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Yearly Sneeze Count - 2017


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Hey there boys and girls,

I think this is the most late I've been in posting my yearly sneeze count, but it's with good reason - I've been sick :P (I've come to realize this has been the case for December/January for a while now). And actually, it's not just your regular run of the mill cold ... it started off as a "viral" and developed into sinusitis, and I wish I could say it's been sneezy, but it hasn't been in particular. My husband caught the viral part, and boy was he sneezy ^_^ but for me, none of that fun. Actually I get a little skittish when he sneezes, because he sneezes into his hands, and then  err, proceeds to touch things :mad: so I spend quite some time shouting from bed "go wash your hands" :whistle2: he has been well for a while now ... me being a pregnant lady, dragged this thing on for 3 weeks ... and now that it was almost over, it got worse again, regression. I'm think I'm on my 6th box of kleenex in 4 weeks (which is definitely unusual for me).

But ya'll are here for one thing! and that's the results of this year's count - 


If you want to travel back in time, just use the forum to search for "yearly count", you'll find all old related posts by me ;)

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