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Boys Over Flowers(Kdrama)


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Hey! So a couple months ago I started watching this kdrama called Boys Over Flowers. The love story is really cute, but I sorta grew tired of it after watching for a while. However, there are some really cute sneezes throughout the series! I only made it to episode 13, so if you’ve seen the whole series and know of any other sneezes feel free to comment them.

You can watch the series on this free website, if you wish, or also on Dramafever.

Anyways, here are the sneezes! There’s also a scene in episode 4 where the male lead gets sick, but he doesn’t actually sneeze and I never wrote the times down, so sorry about that haha :poster_oops:And btw all of them are from cold.

Episode 3 - 7:40(male)

Episode 9 - 14:50, 35:20-37:10, (female)

Episode 12: 31:30(male)

Sorry there weren’t that many! I just figured I should post in case any of you would like to see the few that there are. I find them all to be really cute, and the guy is really handsome and the girl is really pretty too~

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