel said:

THIS WAS FREAKING AMAAAZZZIIINNGGG! Everything was just to perfect:wub:I loved every part, and I’m so glad in the last fix that John had finally been the father that those two deserve:heart:THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it too much! It was certainly fun to write with going back and forth between the past and present. I might do something like that again, but I'm not sure. We'll see where the inspiration takes me!:D 

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