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He’s wonderfull 😵♥️


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There is a guy. And I have a weird relationship with him

we aren’t officialy a couple but we are kinda dating idk

anyway he knows about my fetish and he’s sending me short videos of him inducing EVERY DAY

he’s always saying “I love you” at the end

I’ve asked him if he could stop covering 

and he said yes 

and now he doesn’t cover 

I’m not sure what to do with this relationship because I am still getting over one guy and he knows about it and is okey with it but I’m not that much into him 

he would do anything for me 

sorry for ending observation like this but 

what would you do in my shoes?

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I'd say as long as you're being honest and he knows where you stand, keep things as they are.  Not everything has to be defined if feelings are open and honest.  That's just my 2 cents knowing how hard it is to tell people for me.  Knowing that he knows already and that I wouldn't have to cross that hurdle would make me just want to leave things where they are until I know more about how I feel.

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