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Grocery store sneezes


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I had a very nice obs this morning when I went grocery shopping, and since I decided on posting this one I'll also add a few older ones in the same category.

So this morning I was in one of the local grocery stores looking through the weekly specials that are kept in low displays (about chest height), and thus easy to look over. I was just choosing between two different products when I heard a ng!, you know the kind of sound that would make any of us snap up to try to find the source. It was just enough warning for me to look up at the man on the other side of the display, a bit to my left, as he let out a perfect sounding tssschhhuh vaguely in the direction of his arm. I was very much hoping for a repeat performance, but unfortunately that was it.

The next obs took place a few weeks ago in another store. This one has high shelves in long aisles and I was standing in the middle of the cleaning aisle when I heard a soft tssshuh. I automatically looked up in the direction of the sneeze and immediately heard another one huh-tssshhuh. A moment later an employee from the store showed up at the end of the aisle, turned in my direction (away from the people around him), brought his right arm up a bit and sneezed towards it a third time heh-tssschh before he disappeared from view as he kept walking. I was just thinking how happy I was to have heard a triple, and even seen one of them, when I heard a fourth sneeze from the same man tsschuh.

The third obs is from the end of December, not technically in a grocery store but close enough. It's one of those stores that have close to anything you need at home (and a lot of stuff you don't need). I was walking towards the registers as I heard a loud stifle in front of me. I slowed down a bit to carefully look around and a man moved around a corner with his hand raised to around chest level. He was busy taking to a young child who was still out off my view when he paused and brought the hand up to his nose for a second and third loud stifle before walking back to the child, still talking. If anyone is wondering, they were discussing which candy to buy the kid.

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Very nice, thank you!  These day-to-day observations really make shopping interesting.

My most noteworthy observation was from the fruit and vegetable shop on Tuesday evening.  I was just paying, when I heard a moderate-volume but unstifled and obviously male sneeze from the back of the shop.  I thought "that's interesting" but I wasn't in a position to find out who had sneezed.   Only a few seconds later I heard another sneeze, presumably from the same man.  I was starting to regret missing a double.  As I was walking out of the shop, I saw a man in his  very early thirties, accompanied by a much older lady that I had seen earlier in the back of the shop.  Just before he reached the cashier he sneezed a double, without trying to shield himself or  anyone else from the sneezes, vaguely aiming towards the floor.  I heard another two sneezes before I was out of range, but from what I could see, it was an impressive display.

So I hope this is a decent companion-piece to your three obs!


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