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Finally! Therapist (F)


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I'm writing this having just returned from my appointment with my therapist. I've been in therapy with her for 11 months now and, until today, I hadn't seen her sneeze.

For me, unlike the majority here, sneezing is more of a fascination than a fetish. With that said, I am not sexually attracted to her in any way, but I'd been curious to see her sneeze since the first time she had a cold last year (I think it was in May). But she didn't.

Today it finally happened. I cannot explain how, but I just knew it would happen today, as soon as she came into the receptionist's desk. She was a bit sniffly, but I don't think she was sick.

The sneeze happened midway through our session. I was talking about something I can't even recall now (lol) and I'd just finished a sentence. I was looking right at her. It was a single "huh-tschee", which she covered in her fist. I managed to bless her, trying to act naturally, she said thanks and proceeded to respond to what I'd just told her.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep it cool for the remainder of the session, but I guess I did ok. Lol.





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My bad, I completely forgot!

She's about 5'3 or 5'4, early 40s. Hair is a lighter shade of black, a little below shoulder-length. Brown eyes. Flat nose that rounds on its tip, the right nostril is a little wider than the left, and thin lips. 


* I'm really bad at describing noses, sorry. Also, English is not my first language, but I tried. ;)

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