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This story is about five girls who work in a small office together: Kylie, Michelle, Serena, Holly, and Julia.

Part 1: Monday

The girls had been lucky so far this year, cold and flu season was in full swing and none of them, bar Julia, who had had two small colds, had gotten sick. However, this Monday morning, as they came back from the weekend and greeted each other, no one could help but notice Michelle’s minor, but persistent sniffle.

Snnf snnf, HaShoo!! Exclaimed Michelle, putting up an elbow to cover.

“Bless you” came from a couple of the girls.

Twenty minutes later came another Heshoo!! Into Michelle’s elbow.

“You okay Michelle?” asked Holly.

“I hope so, but we’ll see”, responded Michelle, without too much conviction.

When 9.45 rolled around and Michelle once again threw her head into the crook of her arm for a HeSHOO!! Snff snnff, she sighed and resigned herself to the truth.

“Well girls, looks like cold and flu season found me”.

“Oh no, hopefully it doesn’t get too bad”, replied Serena.

“No doubt I’ll catch it, I get everything that’s going around” said Julia.

“That’s pessimistic of you”, said Serena to Julia. “Just make sure you cover your sneezes and coughs, Chelle, and everyone will be fine”.

“Well I’ll be fine, I don’t get sick”, came from Kylie at the back.

“Yes, well you said that last year and got the sickest of all”, replied Michelle.

“That was just allergies”. Kylie said quickly.

“I’ve never been sick before”, Holly then said.

“WHAT?” came from all four girls. “Are you serious?”

“Well I’ve had a tickly throat for a day or two, and the odd fever when I was little; but I have no memory of ever getting a snotty nose or a cough or anything like that”.

“Wow, you’re so lucky”, replied Julia.

“Don’t count your chickens when the office cold is just starting..” Serena said, with a small grin on her face.


As it got on for lunchtime, Michelle’s regular sneezing had not stopped, every fifteen to twenty minutes she threw up the crook of her arm to catch a soft, but wet Heshoo! And her snff snnff ing was getting more regular as the hours rolled by.

After lunch, they were all sitting down again to get back to work when a HapChoo!! interrupted the sound of Michelle’s regular sniffing. It wasn’t Michelle sneezing however; Serena had pulled her sweater up, ducked her nose inside and let out a wet sneeze onto her chest.

“Bless you” said Michelle. “Snnff, looks like that co- Heshoo! Looks like that cold is spreadig”. She winced slightly at the congestion in her voice, and wiped her sniffly, runny nose on the back of her hand.

An hour later, Serena sneezed into her sweater again, this time a double HapChoo! AtShoo!! Serena sniffed at her nose and pulled out a small, neatly folded floral handkerchief, and pinched the end of her nostrils in it to wipe the drips that were accumulating.

Heshoo!! Michelle sneezed into her elbow. Snnnff snnff “Ugh, I need a tissue” she said as she wiped her nose on her hand, sniffing once again.

“We can share my hanky if you like” said Serena with a giggle, followed by HapChoo!! into said hanky.

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@sexyhankysneeze :blushsmiley::jawdrop: noooooo holy crap if I were the guy next to them I'd fall over and die from how hot that sounds gosh Michelle I just wanna cuddle her and hold a tissue up to her nose and catch her sneezing or nose blows. This is awesome!

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You should put a " around the sneezes like "HapChoo!" It gives it more emotion and feels more realistic

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Part 2: Tuesday

When the girls arrived back at work at 8.30 the next day, all could tell that both Michelle and Serena had caught a cold.

Michelle walked in with a red rimmed nose, sat down at her desk before taking one of a pocket pack of tissues, unfolding it and giving her runny nose a hearty blow. “How are you feeling today?” asked Holly, already noting that Michelle looked like she had spent the whole night blowing her runny nose.

“Oh it’s gotten so bad overdight, Holly.” replied Michelle. “By dose is all stuffy, but at the sabe tibe I’ve dever seed it so ruddy; I cad’t go adywhere wi- HESHOO!! HASHOO!!” she sneezed into the crook of her arm. “I cad’t go adywhere without tissues because by dose is so ruddy I cad’t just sdiff ad it’s so messy whed I sdeeze”

With that she put the Kleenex back to her nose and destroyed it with a gurgly blow.

Serena pulled up her sweater to cover her face and sneezed “HapCHOO!! HitChooo!!” before pulling out a pink hanky and blowing her nose in it. She wasn’t as snotty as Michelle yet, but she was sneezing more regularly.

“Doesn’t your chest get dirty sneezing like that” asked Kylie. “Seems kinda gross”

“Well it’s more sanitary than my hands, and although most days I carry a hanky, I often can't  get it out in time before I sneeze.”

“HapCHOO!! HappaCHOO!!” Serena sneezed, this time into her handkerchief, before giving her nose a light blow.


Holly had never been sick before, but today her throat... didn't hurt, just felt kinda funny. As 10.30 struck, so too did a sudden tickle in the cold rookie’s nose. “HASSHOO!!” She sneezed violently towards Serena and Kylie, uncovered.

“Bless you” said Michelle. “Looks like you’re starting to come down with your first cold”.

“Really?” Asked Holly “How can you tell?”

“Oh just a feeling, from a snee- HapCHOO!! HACHOO!! From a sneeze that-snff-big” said Serena, pulling out her pink hanky and blowing her nose, which was getting wetter with every sneeze.

Ten minutes later, Holly sneezed again, uncovered, “HURESHOO!!” towards Kylie and Julia.

“Cover your mouth” screamed Julia. “I don’t want to get sick again”.

“I don’t mind snf” said Kylie. “As I said before I snf don’t get sick”. Kylie however was feeling a little under the weather today with a raw throat, the sniffles and a slight headache; she wasn’t going to admit that to anyone though, least of all herself.

“Sorry”, said Holly. “I can just never tell when they’re coming, it’s so fast”.


As the day wore on, Holly sneezed more and more, sometimes into her hand, more often uncovered, and she was developing her own sniffle and having to wipe her sniffly nose on the palm of her hand from time to time. Kylie was in full denial and trying to hide the fact that she was now sniffing constantly and had a sore throat, when she had to sneeze. She let loose an uncovered “ESCHOO!!” towards Julia.

“Looks like you’re dext Kylie”, said Michelle as she pulled yet another tissue from the packet and blew her nose wetly into it.

“No I dod’t get sick” replied Kylie, unhappily noticing a hint of congestion in her voice, and sniffing her nose fairly hard.

“Ya kdow, you could just own it, and then you could take care of your cold rather thad making it worse preteddig you’re- HapCHOO! HaCHOO!! -dot”. Said Serena, pulling out a red and white floral hanky and blowing her nose in it. She had now used up both that one and the pink hanky, and putting it away in her bag, pulled out a light blue one, dabbing her nose with it before slipping it into her pocket.

“I don’t even know what a cold -snnff- feels like but apparently -snnff- I have one”, said Holly, sniffling and wiping her runny nose on the palm of her hand.


“I’m not going to get sick, I’m not going to get sick”, Julia was repeating out loud every now and then as she continuously sanitised her hands; and thankfully for her, she was at this point the only one who had not gotten sick. Michelle’s sneezing had subsided, but she was sniffling relentlessly to make her one small pack of 10 tissues last till the end of the day. Her nose was stuffed up but at the same time wouldn’t stop running; and the snot was plentiful, one blow would easily fill up an XL size Kleenex. Serena, now using the blue hanky, was frequently putting it up to her nose to catch a small fit of wet sneezes, before blowing her runny nose. Her stuffiness was much better than Michelle’s, although their noses were almost as runny as each other.

Holly, still without any clue on how to deal with a cold, was simply sneezing her big, wet sneezes as they appeared, sniffling a whole bunch, and wiping her drippy nose on her hand every now and then. Kylie, while she was still denying the whole thing, was sneezing aggressively at the floor about once every half hour and snorting back all her snot so that she could still breathe through her nose without having to conspicuously disappear to blow it, and, she hoped, come across as not sick.

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21 hours ago, M214186 said:

Office contagion is my favorite.

'Tis the season for inspiration!


I'm liking the idea of someone who's old enough to work in an office, but never been sick.

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Part 3: Wednesday

Wednesday morning rolled around, and the girls dragged their tired bodies back into the office once again.

Michelle set down a fresh box of Kleenex on her desk, clearly even more snotty than yesterday.

“How’re you feeling Hol’?” asked Serena.

“I couldd’t sleep last night for a while”, replied Holly. “I couldd’t figure out how to breathe ad I kdow it souds gross but the sdot wouldd’t eved sdiff back up properly”.

“Poor thing, bust be rougher havig dever experiedced this before”.

Just then Kylie sneezed “Hurrshhoo!!” uncovered but towards the ground and gave a big liquid snort to contain her runny nose.

“How’re you feelig, Kylie?”

“Fide, I dod’t get sick” she sniffed. “Snnrrrff my nose is just playig up today”.

“Well if you believe that, I’b sure I cad too” replied Michelle, as she plucked a tissue and gave her nose a wet blow.


“Still dot sick, Jules?” Holly asked Julia.

“No, no, thank god, touch wood”, replied Julia. “For now I feel fine, but I dunno if I’ll survive today working around you three”.

“HapChoo!! Snff HapChooo! Hap- hetCHOO!!” sneezed Serena, pulling a light purple hanky out of her bag and giving her nose a big, wet blow.

“Ugh! By dose is so ruddy today!” she announced. “But I’m also really sdeezy so its albost ibpossible to codtrol whed- snnffff- everything is always threatening to come flying out of by dose udcodtrollably”.

Holly sniffled. “I feel the sabe, I dod’t thidk by dose is as stuffy as yours or as ruddy just yet but I’m strugglig to stop by dose runnig whed I’ve just sdeezed- snnfff snnff”.

And as though on cue, she bent forward and sneezed a big triple “HASHOO!! ASHOO!! HATCHOOO!!” into her open palm, and then looked extremely embarrassed as she pulled her head away and had a long string of snot hanging from her nose.

“Hol’-” started Serena, pulling a hanky out of her bag. “Here, take this, I assube you dod’t have ode”.

“Thadks”, replied Holly, taking the blue and white cloth, which had a floral design of white flowers on a mostly sky blue surface, and wiping her accident up. “Do, I dod’t have ode”, she said, “I’ve dever really had to deal with sdot before” She winced at the word ‘snot’.

“Oh, I’b so ebbarrassed”.

“Dod’t be”, said Serena as Holly tried to sniff her mucus back. “Keep that ode, I have like 10 more just id by bag, ad blow your dose with it, trust be. You’ll feel way better thad sdiffig your way through ad edtire cold”.

Holly buried her nose in the blue and white hanky, and gave her nose a long, snotty blow. Surprisingly, she felt a lot better. “Where do I put this now?” she asked Serena.
“In the bin”, replied Kylie. “Hadkies are gross”.

“Id your pocket or sleeve”, corrected Serena. “You’ll probably be able to get at least 4-5 bore blows frob it”.


Kylie sneezed again, “ESHOOO!!!” towards the ground around her desk. Ugh! She thought. Snnnff snnrrrrfff, she snorted the mucus back up. She now knew she was sick, but was holding out on blowing her nose until she desperately had to in order to avoid coming across as sick. She did want to though, she wasn’t a frequent blower, preferring to sniff where possible for convenience, but she knew a good blow into a thick wad of tissues would make her feel a bit better.

Just then she turned as a “Hitshu! Ashoo! HitSHOO!!” came from behind her. Julia had cupped her hands around her nose and mouth and issued that cute, wet, triple.

“Oh do”, said Michelle, as she pulled a tissue from her box and prepared to give her nose a big, gurgly blow. “Looks like the whole office is sick”.


Julia’s sneezes kept building in frequency as the morning wore on, and Kylie was sneezing a lot herself as well. After one particularly wet, “ESHOO!!” Kylie slipped out to the bathroom and grabbed a handful of toilet paper, put it to her nose and had a good, wet blow. Flushing and returning to her desk, she reflected Why do I have to be so snotty? Its making it very hard to convince them that I’m not sick.

“HASHOO!!” Holly sneezed. She was on her lunch break. Serena’s pretty hanky had been used up about half an hour ago, and she had also stopped at the bathroom and blown her nose on the way out to lunch. Now she needed to blow again: she picked up her paper napkin, put it to her nose and blew. I’m gunna need more of these. Holly slipped up to the counter, and hoping no one would question her, grabbed a stack of about 20 napkins and slipped them in her handbag.

“Expecting to make a mess?” asked one of the workers, a young guy with brown hair.

Holly sniffed, long and wet, then wiped her nose on the palm of her hand.

“Yeah I guess”, she replied. “I thidk I’m sick for the first tibe ad I need sobethig to deal with it”.

“Well, enjoy”, said the guy, chuckling. “Bless you”.

Holly had just sneezed, pretty messily as well, half into her hands, half onto the counter. “HASHOO!!” Which she followed by grabbing another napkin to give her nose a wet blow and her hands a wipe.

“Thangks”, she said in response, and with that she headed back to work.

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5 hours ago, glue said:

omg i love it

i think youre becoming one of my favorite forum writers

Thanks, great to hear people are liking my stuff :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Part 4: Wednesday contd. 

“HitCHOO!! Itchoo! HetSHOO!!” Julia sneezed into a clenched fist. Her cold had hit like a ton of bricks, almost as if to make up for her being last to get sick, and by lunchtime she was still sneezing her head off, and had needed to go and blow her nose and bring back a thick wad of tissue for giving her nose a touch up blow every 15 minutes. She looked at everyone else, Holly had just sneezed and was blowing her nose in a cafe-branded napkin. Michelle’s nose was running like crazy and barely five minutes went by where she didn’t pull a fresh XL Kleenex from the box and promptly obliterate it in one blow; on top of that, she had developed a rather nasty cough over the course of the day and would bring her hand up to cough into every couple of minutes, which in turn would either prompt more sneezing or provoke her already runny nose to need taking care of asap. Serena was starting to sneeze a little less, but she was on her fifth handkerchief, a yellow one with flowers on it, and was blowing a lot. Her nose was not just runny anymore but constantly dripping, and even the best sniffs wouldn’t hold it back for long. Kylie was sick, the whole world knew it; she still wasn’t admitting to it though she was twice as sneezy as anyone else. Kylie was slipping off more and more as well, clearly to blow her runny nose in the restroom before coming back to sniffle, snort and sneeze.


6pm came about and the girls went their separate ways. Serena was on the last handkerchief she had brought in her bag that day, a green and white bordered floral one. “HAPCHOOO!!” She sneezed into it. Serena had given up putting her hankies back in her pocket due to her constant sneezing and the need to wipe her dripping nose every minute, regardless of how often she sniffed at it. I’ve already gode through over 25 hadkies id three days, she thought. I'd better get hobe quick as well, this is by last ode that I brought today ad it's already pretty wet with all this sdeezig ad my dose has never beed ruddier.


Kylie wasn't gonna admit defeat and buy anything for her cold however. She boarded the subway snuffling at the thickening mucus in her nose. “KeCHOO!! ESHOO!!” She sneezed towards the other passengers around her.

“Bless you” came from an older woman sitting across who had more than likely just been covered in infectious cold germs. “That's quite the cold you have”

“Oh do, I’b dot -snnnrrrfff- dot sick. By dose is just playing up today”, replied Kylie as she wiped her nose on her sweater sleeve.

Despite the outward denial however, Kylie's head was pounding, her throat felt as though it was full of broken glass and her nose was turning into a faucet full of thick fluid, made only worse by the ever present, huge sneezes. She knew she was sick and was goading herself for not taking care of it, at the very least she wished she had brought along a handkerchief to deal with her runny nose and wet sneezes, she still had a while until she got home.


Serena made it home just in time. She had stopped and bought a pocket pack of tissues from the store by the train station to last her the ride home. She was just soaking the final one as she made it to her street.

Getting inside, she grabbed a new hanky from her drawer, a white one with blue flowers on it, opened it, giving her runny, blocked nose a wet, gurgly blow that it already desperately needed.

“HASHOO!!” Serena's boyfriend came out of the other room with his hands cupped over his nose and mouth.

“Bless you baby” said Serena. “You caught it too?” Michael, her boyfriend, grabbed one of her hankies from the open drawer, folded it over and wiped his nose, giving it a good sniff at the same time.

“Sorry babe, I bust have got you sick”.

“It's okay, baby”, he replied. “It's just the sdiffles”.


“HASHOO!!” Sneezed Holly. Snnff snnff.

“Bless Hol’” replied Kelly, her roommate. “I don't think I've seen you with a cold before”.

“Snnff I've dever had ode before, I dod't kdow how to deal with it”.

“Aww hun”, said Kelly, sympathetically. “I'll make you a cup of tea, while I'm gone go get yourself a tissue, you'll just make yourself worse sniffing all the boogers back”.

“I dod’t have ady”, replied Holly. “I've dever really bought theb before”.

“You've just been sniffling the whole time with a nose that runny?” Kelly was shocked.

“I- HASHOO!!- I took a stack of dapkids frob the coffee shop at ludch, ad Sereda ledt be a hadky”.

“Well that's a bit better; I don't have a hanky to lend you unfortunately but I'll go get you what's left of my tissues from last time I was sick, they should be softer than Starbucks serviettes”.

“HASHOO!!” Holly sneezed, covering with the palm of her hand, which she then used to wipe the end of her very runny nose. “Snnnnfffff thadks”.

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Part 5: Thursday

Julia woke up. Oh do, she thought. I've overslept. She dashed around getting ready for work. HitCHOO!! She sneezed into her cupped hands. Ugghh. She went to the bathroom, pulled off some tissue and blew her nose, it was getting still runnier than it had been. Oh no, she'd forgotten to buy tissues on her way home and was now too late for work to get them on the way.

Julia went to her boyfriend’s drawer, sniffing, and grabbed 2 mens hankies. This should be enough for the day, they are pretty big. It had been a couple years at least since she had used hankies when she got sick but she found them very comforting to use, big, pocketable, and unbeatably soft. HitCHOO!! She sneezed into one of the hankies and headed out the door, blowing her nose as she went.


ESHOO!! KETCHOO!! Sneezed Kylie. Snnnnfffff snnff.

Uhh! I cad barely breathe”. She grabbed a piece of toilet roll and blew her nose a little, much less than it truly needed.

Kylie was feeling pretty bad, not taking care of her cold had made it worse. Her head and throat hurt badly, her nose was both blocked and drippy, and her constant sniffling caused her to sneeze, big and wet, every five minutes - although she would almost never cover them.


9am. In the office and all five girls were sick.

Michelle’s cold was now so miserable and snotty that she had called sick today.


HURRSCHOO!! Sneezed Julia, pulling out a big blue hanky with a striped border and blowing her nose.

“Do you use hadkies too?” asked Serena, whose nose was still both sneezy and dripping and had therefore not put down her own purple hanky since arriving.

“Frob time to time”, replied Julia. “They’re by boyfriend’s, and I used to use by dad’s everytime I got sick back in school so it feels pretty datural whed I get ode of by bad colds and haven’t got any tissues”.

“That’s cool, by family always used theb as well, that’s why I always carry- ESSHOO!!” Serena sneezed, big and messy, into her awaiting hanky.


Holly’s cold wasn’t so sneezy anymore, but her nose had become just as runny as Serena’s, causing her to use up all of Kelly’s tissues in the night. Snnnfff, she hadn’t been as runny so far today, which was good as she didn’t have a hanky and still hadn’t thought to buy tissues.

“You’re still sick thed?” Serena asked her.

“Yup”, replied Holly. “I dod’t ode ady hadkies ad used up by roobbates tissues last dight but at least today I haved’t beed as sdiffly”.

“Lucky you, hopefully it lasts sidce you three have your flight id a couble hours”.

Holly, Kylie and Julia were flying out at lunchtime for a conference in another city, a prospect that none of them was particularly looking forward to in their current states of health.


HURREESHOO!! ASHOO!! Sneezed Kylie, wiping her nose on her hand. Snnnnnffff snnnnfffff. “Still dot sick, Kylie?” asked Serena.

“Do, of course I’b dot”. And with that, Kylie ducked out to the bathroom for some tissue as she desperately needed a good nose blow.


Snnnfff snnnfff. Within minutes of taking off, Kylie’s nose had filled up again with runny mucus and she had a tickle building in her nose. Just great on the day when she quite definitely wasn’t sick and had to fly 3 hours.


Oh no, thought Kylie. This is godda be wet.

She dug frantically through her handbag all of a sudden, and pulled out a mens blue/grey plaid handkerchief, covered her nose and mouth and-


Kylie sneezed a big wet triple into her handkerchief, before sniffling, folding it over and blowing, loud and wet for a good 30 seconds.


“Dice- snff- hadky Kylie, wered’t you-snnff- saying they were gross yesterday?” Holly teased, sniffing again. Her nose still wasn’t too runny to handle but unfortunately the sneezes had come back, more frequent than before, which meant she never quite managed to sniff herself clear.

“They're gross but they're the only things big ad strong enough to haddle by sdotty, sdeezy dose whed I’b as sick as I'm dot today”.

Even half admitting to her sickness was hard enough. RASHOO!! GESHHOO!! HIPCHOOO!!! Kylie sneezed into her hanky again, turning away to give it a big, snotty blow.

HITCHOO!! HEPCHOO!! Echoed Holly into cupped hands, spraying them with mess from her runny nose.


Sarah, the flight attendant, was just beginning her rounds of pouring coffee for the passengers. As he walked down the aisle she looked around, Kylie at that moment let loose three loud HURESSHOO’s, uncovered, which she could swear she felt the spray from, before pulling a big, wet handkerchief to her face and blowing a large amount of snot into it. Holly was sniffling wetly  to stop her nose from running, and sneezing very often into her cupped hands, after which she would wipe her nose with the heel of her hand. Julia was sniffling also, a well used handkerchief lying on her tray-table, clearly very congested, which she put over her nose every couple of minutes to stop it's continuous leaking.


“Have you girls all caught this awful cold?” Their boss asked upon arrival at the other end.

Kylie opened her mouth to reply “Umb- heh hehhe heh ESHOO HASHOO etCHOO HESHOOO HASHOO!! She sneezed uncontrollably and wetly into her already damp hanky, followed seconds later by a long, gurgly blow of her congested nose.

“Udfortunately, yes”, replied Julia, as she too blew her nose; she was now using a scrap of toilet paper that she’d had to acquire once she’d used up the second hanky about an hour before landing.

“Well, make sure you get straight to bed once we reach the hotel then. It’s a very important meeting tomorrow”.

HIPTCHU!! From Holly into her cupped hands, followed by a loud, wet sniff, was the only reply he got.

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On 2/7/2018 at 5:26 PM, M214186 said:

This is my favorite story right now. So much cold contagion being spread everywhere.


On 2/9/2018 at 6:52 AM, Nval95 said:

I agree with M214186!!! This is also my current fav stories. Love the contagion!!! Oooooh cant wait for more of your stories


On 2/14/2018 at 5:00 AM, Likesn said:

Amazing!! Personally, I could do without the male sneezes, but I still can't wait to see what happens next.


Friday (Part 1)

Ohhhh thought Julia as she woke up. Her nose was very congested and she had been breathing through her mouth while she was asleep. She grabbed two tissues out of the box of kleenex she had bought on the way back to the hotel room last night and gave her nose a massive blow. That wasn’t enough though, she threw those aside and grabbed two more, this time as the pretty blonde blew her nose, she heard a small pop from somewhere and the congestion cleared on one side, enough for her to breathe anyway.


“ESHOO!! HETCHOOP!!” Holly sneezed as she got out of bed, spraying her hands with the mess from her runny nose. Snnnfff, she wiped her nose on her hand. She had been awake 10 minutes and sneezed eight times. Still in the tshirt and short shorts she wore to bed, she made her way to the bathroom and blew her nose. My nose isd’t even that runny, and I’b not very congested; I just can’t stop sneezig. Then almost on schedule she sneezed “HESHOO!! ESHOO!!” into a nearby towel.


The girls had a big conference today but they hadn’t been the only workers coming to that conference on the flight they were on. Two rows ahead of them sat Jessica, who worked for another company attending today’s conference; naturally this meant that Jessica had been exposed to all the mist emanating from the girls’ haphazardly-covered sneezing. And today she was feeling it. As Jess sat up in the bed in her hotel room, she noticed that she felt as though she hadn’t slept that well. “That’s weird”, she said to herself. “I got a solid 10 hours last night”.

Her head was slightly achy and her throat was beginning to hurt a little. “Hmm, perhaps I’m just dehydrated”.

After finishing in the shower, Jess got a glass of water, trying to shift the scratchy feeling in her throat but to no avail. “Oh man, of all the days to get sick!” After tying back her shoulder length dark brown hair and slipping her glasses on, she got dressed. A white blouse, dark blazer, black pencil skirt and black flats later, Jess was ready to go. Turning back to her suitcase as she headed towards the door, she grabbed a delicate pink and white floral handkerchief and tucked it into her skirt pocket. “I’m pretty certain I’m gonna be needing this before the day’s out”, she said with a sigh.

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Can not wait to see this continue normally not a contagion fan but all the different description and use of tissues won me over, looking forward to friday part 2

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