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Pepper sneezes


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So the other day I was in the kitchen and I had a stuck sneeze and my boyfriend saw the pepper shaker and was like “I wonder if pepper can actually make you sneeze like in cartoons and stuff.” I just sat there completely silent and probably blushing like crazy while he looked up how to induce a sneeze using pepper on his phone. So he poured a little in his hand and told me to sniff it and I kept saying no because I was too embarrassed but he kept insisting so I eventually gave in and I ended up sneezing about 5-6 times. He laughed the whole time because the sneezes were a bit spread out so I had that pre-sneeze face for like 2 minutes. I think he could tell I was embarrassed because afterwards he said “bless you sweetheart” and gave me a kiss on my forehead before handing me some tissues. 

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Yes. It definitely can. I find black pepper sneezes to be painful.  White pepper sneezes are less so, but still sting. 

Incidentally, I’ve never used each purposefully because I prefer to use something that isn’t as uncomfortable such as chhinkni.  To me, it’s minty but not burning.  Others may think differently though.  

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I dont even know what I would do in this situation hahah, I would definitely panic.  I love when people hand me tissues though :) 

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