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Chapter #1


Time was a fickle thing. Sometimes, it would speed by leaving you with the feeling that you hadn't done anything at all productive that day. Other times it would go excruciatingly slow, a minute feeling like an hour. The latter was how the day was playing out so far.

The endless clack of lengthy fingers on a keyboard suggested the obvious for the Host Club- That Kyoya was doing the balances, and therefore shouldn't be disturbed. Not like the others actually thought the rules pertained to them, though they had silently agreed to the regulation upon entering the spare music room. Well- that was what Kyoya thought, anyways.

     The Vice President was indeed at his desk as presumed by the last paragraph, busy with the numbers that were all too easy to add up to total the bills. The raven haired individual brought a finger to his glasses, pushing them up the bridge of his nose as he worked, as to see the screen a little better. Alas he wasn't on par as usual, though nobody had seemed to notice. Yet. The itchy feeling in his throat was about to drive him mad at some point in time-- not to mention his inner voice begging him to go back home despite having to fight limb for limb against his eldest siblings to prove his worth in the Ootori family. Why he wasn't at home resting, instead having to answer Tamaki's puzzling theories and questions that barely made sense in his own mind- less in Tamaki's, surely. 

    "Mommy! What are you doing?" Speak of the devil the blonde had crept up behind the Shadow King, startling him out of his own epiphany. He hadn't been tending to the balances at all, rather daydreaming at his desk. The immediate answer that had been brought to his mind was spoken emotionlessly, though not lacking a cold, unappreciative nature. "I was doing something that you wouldn't understand, Tamaki. Don't you have something better to do than ask me pointless, uneducated questions?" That shouldn't hurt his feelings too much, now should it? The flamboyant teen had nodded, a pouty frown adorning his pale face as he commenced with sliding down to let himself greet the floor in a sitting position as he merely glanced over 'mommy's' shoulder. 

      Thoroughly used to how Tamaki would brood- though perplexed at why he didn't do this in his corner as of now- he continued typing. The feverishness had apparently dulled his intelligence generously, and Kyoya had found himself yet again dwelling in his own thoughts. The thing that had snapped him out of this terrible behavior was another undoubtedly terrible thing- an itch had begun to blossom in his sinuses. If anyone was too unintelligent to understand- Kyoya never sneezed in public. Ever, really; so this struck him in the chest fatally. Nobody could see him succumb to such a foolish, vulnerable thing as small as a sneeze. Besides- the commoner would obviously find that as some sort of foothold to try and convince him that he was sick, and that he had to go home. No. He wouldn't give up. 

         The tall individual sat in his chair, desperately pressing his tongue to the roof of his mouth. While easing up the tickle slightly, his nose running wasn't helping. A discreet sniff was all the sneeze needed to take hold of his muscles as he felt his hands hovering over his face. If he could see himself right now, his nostrils would be flared and raw from the furious rubbing that had been endured before unbeknownst to him. His chest would be expanding- though he could see that. And feel it. The prickling sensation couldn't possibly be combatted by the Shadow King, his eyes fluttering in defeat. Hands cupped delicately, they clasped over his runny nose as a sharp wheeze of a breath told him there was no escape. H.. hihhh.. P-pardon-! Hih.. HIh'chhn'xt! H'T'chf! Eh.. Eh'tshh!" The hasty sneezes were all Kyoya needed to grab the attention of everyone in the immediate vicinity. His hands dropped as he sniffed quietly, attempting to go on as if nothing had happened. But something had happened- sneezing a triple wasn't going to go unnoticed.

      A chorus of astonished bless you's made his face form into a grimace, his hands shakily returning to the proper keys. Much better-- he could breathe a little easier now. The dreaded voice of Haruhi sounded behind him like a siren. He hoped nobody else had heard it- good. Tamaki had returned to his corner. "Senpai- you're sick." Another cold hearted answer was fired out immediately. "How observant of you, Haruhi. However people sneeze for more reasons than one. Consider that next time you attempt to offend me with such malarkey, will you?" The much paler Vice President turned in his swivel chair- which was very daunting by the way- to face the commoner. "Your comment was trivial to me. Stop wasting my time- why don't you go and rub a teacup?" Ah, yet... the commoner wouldn't be defeated as easily as Tamaki. Right. "Senpai, you never sneeze. That's an obvious sign of illness. Besides- you've failed to recognize that your own nose is running. On the topic of your nose... it's raw, and it looks awful." The brown haired host resumed with a slightly calmer note. "Please take a break. We don't want to loose the Shadow King to some ailment he's so stubborn not to admit." Maybe that last bit wasn't calmer. Everything was muddled together as Kyoya's eyes closed once again, his body stiffening as a forefinger and thumb were pressed to his nose. "Eh.. excuse me, Haruhi- I seem to be.. in a.. predicament where I can't speak my opinion..n.. hih.. HIH.." He wouldn't be able to stifle it. God, this was going to be embarrassing. Look, the twins were already turning his way-- "H.. Excuse b'e.. I.. I believe I have to.. s.. Suh.. HEK'TSHHEW!" The slim man's shoulders jarred noticeably, the last sneeze being expelled from his system as a bout of coughing lingered soon afterwards. "P-pardon me." The Shadow King was startled once again- this time by himself. That felt relatively good to release nonetheless. Perhaps he should sneeze more often.

    "Boss, are you alright?" Not Karou and Hikaru. Anyone but those two- "I bet the History teacher's deaf pet on the second floor could've heard that." The two jeered in unison as Haruhi tugged on Kyoya's arm, lifting him from his seat as he willingly allowed her to drag him away in order to avoid more overwhelming questions. How unfortunate this whole thing was.


To Be Continued C:

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Ah~ this series make me feel so nostalgic!   Kyoya is a stubborn fool but you gotta love him <3

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Thank you for writing this!!! :DThis story is so amazing.  You so have to continue, we need more sneezy Kyoya!!! :wub::twisted::innocent: 

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Eeeeekkk 😱😍😍😍 excuse me while I fan girl 🤩🤩. Please continue, also thank you sooooo much 💙 "Kiss Kiss Fall in Love" 🖤

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