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Sneezing in podcasts?


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Not my thing but Super Best Friendcast is awesome and contains sneezing fairly frequently.

If wrestling is your thing, Smart Wrestling Fan is also great and co-hosts Joe and Amy sneeze quite frequently also.

No specifics sorry, you'll have to try to get into them yourself!

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David Dobrik and Jason Nash has a podcast called Views i dont know if you know them but there is one sneeze from each of them in two different episodes i forgot which ones cause they are old ones but every thursday there is a new one so you can look out for more like i do every week haha

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I have a couple from The Ladygang.. I mean, I’m not sure anybody actually knows who they are, but I think I have like 3..? And there’s two stories about allergy attacks— one from Becca and one from Jac.

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