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Just left the dentist office.   As I was checking out, the usual main receptionist was sitting in the back area making reminder phone calls for tomorrow’s appointments.   She is about 5’9” if I had to guess, thin build, red hair, fair but not pale complexion, and strong facial features - kind of runway model like I’d have to say because I’ve always wondered if she ever modeled.  

Anyway, she sneezes as I’m walking up, picks up the phone, leaves a message for the next patient,” Hi, this is A— at Dr. R—‘s office calling to remind you of your appointment tomorrow at 1:30.  Please call the office if you cannot make it by 5 PM today.  Th-ank you...”

I could tell by the time she got to the “thank you” part that she was about to sneeze.  As soon as she clicked the received, she did x 3 rapid but quiet sneezes “Kchoo, Choo. Breath choo”

She buried her face into her lab coat as she sneezes to muffle the sound.  

I blessed her, and one of the other girls commented that she had been sneezing 3 times at regular intervals all day, which is why she was making calls instead  of greeting patients at the front desk. They said that she was could barely get through leaving a message talking fast without sneezing.  If someone actually answered the phone, she would have to sneeze while on the phone.

They were all hoping that she wasn’t coming down with the flu, though she quickly turned around said it was probably just allergies, because there’s been so much flu going around.  She said if they were that concerned, she would Lysol the office before she left, but Lysol would make her sneeze even more.

I heard 4 series of 3 sneezes before I was finished.  



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