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LotR, Haldir- Looking for a beta

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Hello (:

I'm new here (after lurking around for eternities), as you might have seen by my profile. I started writing my first sneezefic a few days ago and though I usually write a lot, I need some help with it. It's not about the plot or anything, but rather because English is my second language. There are a few sentences where I don't know whether the wording works out. And I cannot ask my friends or my English teacher, as it's a sneezefic :razz: Also, I'm still a little bit nervous about posting here, that doesn't really help. 

So I wanted to ask if here's anyone who would like to help me out. The story is set in Middle Earth, featuring Haldir and his brothers Rúmil and Orophin, as well as two OC's (only in the first chapter). Right now it has about 1500 words, there are more to come. But not too many, it should be maximum 4000 words. Im really bad at estimating word counts, but I planned the story, so it should be correct :blush:
You'd only have to read the story (or, if you wish, even only the passages I'm not sure about) and give me some advice. I'm always happy to learn something new(= I appreciate criticism). You don't even have to know LotR, it's only about the language (Though I'm always happy to meet fellow LotR fans :D).

The only problem is that I don't have access to PM yet. BlackScatter offered me to add my email address to my profile. I hope you can find it there. It's of course not my official one and I recommend you to use an alias as well, if you do not already have one. Of I course I won't share your messages with anyone, but you probably don't want the conversation to be in your official mail account :nohappy:

I would be really happy if someone would like to help me :) 



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