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My Sneezes from Pepper, Weather Change


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So, I was spending time with some family members this evening, and my brother cooked a spicy dish with pepper in it.  I must have inhaled some of the pepper, because shortly after dinner my nose began to tickle badly.  I knew I was going to sneeze, but as I have a mental block I made an excuse to leave the room.  I was heading down the hall to my own room as the tickle built uncontrollably, as soon as I entered my room and shut door I sneezed:  just a simple "Ah-choo!" which I covered.  My nose is still tingling a bit, so there might eventually be another sneeze.  But at least I'm in private now.=D      

Additionally, the weather where I am in the US has suddenly gotten much warmer, which must be why I've been sneezing more than usual the past couple days.  Yesterday, I sneezed a total of four times, which is a lot for me (I have mild allergies).  And I had a very "spraying" sneeze in my car this afternoon, before the pepper sneeze occurred.  Time to take some Claritin, I think.:yes: 



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