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Hayley and the big bad wolf


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I couldn't sleep, so I figured what better to do than flex my creative writing muscle? I hope you all enjoy, this one is a little out of my norm because gasp! It's not M/M!




         Ashton stood on the street corner, staring up at the building. The spires on the school resembled a church, reaching up to pierce the sky. Silly, sure, but having an imagination was better than being sad all the time.

         He gently knuckled his nose, pressing against the rapidly reddening flesh in an attempt to quell the tickle that resided there. Thankfully, the feeling slowly faded, and he breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to scare Hayley, especially so soon into their relationship.

         Students began to spill out into the courtyard, replacing the silence with excited chatter. The last day of the quarter was always one filled with excitement.

         Soon, Hayley’s bright orange hair was able to be seen, tied back in a ponytail that bobbed as she walked, freckles dotting her gorgeous face. She was hot. Girl-next-door kind of hot, but hot nonetheless.

         “Ash!” She called out upon seeing him, and jogged over to his side, wrapping him in an enthusiastic hug. “Best part of college is we get three last days of school.” She said, grinning. There was a mischievous glint to her bright blue eyes.

         “Wouldn’t know.” He replied rather flippantly. “Glad you’re excited, though.”

         “Well, that’s not the only reason I’m excited. Tonight’s the night, right?” She was still grinning, though it was now one of anticipation more than anything.

         Ashton’s cool as a cucumber façade faded. “Uh...yeah. Sure is.” He had never dated someone long enough to let them see him transform. He had also never loved someone as much as Hayley, though.

         Hayley’s eyes ran over her boyfriend’s face. He was nervous, and she knew it. Though as she looked at him, his face changed, ever so slightly. His nose twitched, and though she was eager to call attention to it, she refrained. The poor guy was nervous enough without her questioning him of something so small it might not have even happened. The downside to dating a werewolf was the lone wolf attitude--pun definitely intended.

         “What are you staring at me for?” Chestnut curls bobbed as he tilted his head, looking over at her. Hazel eyes locked onto crystal clear blue. Ashton was stunning to her.

         “Just your handsome face.” She replied, poking her tongue out as he made a face. “And those sweet puppy dog eyes of yours.” Ashton groaned at the joke, but Hayley was laughing hard enough at it for the both of them.

         As they walked back toward his apartment, Hayley again noticed his nose twitch. He reached up and gently rubbed it before shoving his hand back into his pocket. She bit her lip. She had never seen him sneeze before. Perhaps tonight might be a night of two firsts?

         Ashton’s breath caught in his throat, and he halted dead in his tracks. His breath hitched again, and he groaned, desperately rubbing and massaging his nose to try to settle it. Damn him for catching a cold on such an important night!

         Hayley reached over, tenderly placing a finger beneath his nose. His face flushed, but he didn’t push her hand away, despite his deep desire to. No matter how badly he didn’t want her to have to help him not sneeze, he was more afraid of her seeing him if she didn’t.

         “Better?” She asked softly. He nodded, and she hesitantly removed her finger.

         Ashton took an experimental sniff before deciding he was fine again to continue. “Uh...thanks…” He said sheepishly. He didn’t know the protocol for how to properly thank your girlfriend for helping him not to sneeze, but he hoped a simple thanks would cover it.

         “You’re welcome! Let’s get you inside, hm? We can watch Netflix and hang out under a blanket together.” She had an easygoing smile, and Ashton felt himself blushing again.

         “Yeah. Sounds nice.” He wanted to call the whole thing off. It was getting harder to not sneeze, and he was feeling a lot worse than he wanted her to know. But he had promised, and he had always had trouble saying no to her.

         They entered the apartment, and Hayley was immediately surprised by how clean it was. Not to speak poorly of her boyfriend, but he wasn’t exactly a world-class housekeeper. Ashton tossed his keys onto the coffee table, and took Hayley’s purse and backpack for her. “Go sit down. I’ll be there in a minute.”

         Hayley was struck by how brusque he was being, but she felt bad for him. Poor baby was obviously feeling pretty rough. “No House Hunters!” She heard him call from the bathroom.

         “I can’t hear you over this episode of House Hunters!” She called back playfully. She was surprised when he didn’t respond, but she was floored when she saw him return with a box of tissues. Ash never used those.

         “You’ve already seen this one. They pick the colonial instead of the one with the French doors you like.” He said, plopping onto the couch tiredly and leaning against her.

          “Wha--how could you do that to me? Spoiling my episode before you get to hear the French door speech? Shame on you.” She teased, giving him a playful poke to the nose.

         Ashton tensed, the tickle that had been laying dormant flaring up immensely. God, he didn’t know it was even possible to be this tickly.

         “Ohhh...oh God...honey, hiiihhhh...help…!” He looked at her through watery eyes that had been reduced to slits, his hands occupied pinching his nose but to no avail. “Puhhh...p-please ma...muhhh...make it stop!”

         Hayley reached out, one hand occupied gently stroking his hair, the other with lightly rubbing his nose after she batted his hands away. His nose was a bright, angry red, and the twitching appendage was warm to the touch. His breath continued to hitch, and his lashes were fluttering desperately.

         “Huhhh...H-Hal, I’m...ahhh....I can’t...c-can’t...ahhh...stop it...ohhhh...ahhh...God, it...it tickles so badly…” Ashton tried to converse through hitching breaths. “Help!”

         Hayley was entranced, and determined to help in any way she could. She had never seen him sneeze before, but already it was a whole production. “How do I help you?” She asked softly.

         “Muhh...make me...snehh...hehhh...HEHHH...sneeze!” The hitching was growing more desperate, and Ashton was still being surprised as with each passing second the tickle seemed to grow.

         Hayley was dumbstruck now. She had never tried to make someone sneeze before. What the Hell was she supposed to do? She scanned the room until she caught sight of her backpack.

         “Huhhh...hurry! I can’t...ahhh...t-...TAHHH...take it-!” He pleaded.

         Hayley carefully plucked a feather from the backpack, thanking her lucky stars the last art project of the quarter had required incorporating natural elements. “Okay...here goes…” With an inexperienced hand, Hayley began to run the fluffy grey feather over his twitching nostrils, trying to coax a sneeze out.

         “Ohhhh...H-Hal, thahhh...that...hahhh...that juhhh...just makes...muhhh...makes it t-tickle more!” Scarlet nostrils flared angrily, craving relief from the feather. “Huhhh...hahhhh...HEHHHH...h-hurry! I don’t know how much...muhhh...muhh-much longer I can take it!”

         Hayley, now more determined than ever, plunged the fluffy tip into each nostril, swirling it around a bit in an attempt to do something--anything--to help Ashton.

         “HAHHHH...Hal, that’s--HEHHH--that’s great! Keep...k-keep going-!”

         Hayley continued, pushing the feather deeper in, feeling around for the spot that would do the trick.

         “Ohhh...thehhh…there! That’s the HEHHHHH...that’s the spahhh…AHHH...spahhh...spot!” Itchy tears were spilling over his cheeks, and Hayley was struck by how utterly helpless he looked. She focused her attention on that spot before moving to the other nostril and tickling the same location.

         “Think sneezy thoughts. Fresh ground pepper...dogs that shed in those single hairs that cling to your clothing and make your nose itch...fluffy kittens...sunlight right on your eyes...a field of flowers, just full of sweet-smelling pollen that gets in your nose, making you itchy, and sneezy, but no matter how hard you try it’s on your clothes and you can’t get away...and most importantly...think of my feather, with its soft little hairs that are dancing in your nose, making you so itchy, and tickly, and sneezy...soon you’ll be sneezing, I promise. Hunched over into a little clump of tissues in my hand, and you’ll be sneezing over, and over, and over again until you feel all better.” She spoke softly, swirling the feather rhythmically with each word, using sweet smelling strands of her hair to tickle the other nostril.

         Ashton's eyes squeezed shut, and Hayley knew the moment of relief was close at hand. She withdrew the feather and dropped her hair, snatching up a handful of tissues and making a little nest under his nose, following his body as it bobbed with each desperate, hitching breath. “HEHHH...G-God, ihhhht--it’s coming! Hehhh...hheeehhhh...EHHHHH…”

         “Go ahead, baby. Sneeze it all out.” She said softly, planting a light kiss onto the tip of his nose.

         “AshooOOOOoo! Ahh...ahhhh...ASHOOOoo! ASHOOOoooo! ASHOOoo!” Over and over, Ashton snapped forward into the tissue bundle with each wet, itchy release. It felt so good to finally sneeze…

         Hayley was awestruck as her boyfriend moved in between itchy sounding sneezes that had already soaked through the tissues and more desperate hitching breaths. She had lost count at twenty-two, and simply contented herself with catching sneeze after sneeze. She couldn’t get over the fact that his sneezes were so reminiscent to howling, with a quick crescendo in the middle that tapered off into a quieter but more drawn out sound.

        “AshOOoo! Ahh...hahhh...ashoo!” He finally wound down after what had felt like hours of blissful sneezing. He finally felt truly rid of that tickle for the first time all day. “Thagks, baby.” He muttered, his face a bright crimson as he realised not only had he just sneezed in front of his girlfriend, but sneezed the longest fit of his life directly into her hands.

         “You’re welcome. Oh, and bless you! Think you might’ve sneezed a minute ago.” She had a teasing smile that made Ashton’s heart melt.

         “Just one little one. Surprised you heard it.” He said tiredly, grabbing a few tissues and blowing his nose into them. “Maybe we can wait until next full moon to do it?” He asked with a sniffle, resting his head in her lap and nuzzling into her belly. “Ashoo! Ah, Hell, sorry Hal, I thought I was done.” He apologised sheepishly.

         “No problem, baby. Bless you, again.” She couldn’t bend enough to kiss his cheek, so she took his hand instead and pressed a kiss to his knuckles. Her big, bad, sneezy wolf...

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1 hour ago, JustAnotherGuy said:

         “Go ahead, baby. Sneeze it all out.” She said softly, planting a light kiss onto the tip of his nose.


This was a small thing but it was so good. This had great buildup the inducing was great. I'd love to see more of this couple, these two are adorable. 

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On 1/11/2018 at 4:49 AM, TsundereKushami said:

This was a small thing but it was so good. This had great buildup the inducing was great. I'd love to see more of this couple, these two are adorable. 

Thank you so much!! I hope to have more of them in the future!

On 1/11/2018 at 7:44 AM, Alabaster said:

This was so cute

I appreciate your feedback! Thank you!!

On 1/11/2018 at 0:33 PM, Ben Drowned said:

@JustAnotherGuy *dies of how hot that was* tombstone says

'RIP Benjamin Drowned died of hotness from a story year 2018' this was awesome please continue!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out!

On 1/11/2018 at 4:40 PM, Shikee12.haley said:

All the love for all the cuteness:heart::heart::heart::heart:^_^

Aaaaaa, thank you! <3 they're a pretty cute couple tbh and I hope to write them more coming up here

22 hours ago, rockbell said:

aww this is so cute! please continue!

Thank you!! I'm hoping to work more with them, and I'm definitely going to make sure I can figure out some more with these two since people seem to enjoy them!



I never expected this much feedback, holy cow! Thanks everyone!!!

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Sorry this is a bit shorter, but hopefully it's still enjoyable :D



         Hayley laid in the blankets, listening to Ashton’s quiet snoring beside her. She felt bad for not being able to sleep, even though she couldn’t help it. New places always just made her a bit uneasy, and more than a tad unable to sleep.

         She glanced over at her boyfriend, watching his chest steadily rise and fall with each breath in the deep, slow rhythm of sleep. What was she supposed to do, just stare at him until morning?

         A wicked idea crossed her mind. He had taken his melatonin, and it had knocked him out pretty well...he would be hard to wake up. More importantly, it would be hard for him to catch her doing something. Perhaps, oh, something like tickling his nose?

         She carefully climbed out of the bed, looking around for things she could use. The obvious candidate was to try a feather again, but unfortunately she didn’t have anything of the sort with her. She hummed as she walked about his living quarters, looking for something that would be useful in the task at hand. Pepper might work, but she was afraid that would be too obvious. It would be hard to explain away little black pepper flakes all over the blankets and his face.

         She stopped dead in her tracks, whipping around to face his bookshelf. Ashton was notoriously terrible at keeping his house clean, and if she was lucky that would include...yes! Just her luck! Hayley laughed to herself as she ran a fingertip along the smooth wood of the shelves, making a line in the dust.

         After arming herself with a few grey fingertips, the mischievous woman re-entered the bedroom, and carefully climbed back into the bed. She reached down, softly rubbing her dusty fingertip along the underside of Ashton’s nose.

         Immediately, Ashton reacted. Involuntarily, he scrunched his nose, sniffling and moving slightly away. Already his nostrils were flushed a promising shade of pink, and she felt encouraged by the immediate response. “One down, three to go…” Hayley whispered.

         She reached down to smear the second bit of dust, making certain to coat both sides evenly. His breath caught and hitched, the snoring being replaced by the desperate breaths, but after a few minutes he had settled down. His now runny nose seemed to have washed away some of the irritants.

         “You’re not making this easy..” She mumbled, grabbing a tissue off the nightstand and wiping away the moisture. Feeling daring, she took two fingertips and rubbed them along his red nostrils, working the dust inside a bit and batting away his hands as they came to rub at the irritated appendage. His nose scrunched and wrinkled, nostrils flaring and quivering with the need to sneeze.

         Hayley recalled in that moment having heard once that it was impossible to sneeze in your sleep. Ashton was stuck in tickly limbo until he either woke up or was able to take care of it on his own. He hitched desperately, and Hayley showed no signs of letting up on the tickly torture. With her last chance, the fingertip with the most dust, she massaged his nostrils, working the dust into them and gently placing a finger beneath his nose to keep it from simply being leaked out again.

         Ashton’s nostrils quivered, alive with the need to sneeze, his red nose wrinkling and scrunching and trying desperately to rid himself of the feeling. “Coochie coochie coo…” She teased as she scratched the edges of his nostrils, circling the twitching skin with a gentle, teasing touch.

         Finally, his eyes fluttered open, itchy tears spilling over. “Hiihhhh...Hal…?” He asked groggily, rubbing viciously at his red nose to little effect.

         “Yes, honey?” She asked, sitting up in what she hoped was an innocent way. “Oh, dear, you look a bit itchy…”

         “Gonna...guhhh...IHH-!” His head reared back, eyes squeezing shut, nose trembling, jaw going slack. His fingertips scrambled uselessly for the box of tissues Hayley had moved when she grabbed one earlier, and she panicked. She reached out, pulling him down against her and positioning him so his nose was nestled between her breasts.

         “Is someone going to sneeze?” She asked teasingly.

         “Ahh..HAHHH...HASHOOoo! AsshhoOOOooo! AshoOOoo! Ahh...AHH-ASHOOoo! AshOOoo! AshOOoo! Ashoo!” He released sneeze after itchy, desperate sneeze against her, and she was shocked to feel he had managed to soak through her nightshirt and down against her skin. She was even more surprised to discover that she didn’t exactly mind the feeling, or sight, or sound of her boyfriend’s messy sneezing fit.

         After another few sneezes, Ashton sighed deeply, backing away from her and rubbing his nose roughly. “Hal, I am so sorry I did that. I-I don’t know what got me going but-but I definitely shouldn’t have used you as a tissue. I--God, I’m so gross, I’m sorry, Hal, I should have--”
         Hayley cut off her boyfriend’s apologetic rambling with a rough kiss, pushing him down against the mattress. As she pulled away, she looked down at him with a wide grin. “Bless you. I don’t mind, you know. You don’t have to apologise. I mean, Hell, I’m the one who had you use me as the world’s most attractive tissue. I’m also the one that made you sneeze.” She winked, and giggled when he gaped at her.

         “You-you made me--” He started before cutting himself off with a soft “ash!” he muffled into his shoulder, turning away from her as far as he could. “God, sorry. Are you, uh, sure you don’t mind…?”

         “I’m fairly certain, considering I’ve said it several times, and caused it, and let you sneeze on me, and kissed you.” She laughed at the blush that spread across his face. “You know, your face is almost the same shade as your nose now.”

         Embarrassed, Ashton grabbed a few tissues from the box she had plopped on the bed, and blew his nose into them, trying to rid himself of the rest of the irritants. “What did you even do anyway?”

         “Ah, Ashton my good sir, your terrible dusting habits have finally come back to haunt you.” She said with a wink.

         “You’re the worst. I’ll have to start dusting more.” He grumbled, but there was no heat behind his words.

         “In a French maid outfit?” She teased.

         “Only if you provide it.” He responded, pecking her on the lips. “I’m going back to sleep. No more of this...whatever it is, alright?”

         “I promise.” She had her fingers crossed.

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On 1/13/2018 at 10:47 AM, Shikee12.haley said:

The teaaing makes it even more adorable ahhh so cute I'm gonna- *explodes into kenfeti*


On 1/16/2018 at 11:15 AM, rockbell said:

ahhhh so cute!!!


Thank you so much you guys!!! I appreciate the feedback a lot! I have another update I'm working on, and it's good to know people are still interested!

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I know you already know lots of people love this, but I absolutely ADORE this story. It’s so sweet in every way. And...I love inducing relief. /)//(\

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         Ashton’s dazzling smile cut through the chilly air as Hayley approached him. “Are you ready?”

         His face flushed as he glanced around. “Yeah. Are you, uh, sure this doesn’t bother you?”

         “I’m sure. Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Hayley’s eyes flashed with enthusiasm, and Ashton found himself unable to say no to her.

         “Of course. Let’s go find a place, then.” He looked around nervously before taking a seat in a patch of tall grass. Wildflowers, all shades of yellows, and blues, and pinks dotted the area around them. Already he could feel his nose starting to itch. God, why did he love Hayley so much?

         Hayley offered him her lap to rest his head in, and he sheepishly did so. “You already look a bit itchy. You alright?” She raised a brow at him, and he forced a laugh.

         “Of course. I’m fine.” He sniffled softly, knuckling at his nose. He closed his eyes, watching little yellow flecks in the air as they fluttered by on the breeze. Little flecks of itchy, sneezy, torturous pollen.

         “Well, good.” She raised a brow, obviously not believing him. “So...if you’re not itchy at all, I suppose this won’t bother you then?” She plucked a blade of grass, softly pressing the tip against her fingertip and bending it a few times in what he felt was a damn near threatening manner.

         “No, of course not. It takes a lot more than a...ihh...blade of grass to take me down.” He sniffled, rubbing at his nose.

         “Of course, of course. My big bad wolf can’t possibly be taken down by just a blade of grass. Just a blade of grass coated in little bits of pollen. Little bits of pollen you happen to be quite allergic to.” She spoke slowly, reaching down and gently brushing the grass over his nose.

         “Ihh...thiihhhs...this is fine. Doesn’t...duhhh...doesn’t bother me at all.” He scrunched his nose, trying to get rid of the tickle the grass produced. “You’ll have to...to try harder than that.” He sniffled with an obviously liquid sound.

         “Challenge accepted.” Sha flashed a dangerous smile. She continued to gently trace the edges of Ashton’s nostrils with the grass, watching the way they flared and scrunched, quickly growing to an irritated red.

         “Ahh...is that...th...thahhht...all you got?” He ventured through hitching breaths, reaching up to scrub at his now dripping nose, but Hayley put a hand over his to stop it. “Hal…?”

         “Remember the deal? No touching once I started, and no covering once you lose.” She recounted the terms of their bet. “And you will lose.”

         His brows knitted together in frustration. Of course he remembered. “Duh. I’m not...ahh...not gonna lose. I can…” He paused to sniffle, trying to keep the mess running down onto his lip at bay. “I can last ten minutes.”

         Hayley laughed. “We’re barely a minute in and you’re already struggling!” She held a finger under her nose, taking exaggerated, hitching breaths. “I’m Ashton and I ahh...ahhhhh...can last ten minutes, dur hur hur.”

         “You gahh...got my laugh wrong.” He mumbled. Though his nose itched quite badly, he felt confident he could handle this. “Time check.”

         Hayley glanced down at her phone. “One minute, thirty-three. Four. Five.” She teased. “You’re doing better than I would have expected, but your self proclaimed ‘sniffer of steel’ is already red and drippy, and I can hear your breath catching. But I suppose now it’s time to step it up a bit, hm?”

         “What does...does...hehh-!” His breath caught dangerously, eyes squeezing shut and nose trembling. Don’t sneeze. Don’t sneeze. Don’t sneeze. He repeated to himself over and over. Slowly, he relaxed with a long sniffle. “What does that mean?”

         “Boy, that was a close one. You really think you’ve got eight more minutes in you?” She tossed the blade of grass aside, not waiting for an answer.

         “ ‘course I can.” He said stubbornly. “Can you at least..ahh...wipe my nose a little?” He blushed at the request, cautiously moving his hand up to scratch his hair.

         “Fine. It’s against the rules, but I’m such a kind, benevolent soul that I’ll allow it.” She reached into her pocket and grabbed a travel pack of tissues, pulling one out and gently wiping at his nose.

         Ashton sighed contentedly in response. “Thanks, Hal.” He looked up at her with a bashful smile.

         “I’m sorry, who is this Hal you speak of? I believe you’re addressing Empress Hayley, Goddess of Grass and the Queen of Your Eternal Joy.” She replied, a hand melodramatically placed over her chest as she took on an airy tone and looked off into the distance.

         “I don’t think you can be all three of those at once.” He replied, resting his hands behind his head.

         “You’re not a lot of fun, you know that?” She replied, sulking. She reached over and grabbed one of the wildflowers, touching a fingertip to the stamen and smiling with satisfaction at the yellow dusting left behind.

         “I think you think I’m fun.” He sniffled, turning to the side and rubbing his nose into his shoulder.

         “Cheater!” She cried in offense. “First you let me ramble and waste time, and now you rub your nose and break the rules? I can’t believe I’m dating someone I can’t trust to follow the rules.” She looked away, frowning deeply.

         “Sorry, but them’s the breaks. That’s just how it is when you’re dating a bad boy.” He said with a laugh.

         Hayley snorted at this. “Whatever, bad boy.” She reached down and shoved the flower against his nose, and Ashton’s eyes widened in shock before squeezing shut.

         “Ahh...geez Hal...ever...ever hehhh...ever hehh...ever heard of easing someone into...to...ahh...AHH...HIH-!” He gave up on speaking, chest rising and falling with uneven breaths, red nose trembling, desperate to relieve itself of the torturous pollen it had been exposed to.

         “Bless you.” She said teasingly. She put her hands over his elbows, pushing them against the grass to prevent him from raising his arms to cover.

         “AshooOOOoo! ShOOoo! Asshh! Asshh! Ahh...ashoOOo! Ashoo!” Ashton’s body jerked with each sneeze, and Hayley held her own breath as she felt the spray mist against her skin. Ashton’s nose and eyes were streaming as he continued to sneeze helplessly, and finally Hayley brought a bundle of tissues to his nose. Ashton sneezed two more times, then sniffled, then gave one last sneeze for good measure.

         “Bless you!” She laughed. Hayley looked down at her phone. “So...you tapped out at four minutes and eight seconds. I suppose that means...you lose.”

         “You suck.” He groaned, taking the rest of the tissues and giving his nose a thorough blow and a rough scrub. “So...your punishment still stands, huh?”

         “Of course it does. You thought I wasn’t serious?” She retorted with a grin.

         “No, I knew you were serious. I was just hoping I’d win.” He whined. “An entire week of foot rubs on top of all of my suffering?”

         “Of course.” She poked her tongue out at him. “Unless you’re not a man of your word?”

         “I’m a man of my word, I’m a man of my word.” He grumbled. “Sorry I, uh, got a little...something on you there.” He pulled his hand into the sleeve of his hoodie and wiped at her chest and neck.

         “Bless you, again.” She repeated, kissing the warm flesh of his nose. “When we go home, I’m cashing in on my first day.”

         Ashton groaned. “Fine. You’re lucky I love you.”

         “I really am.”

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