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I have recently told my fiancé about my sneeze fetish, but we still don't discuss it much, which is fine by me.  He travels a lot, so we go days without seeing each other.  The other night he came home from a trip and seemed a little congested, nothing major.  He is often a little congested after flying a long trip.

As we were sitting on the bed talking about his trip, I could see that he was getting close to sneezing a few times, but he paused and kept talking.  No hitching or obvious pre-sneeze face.  It was subtle.  Finally, the pre-sneeze face came full force - blinking eyes, flaring nostrils, hand up, looking at the light after a few seconds to try to get it out.  Just when I thought it was about to hit, I grabbed a tissue from my side of the bed and tucked it into his hand.  It was bad timing on the distraction, and he lost the sneeze.  I apologized, and he said no biggie.....it would come back.

He was particularly tired and seemed a bit edgy, so we decided to go to bed.  As he got in bed, the sneezy face returned.  After a very long pause, he hitched and started to sneeze.  I said, "Bless you" just as I thought it was coming out, but it was a false start.  Again, my interruption messed him up.  This time he was annoyed with me because he felt the sneeze still, but it wasn't strong enough and I messed him up.  (I really did.  He wasn't just saying that.  Had I been a second later, it would have come out.)

Suffice to say, he was almost asleep when it finally hit and came out.  I kept my mouth shut until he was finished that time.  Then he said, "You aren't going to bless me?  Really?"  But this time, he was just being funny and not annoyed.  I blessed him sheepishly, and he leaned over and kissed me goodnight.  It was sweet.

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OMG!  This morning was awesome!  He woke up before me.  When I opened my eyes, he was sitting up with the cutest pre-sneeze face.  I said nothing, and his sneeze went away. At this point, he realized my eyes were open and I was looking at him.  He seemed a bit embarrassed.  I asked if he was okay, and he said yes but he felt very sneezy but couldn't seem to sneeze.  He then hugged me and said it must not have been me that made his sneeze go away last night.  I told him I would never make his sneezes go away on purpose unless he wanted me to.

He got up and got us some coffee.  I drank mine and snuggled up as we had decided to be super lazy this morning and watch some Netflix.  As we were looking for a new show, he had balanced his coffee cup on his chest while he scrolled though the possibilities.  Suddenly his breath hitched and his coffee cup started to move on his chest that was overcome with hitched breathing.  I grabbed it just as he was about to sneeze, and the sneeze went away momentarily.  He said, "Ugh!  That su- ATCHOO-choo Oh my!  That sucks, but then it didn't.  You saved me from coffee burns and having to leave you to shower off coffee!"  I hugged him.  

He paused the show a few times to blow his nose or to sneeze or to think he was going to sneeze.  It was pure awesomeness.

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