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What could have tickled her nose?!


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I'm honestly not even that big of a fan of female sneezing in real life, but this situation was absolutely too crazy not to share. 

There I was, sitting idly in a mom and pop coffee shop (not Starbucks because their double caramel macchiatos are like 4 freaking dollars). I had been on my laptop working on an essay for school, when suddenly I heard a sound that drew me away from my writing...or maybe two sounds...three?

Sitting a mere few tables from me was a woman, not older than 35 who appeared to be caught in a war with her nose. I watched, transfixed (though still trying to mask my enthusiasm and curiosity), as her nose trembled and twitched, giving way to very girly sounding, dramatic sneezing. She sneezed uncovered, straight down onto the table she occupied. The hands that should have been at least attempting to catch her sneezes were busy fanning her rapidly twitching nose. I noticed a spray covering the aluminium table at which she sat, and decidedly felt bad for whoever sat there next. The woman stopped her fit of furious sneezing for a moment, and I figured that whatever irritation that had tickled her nose had passed.

However, my eyes lingered on her for a moment longer, and I saw her bring a napkin to her nose, clearly unashamed to blow her nose in public. She began to blow, but MIDWAY THROUGH HER NOSEBLOW she let out an urgent sounding hitch (something along the lines of: 'Hahhhhhhh-!') Then delve right back into her fit of sneezing. The sneezing sounded like "Hahh'TCHIEWHahhhh...HAHH'TCHOO!" and were extremely high-pitched.

Overall she sneezed around 15 times, and let out a relieved moan along with a nose scrunch when she finally had finished. After blowing her nose once more (into a new napkin because the old one was soaked), she looked down at her phone, seemingly unembarrassed by her outburst. Surprisingly (or perhaps not) she didn't get a single blessing.

This left me to turn back to my essay, wondering what could have caused the dramatic sneezes in the first place? Could she have been plagued by a cold or the beginnings of the flu? Perhaps she was allergic to the large vase of flowers by the cash register. Maybe it was even the strong cinnamon smell of the place that had tickled her nose and caused a nasal explosion. 

In any case, I was entertained and my essay flowed from my mind easily after the wonderful distraction of a tickle gone haywire.


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