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Parking Lot Observations


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I was sitting in a grocery store parking lot today when I suddenly heard this LOUD, masculine sneeze from someone (I couldn't see who).  Seriously, this was probably the loudest sneeze I'd ever heard in my life.  It immediately made me think of some of the "big sneeze" fics on this forum, it was so resounding.:surprise:

A few minutes later, I actually saw a guy walking from the store to his car with a pretty obvious pre-sneeze expression on his face.  It was sunny today, so I think he was photic and either had a "stuck" sneeze or was trying to coax a sneeze out by looking at the sun.  The "hitchy" expression remained on his face all the time he was loading his bags into the car, but the sneeze never happened.  I saw him shrug, get into his car, and drive away.




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