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Give 'em the Ol Razzle Dazzle (Part 2/2) Complete

Kaze Wo Hiku

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Happy insanely belated (and maybe early since I know it's coming up) birthday @Subtly Clashing Wishes!!  God I cannot apologize enough for making you wait so long for this.  I'm truly sorry, but I never forgot your prompt and always had it in the back of my head and finally I got my mojo to write back a little.  So here you are, I hope Aiden and Barrett don't disappoint. :heart: I also apologize for being rusty in the fict writing department, it's been a while :lol:


Give ‘em the Old Razzle Dazzle 


Part 1 

“Aiden, you don’t even ski.”  Barrett raised an eyebrow at his giddy fiancé holding a brochure up. 

The designer pouted a puppy dog expression, “But Reh-h-h-ty it’s Montgenevre!” He said excitedly flipping his hair back.  “Skiing shiming, I plan on looking fabulous in my new champagne E. L. Darlington Down Parka. And,” He smiled wryly at Barrett, “Watching you ski.” 

Barrett sighed. Aiden was in charge of this years family reunion and unsurprisingly the diva had gone full blown showboat. Montgenevre was a top mountain resort destination. The snowcapped peaks, a beautiful backdrop for a lush log cabin inspired ski lodge nestled in the valley.  Known for its award-winning ski slopes, Montgenevre offered many winter related activities as well as a beautiful rustic grand lounge for those, like Aiden, who preferred the view. 

The waiting list to book the lodge for parties could extend a full year hence why the diva was extra excited his reservation finally went through. 

Barrett still didn't quite understand but it made Aiden happy so he was happy. 

“Plus.” Aiden set the pamphlet down and placed his hands on Barrett’s hips. “We finally get to announce our wedding date.” His bright blue eyes looked into the lawyer’s hazel.  Barrett pressed his lips into a grin.  “See I knew you'd agree with me.” Aiden smirked at his fiancé. 


The sunlight beaming down gave no warmth only illuminated the white snow showcasing the beautifully slopes.  Aiden clapped his gloved hands together as they exited the car. “Magnificent.” He exclaimed admiring the massive hand carved logs which supported the elegant entrance way.  The bellhop brought in their bags as Barrett checked in, Aiden was already on his phone to the head of hospitality going over some last minute changes he had for the party which would be tomorrow night, in the ballroom. 

“Aiden, promise me you’ll relax on this getaway too.”  Barrett said when his fiancé hung up the phone.  The designer had endured some late nights recently, mostly talking with lodge staff, but also with members of his family. Mostly with his equally flamboyant older sister, Camilla. 

Aiden waved his still gloved hand, “Yes yes Retty, I will.” His voice a faint trace of hoarseness to it.  Barrett wanted to continue but the never-ending ring of Aiden’s cell phone took the blond man’s attention away.  Sighing, Barrett followed the bellhop up to their 3rd floor suit.  After tipping him, the lawyer unpacked his things and then admired the stunning view of the Grandiose Blanc mountain range.  Soon after Aiden arrived giving out his signature squeal when his eyes landed on the view.  “I told you Montgenevre would be worth it.” His voice cracked on the last word.  “I just got off the phone with Camilla, she’ll be arriving within the hour.” He added while Barrett poured him a glass of water. 

“Are the twins coming?” Barrett asked. 

Aiden shook his head, “She said no, what 19-year old's want to attend a family reunion?” He said chuckling. “Besides we’ll be all over social media, so they’ll...see it.” A dry cough erupted forcing Aiden to take another sip of water.   

Barrett frowned, “I know it’s difficult for you but perhaps you should try to rest your voice.”   

The blond flashed an eye roll instead and Barrett’s plea fell on deaf ears as the cell phone rang again. 


As much as he wanted to watch over Aiden, the snowcapped slopes of the mountains were calling to Barrett.  Skiing had been a hobby since his teen years.  The lawyer didn’t care for snow or winter unless he could ski and had a feeling that played into Aiden’s plan for choosing this location. He loved the speed, the biting wind against his face and the adrenaline rush shooting down the mountain, definitely a far cry from his regular office job.  A few years ago, Aiden had picked out a lovely black and blue trimmed ski suit much like the professionals wore.  So, he layered up and changed and met Aiden who wore his down parka.   

“If you get cold, please go back in the lodge.” Barrett said as he pulled down his goggles. They hadn’t been outside more than ten minutes and the diva was already trying to hide the fact he was shivering. 

“Yes, yes, Retty. Be careful.” Aiden’s voice sounded much more strained as he spoke.  Blowing a kiss to the lawyer, Aiden watched him ride the lift up to the top.  Barrett flawlessly skied down the hill, it made the designer wonder why his fiancé never decided to attempt going pro.  “Oh Retty, that...was...wonderful.” Aiden said coughing when Barrett rejoined him. 

“Darling, you’re freezing.” Barrett said, slightly out of breath, “Please go inside, you can watch me from there. I’ll do one more run.”   

Aiden begrudgingly agree, Barrett waited for his fiancé to return before he went on his last run. 


Back inside Barrett looked for Aiden in the grand lounge, the large picturesque windows faced most of the ski slopes.  It was quite crowded, sometimes having a short partner irked the taller man.  However, Barrett heard a familiar laugh near the bar.  Camilla Dietrich sat across from her brother as they both held wine glasses in their hands. 

“Camilla.” Barrett said as he approached.  The woman turned, her long russet colored hair falling in front of her face.  She may have been retired but the former model could probably still wow audiences today.   

“Barrett, how are you?” She stood, roughly the same height as Aiden but in her Elle Danover heels, Camilla came up to Barrett’s nose.  Donning a satin silver blouse and black pants, Camilla also had a flare for fashion, just not as dramatic as her younger brothers. They double kissed cheeks before she sat back down.  “I was just telling Coco what a brilliant choice this was for the reunion.”  Several gold bracelets slide down her arm as she raised her glass again. 

Aiden tried to hide the blush of pride from his sister's words, “Well it was nothing, I could never trump your party at the Hus av Fiolette Blomster five years ago.”  He took another sip of wine after a rough throat clear. 

Camilla leaned back laughing, “Oh honey, that was only because I was owed a favor after getting the owner runway seats at Milan’s Spring show that year.”  Aiden joined in the laugh but it quickly turned into a dry cough, he pivoted away from Camilla but Barrett hurried over. 

"I’m fine Retty.” Aiden whispered then cleared his throat.  “I’ve been on the phone all day, voice is paying the price.” He smiled weakly at Camilla.  Barrett, however, wasn’t so convinced, there was a slight heat coming off the designer's pale face. 

Oh, there’s Isabella.” Camilla said waving at another guest, “I have to find out which boyfriend she brought to this, the twice divorcee or the young buck.”  A giggle escaped as she began to walk over, “I’ll talk to you later, Coco. Ciao.”  The flare on her russet trousers fanned as she greeted her cousin. 

“Darling, I think...” Barrett’s words were cut short as Aiden’s phone rang again.  By the way his brow knit less than five seconds into the call, Barrett knew anything he suggested to his partner would fall on deaf ears. 

Putting a finger up, Aiden turned away from the crowd, “Repeat that?” A few nods of the head followed a long sigh, “I’ve had this menu reserved for months now.  I...hold on...” The diva’s hand holding the phone went down to his side as another cough escaped.  A quick throat clear didn’t help his already haggard voice.  “No no...I’ll be right there...” He managed out.  Running a hand over his face, Aiden stood up but faltered slightly, holding onto the bar for stability.   

“Aiden!” Barrett supported his fiancé giving him his arm to hold onto to. 

“Thank you Retty.” The diva said hoarsely, a tired smile graced his face. “You go change, I need...to...” He coughed into his sleeve, “Run to the kitchen quickly.” 

“And I’m coming with you.” Barrett said sternly still keeping close to Aiden as they walked.  He knew the designer wasn’t feeling well, rarely did Aiden take inconveniences with such a mellow response.  

Finally, forty-five minutes later, Aiden and the head of hospitality had worked out the menu snafu with the kitchen staff.  That was good news since by the time they left Aiden had absolutely no voice.  Up in their suit, Barrett brewed a honey lemon tea for Aiden who had emerged from the shower wearing a robe, wet hair tousled around his ears.  "Thank you, babe." He croaked taking a sip and sliding next to Barrett on the sofa.  "I'm...wore...out..." Aiden struggled to speak even with the tea. 

"Perhaps now you should rest your voice for the night." Barrett said with a hint of a smirk.  Aiden titled his head upwards giving a vicious glare but then his head rested back against Barrett's chest, no answer was needed.  


Around 1am, Barrett awoke to a faint light and cursing.  Rubbing his eyes hoping they'd adjust he sat up and noticed Aiden was no longer in bed.  "Darling?"  A yawn escaped.  "What's going on?" 

A moment later his fiancé returned. "Nothing, go back to sleep."  Aiden replied then crawled under the covers. 

"Are you sure...I..." 

"I said nothing, Barrett!" Aiden snapped while readjusting the covers. He turned in a huff away from the lawyer. 

Great. Nothing definitely meant something. Barrett laid back down hoping both he and his diva would survive the party tomorrow. 




Coco is Camilla's nick name for Aiden because he worshipped Coco Chanel growing up ;)

Hus av Fiolette Blomster - means House of Violet Flowers


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Aiden and Barrett never disappoint! (Be careful saying 'disappoint' and 'Aiden" in the same sentence. You could get an earful.) And neither do you. :hug:  Thank you so much! I love how this started and how it is going. :yes:  

I can't wait to see what you have in store for Aiden. Whatever it is I'm sure he is going to hate it and let everyone know about it. :lol: 


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Awww, poor Aiden! (and poor Barrett - it's always difficult to be the diva's caretaker :P) That was an interesting start; and I'm curious to see how it will go on. 

Great writing as always - I can't see any dust. :heart:

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The diva strikes again :lol: poor Barrett,  he's about to get his hands full I fear. 

Please torture my favourite diva-showman and make him beg to the patron deities of unflushed skin and unclogged noses for a swift (and flawless) recovery :lol: 

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Ok, so read this back in January while I was in lurking-mode, and then I read it again. And again. And again. And again. And now I feel like I really should thank you for this and tell you what I love about this story:

Things I loved about this story: ALL the things! ^_^

Things I especially loved about the story: the chemistry between Aiden and Barrett, the fact that Aiden calls him "Retty" (that was so cute I melted right there on the spot :cryhappy:), and that wonderfull foreshadowing in the last line ("Nothing definitely meant something." - perfection :wub:)

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@venuskiddo @Privatedancer @Hedgehog @Juto @Selene thank you all for your comments :heart:

@Subtly Clashing Wishes I'm sooooo happy you liked it! Part 2 is finally here!! Thank you for being so patient :hug:


Part 2

The bedside next to him was empty when Barrett opened his tired eyes the next morning.  Bringing up his hand, Barrett massaged his forehead then ran a hand through his hair tousling it.  He expected to find Aiden in the bathroom but the only remains of his fiance were a half empty bottle of cold medicine, an open bag of lozenges and several wads of tissues scattered around the trash bin. Barrett groaned, this wasn’t going to be a good day.

The kitchenette was clean aside from a used cup with the tea bag still laying in it. Finding his cell phone, Barrett called Aiden’s phone.

Hola! You’ve reached designer extraordinaire Aide....

Voice mail.  Great. Barrett then tried Camilla and Preston but neither had seen their brother today.  “He called me about...” There was a pause on Camilla’s end. “An hour ago, apparently our parents plane was delayed.  Coco spoke about possibly having a car from the hotel pick them up when it finally arrived. The poor dear sounds awful.”

Barrett thanked Camilla for the information.  Sighing, the lawyer could feel a tension headache forming.  Changing into his tracksuit, Barrett once again tried the cell before leaving the room.  The concierge, a short thin women in her late 30s, was a great help.

“Yes, Mr. Summerville and I spoke earlier.  I reassured him the issues with the menu were all sorted out, the band would set up before the appetizers were served and verified the wine list.” She smiled politely up at Barrett.  “I believe he’s in the ballroom now.”

Thanking her, Barrett set off down the hall way toward where the party would be held later tonight.  

Aiden stood in the center of the room with Agatha Cornwell, Events Coordinator for Montgenevre. As Barrett approached them he understood what Camilla had meant about Aiden’s voice. His fiancé sounded much a frog crossed with a piano which lacked tuning.  What worried the lawyer more was the dampness surrounding Aiden's temples, his blond hair a touch wet above his ears.

“Oh Retty, excellent timing.” The diva forced a weak smile as Barrett arrived. “Agatha and I are simply...” He paused clearing his throat, “Going over last minute changes, I decided against the oyster hors d'oeuvre as I'm almost positive Uncle Salvator is allergic and the last thing I need another medical fiasco. This won't be Cambridge Hall again.” Aiden gave a light hearted laugh with. Agatha but it quickly turned into a dry cough. “Excuse me.” He said, a hand pressed to his lips, “Throat is a touch dry.”

If dry meant the Sahara. Barrett thought. “I'll get you some water, darling.”

“Isn't he just a catch?” Aiden smiled but Barrett could see the exhaustion lining those beautiful blue eyes.

When Barrett returned with water, Aiden was alone, he standing looking out on the snow covered mountains. For a moment, Barrett thought he saw Aiden’s shoulders shake as his fiancé suppressed a shiver.  Placing one hand on the shorter mans back, Barrett handed Aiden the water.

“Merci Retty.” Aiden replied hoarsely taking a sip, his brow crinkled feeling the cold water run down his raw throat.  

“I noticed cold medicine on the bathroom counter.” Barrett said quietly as he moved closer to Aiden who only shrugged.

“Nothing to be concerned about, darling.” Aiden sniffed softly and cleared his throat again before taking another sip of water.

Barrett raised an unconvincing eyebrow but before he could argue, Aiden’s cell rang.  The designer swiped it, “Hello?” It was his mother stating they'd arrived and waiting for their luggage.  “Oh, wonderful Mother....we'll...” Aiden’s breath hitched quickly, he inhaled but was able to continue, “Be expec...” Another breathy sigh escaped, “Ting you....soon...” Aiden’s free hand flew up pressing against his nose. “Yes...yes...” His eyes squeezed shut, he nodded as if his Mother could see him. “Of course...c-ciao M-ah-h-ther...” The second the call ended, Aiden inhaled sharply.



Even the stifle forced him a step back. Aiden’s eyelids fluttered as his breath hitched again.


“Bless you, darling.” The lawyer handed his partner a handkerchief. “Maybe you should...”

“Whatever your thought is Barrett please keep it silent.” Aiden wiped his nose, the ends burned a pale pink.

Barrett spent the remaining afternoon keeping a close eye on his fiancé who continued to work tirelessly toward that evenings party. Sadly, Aiden’s voice weakened more to a rough gravelly sound by the time his parents arrived. Fiona Summerville stepped through the entrance of the lodge, removing her Gucci sunglasses. Thomas, her husband, remained outside tipping the cab driver and bellhop. Aiden strutted forward arms out. “Mother, hello.” His hoarse voice made the hairs on Barrett’s neck stand.

Fiona embraced her son. “Darling, how are you? You sound a wreck.” She stepped back, his shoulder length grey hair falling back a bit. “Oh my you look pale.” Her eyes then fell to Barrett who stood next to Aiden. “Please tell me he isn't running himself ragged again.”

Barrett smiled, Aiden blushed. “You know your son well, Fiona.” He double kissed her cheeks.

Fiona waved her hand, “Thomas, come talk sense into your son.” She said over her shoulder. Aiden’s father was only a bit taller than his son, but he still held a commanding presence with his bright blond hair and neatly trimmed beard. He smiled behind his wire frame glasses and he shook Barrett’s hand after greeting Aiden.

“How's the future of the law firm?” He asked. Barrett sighed, wishing Thomas would actually ‘talk sense’ into Aiden as Fiona asked but the former lawyer himself always loved to talk business.

Aiden rested his hand on Barrett’s shoulder. “Go have a drink...with Father.” The designer's voice gave out forcing a dry cough. “Mother is going to meet Camilla. I...” For a moment Aiden’s blue eyes glazed, he swayed, Barrett was certain his partner was about to faint but Aiden’s hand went up when Barrett moved. “I need to meet with...” Flipping open his planner open Aiden’s finger traced down the days plans. “Jean-Sebastian concerning the orchestra. Apparently the cello player has the flu.” A single sweat drop trickled down from his hairline to his chin.

Barrett removed a handkerchief from his pocket, quickly wiping it away. “Darling, what good will planning this party be if you're too ill to enjoy it?” He fell in step with his fiancé before pulling him aside, his hazel eyes lined with worry.

“I'll be...fine, Retty.” Aiden breathed before coughing again. “Everything is nearly set, now please...join father at the bar.” He smiled weakly up at his taller partner. “You know he loves hearing your stories.” A quick peck on the cheek and Aiden was off down the hall before Barrett could argue.


Several hours later, Aiden stood in front of the full length mirror in their suite.  The concealer he had applied to under his dark rimmed eyes hid most of the bags. A bit of powder helped with his fever shine. He could do this, exhaustion, dizziness, everything because everyone was counting on him. Adjusting the collar of his sky blue flared shirt, he turned looking for his suit jacket.

“Here.” Barrett slid the garment on Aiden’s shoulders. The designer swung his hips back and forth making sure nothing was out of place.

“It’ll...do...” Aiden’s breath suddenly hitched, his hand flew up catching a sneeze.


Rubbing his knuckle against his nose, he grabbed a few tissues from the bathroom.

“Bless you.” Barrett replied as Aiden continued to sniffle, the lawyer made a mental note to bring a few handkerchiefs. “Are you sure...”

“Barrett please not now...” Aiden softly blew his nose then pitched the tissues into the trash. “Tonight is the finale of a years planning...” He said hoarsely giving his throat a hard clear. “Aiden Summerville will be glorious and so will his dashing fiancé.” Aiden pulled on Barrett’s suit coat and fluffed his pocket handkerchief. “There, magnifico.”

Before they left Barrett urged Aiden to take some medicine, which he did but not before a massive eye roll and snarky rebuttal.

The party went off without a hitch. Almost the entire family flew in for the reunion, it was the largest gathering since Camilla’s party five years ago.

“Coco, you've outdone yourself.” Camilla clinked her little brothers wine glass against hers. “The lighting, the mountains, oh the food! Just marvelous.” She said taking another sip. “Oh and the duck confit salad was simply to die for.” Camilla gleefully waved her hand around.  Aiden blushed though it was difficult to tell, his fever definitely was rising, even the powder couldn't conceal it.

“Thank you Cammy.” Aiden croaked, he winced as his throat ached from talking. “Remember no plans for next June 20th.” He winked at her.


The couple didn't return to their room until nearly 4am. By then Aiden was a wreck, Barrett practical carried his exhausted fiancé to bed. The concealer worn by Aiden had all been wiped away by now leaving his skin pale, cheeks a rosy tint and deep bags beneath his tired eyes. Aiden steadied himself again the bathroom countertop as he splashed cool water on his hot face. He scoffed at his reflection. “I look a mess.” His voice nonexistent.

“I promise you don't.” Barrett whispered as he laid out their sleepwear. A small huff from the bathroom signaled to Barrett that his fiancé had heard him.  The huff was then followed by a deep hard breathy hitch.


Aiden barely had enough time to inhale before another harsh sneeze rocked him.


A shudder ran over him as he changed, he quickly pulled on his dressing gown hoping to dispel the chill.  Barrett wrapped another blanket around him as they both got into bed. “Thank you Retty.” Aiden said hoarsely. “For everything.” He laid his exhausted head against his love.

Barrett only smiled while embracing the man he was all too eager to spend the rest of his life with.


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Awwww. This is lovely. Poor baby needs to get some rest now!

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I’m glad the party was a success. Poor baby, Aiden! I hope he and Barrett have the room for the rest of the week. The man needs sleep, cuddles and room service. :heart: 

Thank you @Kaze wo Hiku ! You’re the best. :hug: 

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What a wonderful second part! Poor Aiden - but great to see how he manages the whole organisation despite his bad cold and a fever. Now, it's time for rest and caretaking. :heart:

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