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"bless you in advance"


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So there's this guy I know who has allergies, let's call him V.  He's tall with long hair and tattoos and a Russian accent.  So at a party he sneezes into his hands and one of his friends says bless you.  Then there was  another loudish sneeze into the crook of his elbow.  V's friend said bless you again, but that was cut off as V sneezed again.  "Bless you in advance," his friend joked.  I guess he was psychic, because V sneezed 2 more times as he walked across the room to get a tissue (or a paper towel, rather).  He took the paper towel and blew his nose.  I was very surprised and turned on, because those were some of the loudest honks I've heard.  Apparently he is aware of how loud his nose blowing is because he joked about it in the middle of blowing his nose.  "My nose sounds like an elephant," he giggled with the paper towel still pressed to his nose.  V honked loudly into it a few more times, and you could tell that he was smiling and laughing while doing it.  This was one of my luckiest obs :)

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Sound good. I especially noticed that this guy has an Russian accent. Dont want to offend anyone, but in my experience is it something special, if Russians (or other East Europeans) do it. Seems not so co´mmon there like here in Middle- or Western Europe. But maybe Im wrong?

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my friends always get mad at me because if i see someone is about to sneeze, i will say bless you before they sneeze. 9/10 times it makes their sneeze go away!😂

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