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Sorry @Junia I know this subforum is for testing but I can't write in the snake pit yet. Quick question, you know what you wrote there about capitalism? "Ohohoho..So let's" 

May I ask you where did you see that? (If you did) 

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1 hour ago, Rather.Doubtful said:

So, not because I'm desperate for easy money, where could you do that? 

i'm actually not sure, i'm still looking into it for my area, but a google search of 'sell plasma [your area]' might yield some results... good luck! sorry that you're in a position of having to think about doing this too -- i hope things are looking up for you soon!

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@Junia  I'm not really desperately NEEDING it, but there's something I wanna do and that'd be quick money which is what I'm looking for. I'd be great if my area had places haha but it is illegal in my country to sell biofluids, even sperm which is ludicrous.  But if you are in the USA I've seen many options, medical trials, I think I read once NASA pays you for sleeping and so on.

Eggs are an option I would surely consider there not only because of money, but I find it truly amazing.

Now, this one lol, this one speaks for itself https://www.openbiome.org 

Good luck to you too and I'm sorry too. 

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