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I have the flu


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I caught what I though was a cold recently. 
I woke up with a scratchy throat and a wet feeling in my sinuses. 
I always sneeze a lot when I'm sick, kind of harsh throaty sneezes and breathy build ups. This went on for most of the day.

The next day I woke up with awful muscle aches and feeling extremely cold, I checked with the thermometer and I was running a high fever. I soldiered on because to me, my parents knowing is yuck! They didn't seem to notice, thankfully.

I went to bed feeling completely awful and not being able to stop sneezing. My cheeks were hollow and my eyes watering and my face was flushed. I just really wanted someone to come and take care of me. I did record some of my flu sneezing if anyone would be interested.

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Aww bless you soo much hope you get better soon. I'd be interested in your recording of your flu sneezing. Any nose blowing?

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 awww poor thing. I would love to see how you parents react when they find out how sick you are. But I am sorry your feeling so awful I hope you feel better soon. 

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The flu stinks, sneezing or not.  I hope you feel better soon!  Muscle aches can make sneezing a lot less fun, though.  I'm sorry you're sick.  I don't wish the flu on anyone at all, even if I do like to be a caretaker.  

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The clip is at follows. Please let me know what you think. *runs and hide*


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7 hours ago, InsertNameHere said:

The clip is at follows. Please let me know what you think. *runs and hide*


Fantastic! You have a beautiful nose and sneeze! Thank you so much for sharing! :) do you have kik perchance? 

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Hello InsertNameHere,

I am sorry to read you are sick, hope you feel better soon.

Maybe if you want to try, you can get magnesium tablets, or you can ingest some high-magnesium food like nuts, whole-grain products, milk, curd, or cocoa :).

It can help you muscle aches.

Did your fever broke?

Feel better soon and all best wishes to you :hug:


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aww bless you 

ive just stumbled on this :) 

poor dear i would say a hot drink hot chocolate but that generally loosens your nose to fluids and you dont seem to have problems with and dont feel the need to be pressured to do recordings/ videos if you dont want to 

on an other note :) beautiful video :) but get under the covers not on keep warm wrap up i walk around in joggers and fleeced tops when i feel awful ;)

love the choice in music *big phumbs up* ed sheeran :) 

take care xxx

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