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Anna Kendrick


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1 hour ago, Luisa39 said:

I love that Justin Timberlake is a blesser.:)

And the little "Oh!" before the bless you was so adorable :wub:

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10 hours ago, CloClo said:

It's already been posted but thank you!

If this is true it's fine because clearly many of us haven't seen it before! I didn't and @MisterSneeze has made me a much happier man :D I love that she just let it rip, it really matches her personality. I'm feeling a little picky about the screaminess/squeakiness of the second syllable, but it's freakin Anna Kendrick, so I should cut that out. :heart: 

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  • 2 weeks later...

That would be from this! 1:49 in case the timestamp doesn't work.

(And, uh, thanks for finding this in the first place gigglyflan. :wub: Really appreciate it.)

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