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Suffering, but not sure if it’s allergies or cold (Self, F)

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At first, I just felt kinda out of it and dizzy/lightheaded/headachey. I’ve been sneezing a lot more than usual the past few days, but I suspected that it might just be particularly bad allergies. But now, my face is even paler than normal and it’s really desaturated, which makes me look like a corpse. 


Today, the nose blowing became somewhat constant, and my sinuses are aching (headache, but more of a dull blehhhh feeling added to it). Plus, I’m getting kinda loopy-ish, which tends to happen when I get sick. 


I have the immune system of a dead squirrel, so like, whenever I do get a basic cold, it usually ends up tumbling into something like bronchitis. So I’m hoping that shall not be the case this time! IF I am indeed sick. I am very stubborn and I like to pretend any and all illnesses are nonexistent until I like keel over or something. 


In the meantime, I shall continue inducing sneezes to relieve sinus pressure and I may possibly take my temperature soon cuz that may be necessary. 

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      I hope you feel better soon!  I think I am coming down with something (as much as I hate to admit it) as well!  I have been sneezing like crazy and blowing my nose more than normal (which is saying something because I blow my nose a lot, even when I am not sick).

I just went out and bought myself some Puffs Ultra Soft because I know the time is coming for me to blow every 5 minutes!  What brand and color tissues are you using?

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