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Soooooooo (why do I always start my Obs with that? :) ) This obs happened less then 30 minutes ago at the time of posting this.

To set the scene, my dance teacher is quite tall, has black hair at the length of a bob but very curly, and looks like she's in her mid 20's/early 30's. The dance classroom is a room the size of a normal classroom, but with a mirror running along one of the long and one of the short walls (this will be important later)

So my teacher is teaching us a new part of the dance. She walks away to turn on the music, but "T'Choo!" She sneezes. Kind of high, kind of desperate. A few people snicker, someone blesses her. She walks on and is about to turn on the music when she stops to explain something.

"Wait, let's change something, at this part you do-" Her voice trails of, and then "T'chooo!" She sneezes again, the same way as before. I had the luck of seeing it this time in the mirror. So my friend A laughs, while a few other people bless the teacher. So A imitates the teacher.

The music starts, but there are a few seconds before our dance starts. And in those few seconds, "T'choo" Yes, my dance teacher sneezed again! After that sneeze she made an annoyed noise, but didn't sneeze for the rest of the class.



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Great obs. Teacher sneezes always seem to be good. Was there a lot of movement during her sneezes? And did she almost lose her balance? 

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