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sneezy new years eve


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Havent posted in a while. things are going great with M since we moved in together and we are now engaged. M is a frequent rapid multiple sneezer who also has fits of sneezes he has  no allergies he knows of hes just a naturally sneezy person. He also knows about my fetish


We were going to a new years eve party, M had been sneezy earlier in the day but it seemed to have died down until sneezing his usual "haessh,esshh,esshh,haesshew" while doing up my dress. I as always I turned to him and said "bless you baby" he kissed me and wrapped his arms around me and replied "thank you sugar, are you ready to go?" 

As we arrived at the party M turned towards me raising my hand he was holding to his face just in time for "haessh,eshh,esshh,haessshew" I blessed him again and he said "thanks baby" and kissed me.

Just before midnight M came over to me we had been talking to different people. we had both had more than a few drinks by then. I wrapped my arms around M's neck and he held me there for a while before I said  "wish we were alone"  M smiled down at me and asked "oh yea? what would we be doing if we were?" I kissed him and said "oh I think you know" just then someone came over to tell us it was 5 minutes until midnight and we needed to move to see the fireworks we agreed and M said we would be over in a minute, and kissed me again saying "we will be alone soon" he then turned and sneezed openly to the side "haessh,essh,esshh,esssh,esshh..haesshew .. sorry baby" I rubbed his arm while he sneezed then kissed him when he was done saying "bless you! your making it very hard for me not to rip your clothes off right here" M laughed and told me "sorry baby, ill try not sneeze again until I get you alone" 

you might remember from old obs M usually has a fit of sneezes after drinking to much so I was looking forward to that later even though I sometimes get a bit worried when he cant stop. 

we finally got home about 2am I had sropped drinking around midnight but M didn't  we had just got undressed and into bed  we were laying there with our arms and legs wrapped around each other M had been kissing me when he pulled away and slurred "you better let go .. I can feel sneezes coming" I said "no I dont want to" and held him tighter. M replied "ill sneeze on you" I smiled up at him and said "I hope you do" just then his breathe hitched which it rarely does and he managed to get out "where?" I guided his down towards my chest and kissed it just as they came "haesshh,esshh,esshh,esshh,haesshh,essshew,essh,esshhhaesshh,haesshew" I had been stroking Ms head while he sneezed I quickly said "bless you poor baby" M turned away as he sneezed again "haesshew,esshh,essshh,eshhh,essh..hhaesshew" I once again told him "bless you baby" because his sneezes are rapid and without a breathe in between I always worry that he will pass out from not being able to breathe inbetween (his usual fits of 4 to 6 dont bother me) seemingly done for a minute M said "thanks baby, dont worry you know im ok" I kissed his head and passed him some tissues that he wetly blew his nose into we snuggled together again and got back to what we had originally planned would happen. 

About and hour later M sneezed his usual four into my neck. 


Great way to begin the year 😊😊


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