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Where are your shoes?! OCs (f/f)


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hi so i never like ever post anything anymore so im gonna make my lazy bitchass finally write !!! some OCs in a oneshot!


    Avery's body shook as she pressed her bare feet to the cold, damp pavement. The winter slush glistened in the dim streetlights. She ran as fast as she could, freezing water splashing onto her ankles. Pebbles and dirt stuck to her feet with every swift step she took. As another cold gust of wind blew over, she pulled her windbreaker tight around her shaking torso. She swung the apartment entrance door open, shivering as her numb fingers touched the metal door handle. As soon as she got into the building the smell of window cleaner and cigarette smoke hit her. Warmth flooded her senses as the door swung shut behind her. She raced up the dirty, tiled stairs and down the hallway to her best friend's apartment. 

    "Open up, Claire! I'm freezing!" Avery called as she pounded on the blue, paint-chipped door. She ran her hands over her trembling arms and let out a deep breath as she heard Claire's soft footsteps getting closer. The door opened, revealing a sleep-dazed Claire, who was wearing nothing but a grey t-shirt. 

"Avery, where the hell are your shoes?" Claire mumbled sleepily, gesturing Avery in. Avery shivered her way in, sniffling. 

"I don't fucking know. When I woke up they were off my feet. And I was in the damn bar. Somebody must've took them." Avery plopped down onto the old, red couch and sighed, putting her head in her hands. Claire put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrows.

"When the hell did you wake up? You realize it's like quarter past 3 am right now, right?" Claire snapped. "Are you okay, though?" Claire softened as she saw the sadness flash in her friend's eyes. 

"I'm alright. I'm just really tired. I thought maybe you'd let me stay here. I don't want to go home. Dad's being a dick." Avery mumbled tiredly. She rubbed her eyes and wiped her dripping, pink nose on her shirt collar. Claire put her arms down from her hips and slowly walked towards Avery, taking in her unusual paleness and her bloodshot eyes.

"Avery, babe, what happened?" Claire plopped herself on the couch next to Avery. Avery's breath hitched. Claire thought she was about to cry, but then Avery ducked into cupped hands.

"hehhh'KNSCHHT'iew" Avery sneezed wetly, the explosion rocking her forward. She pulled her hands away and coughed softly. "Sorry, uhh, nothing unusual. He threw a bottle at my head so I left. I think that was a day ago." She ran her hands down her face, trying to remember. "But then I woke up without shoes and ran here." She pulled her shirt collar to rub her nose again.

"Of course you can stay here. You must've been passed out for a long time, babe." Claire rubbed the other girl's skinny leg sympathetically. Poor girl has a hard time and she always has. Ever since she was 10, Avery would come to Claire, needing to stay the night because her father got too upset and would threaten Avery. Now Avery is 19 and she doesn't have the money to move out yet. or the strength. Her dad would kill her. 

"Thank you so muh heh excuse mehihhh" Avery's eyelashes started fluttering and she wrenched her body from Claire. "hehp'TKNSHT'iew heh'ENKSCHHT'ew"Avery covered two harsh sneezes with her hands. Claire got up and grabbed the tissue box from the counter and plucked some out.

"You're getting a cold. You only sneeze hard when you get sick." Claire declared as Avery blew her nose noisily. "I know you too well for you to try to hide it." Claire sighed. Avery rolled her eyes.

"Claire, shut the fuck up." Avery groaned as the other girl grabbed some water. Claire plucked the yellow beanie off Avery's head, revealing a dark brown, knotted, mess of hair. She pulled off her own socks and put them onto the sickly girl. "I'm not a damn kid." Avery grumbled, but didn't protest against Claire's kind careful hands. They were the only hands who knew how to care for her. 

"Quit the tough girl act." Claire muttered, pulling on a new pair of socks that were lying by the hallway. Avery huffed, laid her head back, feeling the snot move around in her head, and bolted upright. She grasped for the tissue box, but couldn't get it in time. 

"heh'ETCHNKK'chiew" Avery sneezed openly and went into a small coughing fit. "Sorry" Avery whispered, grabbing a tissue and wiping her dripping nose. 

"Bless you. You're okay, Avery. You're allowed to sneeze in my house." Claire chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. Avery just looked down guiltily and played with her jean zipper. Avery didn't seem it, but she was such a fragile girl. Her hard, stubborn exterior really hides her soft, broken inside. Claire has only seen her cry 2 times ever, even with all the shit she's been through. 

"C-can you hold me?" Avery's voice shook as tears welled up in her eyes. Her hands were quivering and pinching at her skin. Claire inched towards the fragile girl and wrapped herself around her, securing her in a firm hug. Choked sobs echoed through the room as Avery cried.

"I've got you, babe." Claire murmured, rubbing the crying girl's back. Avery's breath hitched and they both knew what was coming.

"heh'EKNCHTCHH'iew heH'ENHCTCHh'EW" Avery sprayed into Claire's shoulder. Claire smiled as Avery tried to pull back.

"No, you're okay, babe. Bless you."

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This is AMAZING on so many levels!!!  Now I'm going to have to search your other writing!    I love these characters already.

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1 hour ago, Alyssa1146 said:

This is AMAZING on so many levels!!!  Now I'm going to have to search your other writing!    I love these characters already.

thank you sm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH !!! I was worried about it being clichéd at first, but I was totally wrong ! Also, can I just mention that I love the "you only sneeze like that when you're sick" thing? Bc that is such a gay, sneeze-loving thing to do and I am here for it

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19 hours ago, SexyGodlikeHair said:

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH !!! I was worried about it being clichéd at first, but I was totally wrong ! Also, can I just mention that I love the "you only sneeze like that when you're sick" thing? Bc that is such a gay, sneeze-loving thing to do and I am here for it

aw thank you boo!! 

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part 2 bc why not? im bored so here y'all go!!!!!


Avery's choked coughing echoed through the thin walls of the bathroom. Claire winced as the girl hacked and spluttered. The poor girl was always making herself sick. She didn't take care of herself well enough. Avery coming to Claire after getting sick is a usual ordeal. It happens every couple months or so. Avery always wants to be strong, but that's just not realistic. Sometimes you have to slow down. Avery only got faster.

"I know you're listening to me." Avery growled as she stumbled out of the bathroom. Claire knew Avery wasn't actually being aggressive towards her. That was just... Avery. "hehh'EKTNSCHH uhehh'HEHKNTCHSHH'IEW" Avery pitched forward violently into cupped hands. She bent at the waist, her dark hair flying up and her windbreaker ruffling. Avery sniffed harshly and sighed, wiping her hands on her dirty, old jeans. That girl needs to buy some new clothes. 

"Bless you," Claire whispered softly. Avery's pink nose was glistening with liquid snot and she was giving soft sniffles every couple seconds. Her dark eyes were bloodshot and glazed with exhaustion. "You should go to bed." Claire suggested, yawning herself. Avery plopped her small body onto the raggedy couch. The poor thing must be so tired.

"Baybe. I'b not feelig good." Avery closed her eyes, admitting weakness. Claire's heart melted. She got up and grabbed a blanket from the closet and the humidifier. Avery always got really congested and wheezy when she had a cold. 

"Here you go babe." Claire cooed, lying the blanket over her friend and plugging the humidifier in. Suddenly Avery's hand flailed, grabbing one of Claire's hoop earrings. "Fuck! OW, Avery!" Claire yelped in surprise and pried Avery's fingers off her earring and a chunk of her curly, sandy brown hair. Avery looked down guiltily.

"I'b sorry. I did't wadt you to leave. Please sleep id here." Avery whimpered, her hands fidgeting. Suddenly her nostrils flared desperately and she ducked into the blankets, breath hitching wildly. "heh'NGSCHHT heh'ETCSCH hehehh'HETCHKN'iew hehihhh'HEHKNSCHHT'IEW" Avery sneezed fitfully. Claire rubbed the girl's back, surprised. She has never heard Avery sneeze more than twice at a time. 

"Oh bless you, babe." Claire exclaimed, plucking some tissues from the box nearby and handing them to her best friend. Avery completely rejected them, throwing them to the floor.

"I'b disgustig dod't look at be." Avery squeaked, rubbing her dripping nose on her rough sleeve. Claire rolled her eyes, forgetting how fussy and stubborn her 'invincible' best friend could be. The girl didn't know any better. She survived by being stubborn and difficult. With her home life, she needed all the strength she could get. 

"Okay, Avery, can I lay down with you now?" Claire sighed, ignoring the previous whining from her. Avery slowly nodded and lifted the blankets up, a signal for Claire to climb in.

"Thagk you, Claire... HEH'ENCHTK'IEW" Avery sneezed harshly without warning onto Claire's back. "I-I'b sorry." Avery whispered sheepishly. 

"Shut up, babe."

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Seriously great caretaking in this one.  It sounds like Avery needs someone to take care of her on a regular basis.  This one is stealing my heart!!!

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This is great!! The characters are adorable! I'm so glad it ended up not being a oneshot. Now I got my fingers crossed for some sneezy stuffy contagion ;)

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