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this is my first observation, so please go easy on me lol. 

I feel like a lot of observations start this way, but honestly one of my teachers is just about the sneeziest person I know. She mostly sneezes at least three to four times in a row, and it's usually multiple times per class. When I first entered her class in September I thought she had allergies or something at first, but since it's snowy January now and she's still going strong I honestly don't know anymore. 

She probably sneezed the most today than I remember seeing (or hearing?). They're usually pretty loud and vocalized (which can be pretty startling if you're trying to take a test, which I can testify to lol) unless she stifles them, but even when she tries to stifle, it sometimes fails and comes out even louder than usual. They also always sound super desperate for some reason? at least to me. It's gotten to the point that most of the class blesses her whenever she sneezes because they're kind of hard not to acknowledge, lol.

I'd go into more detail, but for some weird reason I always end up forgetting the sound of her sneezes whenever I leave class, so there's that. Probably because the course she teaches is pretty stressful for me so I'm usually more occupied by that than anything else. ;P But it's still a nice distraction when it comes to it. 

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wow yeah I'd be pretty concerned maybe she's allergic to dust or something else or maybe her nose is just sensitive 

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That was a great post!  Nice to have a distraction in a stressful class for sure.  Hopefully they are somewhat pleasant despite being sometimes startling.  

Ive never seen anyone be given a hard time on these boards, which was what convinced me to stop being a lifetime lurker.  This is a very accepting and open-minded community, from my observation.  Glad you posted!  I hope you will continue to do so!

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