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Taking Care Of The Convict


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*awkwardly dances* . . . *stops* 

I am SO sorry! :'( I . . . have been having family troubles. My grandmother cannot be living alone anymore, my uncle had a stroke, and my cousin overdosed a few days ago. It has been a very messed up few weeks, and I'm very, very sorry for my inactivity. But I'm back, and I'm here with a new story! Also! Thank you so, so much for over 700+ views on my first original fiction! It makes me so happy!!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤ Anyway-! This story, or short, is focusing on a character I created upon writing a horror story for English - his name is Frederick Allen Banter, and he is my main boy, haha! He is also a murderer, so . . . O.O Oooh. xD In this, he is living with his sister, but on the way home from taking a short walk, he gets caught in the rain, and Frederick catches a cold while his sibling, Allison, is going to be taking care of him! Now . . . Enjoy! 


"Fred, you need to lie down," Allison muttered in a scolding manner, though her voice was soft and gentle - her older brother, Frederick, had came down with a cold, as well as a fever, and his stubborn side is coming into play. 

"Allison . . . I'b fibe," said Frederick as he glanced up at his sister, his chin resting in his palm as he sat on the white, comfy sofa, not wanting to listen to a word she utters. 

"You have a chill, as well as a fever," the raven-haired female said as she planted herself next to Frederick, who switched his gaze, him letting out a 'hmpf.' 

"I'b bot sick . . . " he muttered, him closing his eyes, thinking of how stupid he sounded from being congested. "Do matter how bany times you day it, I'b bot s . . . sick - " 

The man cut himself off with a sneeze, him bringing both of his hands up to his face, him shielding his sister, and everything in front of him from the spray. He kept his appendages clamped around his nose and mouth, and he glanced at Allison when he heard her click her tongue, uttering, "You were saying?" 

Frederick rolled his eyes. 

I'm not . . . I'm not sick, for crying out loud. It's just my allergies . . . my non-existent ones. Ugh . . . Okay! Okay, fine, I have a cold, but . . . it isn't a big deal. It won't kill me, and neither will this damn fever. If the cops can't end me, this won't do it, either. It takes more than that to bring me down . . ! I . . . don't even know why Allison still cares. 

Frederick removed his hands, him grabbing a tissue from the box, wiping them off, then plucking another fresh one, soon blowing his nose, relieving himself of the congestion. 

I . . . I'm a murderer. I killed Michael all of those years ago, and the guilt still fucking haunts me. Christ! B - But it was . . . an accident . . . 


Snapping back to reality, Frederick turned to his sister, the woman looking at him with a sympathetic expression. 

"Are you okay?" she asked as worry glazed over her blue orbs. "You . . . looked like you were thinking pretty hard," she commented. 

"I'm . . . fine, Allison. I'm fine. Just . . . Just tired," Frederick replied as he forced himself to smile; it was a sad one, along with being worn out. 

"Then, after I give you your medicine, how about you sleep? Rest is essential to recovering," Allison suggested, a small grin forming, her lips moving to make it. 

Despite everything, you still care a lot. I can tell. 

"All right, Allison. You win," Frederick said as he chuckled, him accepting defeat. "You go grab that nasty ass liquid for me and after that, I'll rest up." 

Allison nodded. "Great. Thank you, Fred." 

Rising from her seat, the blue-eyed female made her trip into the hallway to fetch the bottle, which contained the cold serum. Choosing that, she also gathered two Advil's, in case her brother were to develop a headache. 

As she completed her tasks, Frederick disposed of the used tissues and lifted his legs up and onto the couch, him lying down, his damp hair sticking to his forehead as he stared up at the ceiling, him drawing out a sigh. 

I'm lucky to have her, even if it has been years ever since we last met eyes . . . 

To be continued . . .

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Ooooooh.......i like! He's not like a sseril killer though right? Though i i like him and his sister. 

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16 hours ago, Arty said:

Ooooooh.......i like! He's not like a sseril killer though right? Though i i like him and his sister. 

I glad you like it! And eh, not really. He hasn't ended enough lives to officially be called a serial killer. 

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