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Allergy sneezes (m)


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This is an obs about an ex of mine that I had a while back. He was medium height, blonde with blue eyes and a handsome smile but the best part was his nose which was strong and straight with elegant nostrils. He was quite sneezy generally as he had allergies to dust and some animal hair, but his worst allergy was to pollen. The day in question, he was meant to pick me up to go to an outdoor concert but he was late and when he finally arrived at my door I could see why...His eyes were puffy and his nose was pink and swollen. He sneezed twice just standing at the door and I blessed him and pulled him inside. I expressed concern for him and he conceded that he was feeling awful and that he’d rather just take some meds and go to bed but as we had tickets we should go anyway. We stayed at home long enough for him to wash his face and take some meds to make his nose calm down a little and then headed out. It was a hot and humid day and you could literally see the pollen in the air. The poor man must have sneezed into his increasingly sodden handkerchief at least 200 times during the day and night of the concert. For him it was an awful day but as I he’d his hand through it all, and got to kiss him better, it was a great day for me.

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