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I’m really nervous- it’s the first time I’ve ever written a sneezefic, much less published it anywhere. Please give me your feedback, I’d appreciate it a lot! :rolleyes:


“So, Link; would you prefer Glazed Meat, or Veggie Cream Soup?” The old man waited patiently for an answer, brooding eyes reflecting the embers swirling around the cooking pot. Link was staying at the old man’s cabin so that he could have a roof over his head. He did have a rent, however. Chopping trees was the bargain the two men had made. Chop down trees and bring the kindling back and Link would earn a day’s rest in the cabin. The old man glanced at Link from underneath the mysterious purple hood he was fond of wearing. At no response the old man gave a hearty laugh. “Ohoho! Veggie Cream Soup it is. I can see in your eyes that that’s what you’d prefer.” The old man began poking at the coals until a fire roared to life, licking the sides of the pot. “Here we are...” 

      The soup bubbled, creamy yellow sauce radiating warmth through the wooden bowl Link was handed. The Hylian watched the soft chunks of carrot bob up and down as he stirred the hot soup. “You do know that i’m not angry at you for knocking over the pot, don’t you?” The old man inquired, Link lifting his head from above the steamy bowl. He grinned shyly in response, nestling his nose into the crook of his arm. “The steam from the soup making your nose runny?” The old man liked to ask awkward questions. Now Link couldn’t sniffle or the old man’s assumption would be proven right. He sat with his nose pressed against his bare arm for a while before mustering enough dignity to— snff. “There we are! Now what took you so long?” Link wouldn’t have responded if under normal circumstances, however he was truly preoccupied at the moment. The Hylian’s eyebrows were furrowed, the peaks of his flared nostrils visible above his arm. The crinkling of his nose and the fluttering of his eyelids made his future obvious; or at least a few moments into the future. His mouth was left slightly ajar, sharp inhales mingling with the crackling of the fire. “Eh.. eheh—“


Ekt’chaah!” —snff. “Gesundheit.” The old man decided not to embarrass Link with any further comments, retreating to eat his own bowl of soup before it cooled. He would peer over the rim of his bowl ever so often, however, and observe Link’s face. Pallid looking— his nose appeared especially raw. <The Link I had known when still alive... he was never this revealing.>The old man was curious to say the least. Link was always made up to be the hero, the princesses’ protector that she trusted with her life. Now he was bogged down by a simple head cold— it was unheard of. The old man himself had never seen Link unwell, and the swordsman had lived in the recesses of his castle. A squeak had brought back the old man’s attention. Link was panting in between stifled coughs, a painful noise that exited through his nose. T.. tch.. tch! The hero’s face was worn, though he still refuse to cough. His fist was pressed against his chest, exasperated wheezes tightening his throat. “Link, I think you ought to lay down.” It sounded wrong when he said it. The blond shook his head in blatant refusal. If he only knew who he was talking to, perhaps his reaction would’ve been a tad different. The old man stood up, staggering over to Link. He pressed his bony wrist against the boy’s cheek. Warm and unbelievably sweaty. Link’s eyes drooped now. “You should take my bed. I’ll watch the fire.” Before he could retaliate, the old man lifted him from his perch and took him inside the cabin. It was dusty and dark, the bed creaking and groaning in protest as the Hylian lay down amidst bunched up blankets. “Now Link— I know you aren’t feeling very well at the moment, so I think it would be best to drop the act.” He spoke with a serious and low tone of voice, patting the blanket as he tucked it around the now shivering Link. “I’ll take over until you’re better. I wouldn’t suggest pushing yourself.” What he received in response had him laughing. 

      HEH’TCHFF! “Ohoho! Bless you, Link.” The old man pressed his lips against Link’s forehead, curly beard clouding over the Hylian’s eyes. “Do sleep, now.” <You’ll need that energy if you are to help the princess defeat Calamity Gannon.>

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 Ohhhh  :drool: This was so cute! I always had a thing for Link's sneezes since the original Ocarina of Time, that animation where he's shivering and sneezing. I really loved this, keep it up <3

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Thanks guys! I was way too anxious to read your comments at first. :sweatdrop: When I finally stopped cowering in a corner, all of your comments made my day! I’m aware that this was kinda rushed, and I had a whole night to think over how I could improve this. It would be the same general premise, however longer and with more detail. I’m capable of writing better, I just needed to get over the hurdle of actually posting. XD

@EvaBloom I agree. I’ve watched the video on Youtube (I only own the original LOZ and BOTW) and it’s really cute. 

@Akahana Sidenote: I love anime too. Yuuri Katsuki for the win!


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