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Personal Invasion (Torchwood, Ianto)


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So this is the first piece I've written in 10+ years. I want to give a Huge thank you to @Subtly Clashing Wishes for pointing out that my idea would make a great story, and then encouraging me to actually go through with it! Also thanks for proofing it for me, because I'm nervous, having not written anything in so long.


Alarm bells sounded at Toshiko’s computer station. Everybody looked expectedly to her. She studied the monitors for a moment. “Rift activity in Splott. Reports coming in of strange attacks at an office building.”


“Grab your gear. Let’s go!” Called Jack as he swirled his coat around to settle onto his shoulders with a flourish.


Following, they all piled into the SUV, and Tosh directed them to the site. They arrived to see people fleeing from the building in various states of terror and disbelief. They dodged the people coming out to head into the building. Weapons ready, they flung the doors to the main floor open and took in the chaos. The aliens appeared to be creatures resembling giant wild boars with huge tusks. “Spread out!” Jack ordered. They ushered the remaining wild eyed workers out of the room. The aliens immediately attacked the team.


“Stun isn’t working!” Gwen called.


“Alright, shoot to kill!” Jack ordered.


The sound of gunfire rang out in the large room. At the far end of the room, Ianto found himself cornered by one of the creatures. He climbed onto a desk. The creature stood on its hind legs and tried to slash at him with it’s sharp tusks. He fired at it until he heard a click and realized his gun was empty. Without many options, he climbed onto the tall file cabinet next to his desk. The creature was still just about able to reach him. Looking about him for a weapon he grabbed the only thing within reach. A plastic inbox tray. He began bashing the creature over the head with the tray. This seemed to just enrage the creature further. Suddenly the tray broke in half. Ianto stared at the piece in his hand. Suddenly, he heard his name being called.


“Ianto!” He looked up to see Jack pointing a gun his direction. He leaned back as Jack fired. The creature fell at the foot of the cabinet.


Ianto breathed a sigh. “Thanks!” He called.


Jack grinned at him, “No problem!”


They looked around realizing all the creatures lay dead. “Well that was fun,” Jack laughed.


“Oh yeah. A right party,” Owen said, rolling his eyes.


They froze as they heard a buzzing sound. Suddenly the first creature they had killed exploded releasing a cloud of spores into the air. Without a second’s thought Jack yelled, “Run!” They all bolted for the door. They dodged through exploding aliens. Ianto, being the furthest into the room, was the last one out.


They headed down the street back to the SUV. Halfway there, Ianto paused and sneezed harshly into his hands. “Heiiiisssh! He iiiissssh!”


“Bless you,” Gwen called.


But it seemed he wasn’t done. “Heiiiish! Heiiiiiissssshh! Heh iiiiiiiisssssshhh!” The rest of the team turned back concerned. Jack pulled a handkerchief out of his coat pocket and handed it to him. At this point he couldn’t seem to stop sneezing. He could hardly get a breath between the sneezes as they came fast and harsh. “Heiiiisssh!Heiissshh!Hehiiiissshhh!Hehiiiisssshhhh!HehHehiiiiiisssshhhhh!”


Owen looked worried. “Ianto, breathe. Try to blow your nose.” He did as he was told in a moment as his breath hitched. This seemed to do the trick. The sneezing stopped for the moment and he was able to take a couple deep breaths. “Ok, now?” Owen asked.


Ianto nodded shakily, “I think I breathed in some of those spores.”


Jack stared into his eyes for a moment as if to reassure himself that he was really ok. Then authoritatively he said, “Let’s get back to the hub. Owen, I want you to check Ianto over. Make sure he’s really ok. Tosh, start figuring out what those things were and where they came from. See if you can figure out what kind of effects those spores might have. Gwen, I want you start working on the cover up until Ianto’s cleared.”

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Oohh, this is really nice! A great idea, and I liked the way you played it out!

I particularly liked the fast pace of this- I felt it was in keeping with the show, and especially for an alien fight scene. You really kept the story moving, and I didn't have even half a chance to get bored.

Everyone's reactions to Ianto's accelerating sneezing fit were lovely, too- nice (and very cute) detail about Jack's handkerchief!

I'm very glad you decided to write this idea down, and thank you for sharing!

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I love the way the team responds, from Gwen’s casual blessing, to Jack’s offering the handkerchief, to Owen’s professional concern.  I can’t wait to see where you go with this....poor Ianto, he is in the wrong line of work to be allergic to aliens...or is that the right line of work?    Please keep going!

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@MeForever @MyOwnPrivateSFC I'm So excited you like it!

@RiversD Thanks for your comment on my pacing! I love your writing so that means a lot!

@Jelloicious OMG! I'm so glad you like it, since I adore all your Torchwood stories! 

So this kind of took a left hand turn from where I originally planned to go with it, but apparently Ianto had other ideas.


Back at the hub Owen took Ianto down to the medical bay and had him take off his suit and unbutton his shirt, and sit down on the exam table. He stuck a thermometer in his mouth. Sticking his stethoscope in his ears he listened to Ianto’s chest. “Well, you sound clear right now.” The thermometer beeped and Owen looked at it. “37.2°. Just a bit above normal but probably nothing. Then again, this is Torchwood. When are we ever that lucky.”


Just then Ianto’s breath hitched and he began sneezing again. “Heiisshh! Heiisshh! Hehiiiisshh! Hehiiiissshhh! Heh HehShiiissshhh!”


Owen grabbed a handful of tissues and pressed them into Ianto’s hands which were steepled in front of his face. “Bless you. As I said, When are we ever that lucky.”


Upstairs, Tosh was typing fast and scrolling through databases on her computer. Suddenly she called out, “Jack! I think I found it!”


Jack ran down from his office and stood next to Tosh looking at her screen. Owen and Ianto came up from the medical bay. Just then Gwen walked through the door. “What’s going on?”


“Tosh was just going to tell us what she found out about the creatures,” Jack answered and gestured for Tosh to go ahead.


“Ok. So the pig creatures are called Havasen. They come from a planet called Havesu. They are the apex predator there. The spores are actually a parasite called Havasites. They have a sort of symbiotic relationship.”


“Great. Alien parasites. Any stories about them infecting creatures other than the Havasen? What effects they might have on something other than their intended hosts?” Owen asked with a grimace.


Tosh looked sheepish. “I haven’t been able to find anything.”


“Brilliant!” Owen said sarcastically.


“Keep looking,” Jack advised her. Then he turned his attention to Gwen. “How are things looking?”


“I put it about that there was a gas leak. Retcon has been distributed to everybody who was at the scene. They’ll all go back to work tomorrow believing that story.”


“Great job.” Turning to Ianto, Jack’s eyes softened. “How are you feeling?”


Ianto shrugged his shoulders. “I feel fi..Heh..ine. Heiiishh! Hehiiissshh!” He blushed. “Well, except for the sneezing, apparently.”


Owen took him by the arm. “Let’s go. I want to run some blood tests.”

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It is a great Idea! Even someone who has never watched Torchwood could see that. ;) 

I'm so glad you posted it. :) 

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14 hours ago, AngelEyes said:

So this kind of took a left hand turn from where I originally planned to go with it, but apparently Ianto had other ideas

Best surprises happen when your characters start getting ideas of their own, you know!

Alien parasites!   Can't wait to see where they go, and what they do!  I'm liking what they do to Ianto, for sure.

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@Subtly Clashing Wishes You're the best!

@Jelloicious I'm so happy you like it! Ianto's in for it, for sure.


Back down in the medical bay Owen handed the thermometer to Ianto. “I want to check this again.” When it beeped Owen looked at it and frowned.


“What’s wrong?” Ianto asked worriedly.


“It’s gone up to 37.7° in the last half hour. I need to run these blood samples. See if I can tell what we’re dealing with. Meanwhile, you might as well change into something more comfortable because you are staying right here for the foreseeable future.”


Ianto ran into Jack as he exited the restroom wearing black track pants and a tight black t-shirt with the red Welsh dragon on the front. Jack surveyed him from head to toe. “Don’t you look ravishing!” he said with a leering grin.


Ianto rolled his eyes. “I feel sweaty.”


Jack looked concerned. “As much as I’d like to keep you to myself, we’d better get you back to Owen.” Putting his arm around Ianto, he ushered him to the medical bay. “I think you’d better take his temperature again, Owen.”


Owen popped the thermometer into Ianto’s mouth. A minute later he looked distinctly worried. “38.7°. I don’t like how fast this is going up. How are you feeling?”


“Not terrible but I’m starting to feel not normal. It’s uncomfortably warm. And my head is swimming.”


“Alright. Go make yourself comfortable on the couch. The blood work should be back soon. Jack, keep an eye on him and let me know if anything changes.” Owen turned back to the lab equipment.


Jack clapped Ianto on the back. “You heard the man, time to get comfortable!” He grinned at Ianto.


Ianto grinned wanly back. “I think you are enjoying this part.”


Halfway up the stairs Ianto stopped. Jack turned just in time to catch him as he pitched forward with a harsh sneeze. “Hehiiiissshsh!”


“I think you’ll be needing these.” Jack looked down in time to catch the box of tissues that Owen tossed up to him.


He pulled a few out and handed them to Ianto who was continuing to sneeze as he leaned against the wall for support. “Hiiish! Hiiish! Hiiish! Hiiish! Hiiish!” They were coming fast and leaving him breathless. “Heh Heh Hehiiiissshhhhh!” Finally after one especially harsh sneeze he was able to blow his nose and catch his breath.


“Wow! Bless you! Come on, let’s get you sitting down.” Jack said, looking both impressed and worried. Putting a hand on Ianto’s back, he led him the rest of the way up the stairs to the couch. He sat down and pulled Ianto down next him. Ianto sighed and laid his head on Jack’s shoulder.


Gwen wandered over and looked at Ianto sympathetically. “How’s he doing?” She quietly asked Jack.


“Tired. Feverish. Sneezy. It looks like it’s going to be a long night. Why don’t you go home to Rhys. Nothing you can do here,” he answered.


She nodded. “Call me if you need anything.”


A short while later Owen came upstairs and pulled a chair up next to the couch. Tosh walked over to join them. Jack nudged Ianto to get his attention. Owen handed him the thermometer. “First, I want to get your temperature again. How are you feeling now?”


Ianto cleared his throat. “Hot. And my head is all stuffy and I, hang on…” He turned to the side and sneezed harshly twice before turning back. “Heiiiishh! Heiiisshh! Sorry, I was goidg to say I had to sdeeze, but I guess that’s apparedt.” He grabbed a tissue to blow his nose.


“Right, bless you.” Owen then turned to look at Tosh. “Tell me you’ve got something?”


She looked at him helplessly. “I can’t find anything else about these Havasites on any of our databases.”


Owen frowned. He took the thermometer back from Ianto and grimaced. “39°. I got the blood tests back. You have a load of those little spores in your blood. You have a massive level of histamine in your system. And your white blood cell count is highly elevated. So here’s what I’m thinking. These alien parasites enter your body. They’re not in the right host so they don’t have anything to do, they’re just hanging about. But your body doesn’t know that. They’re completely alien. So it’s treating them like an allergen, and producing histamine, causing an allergic reaction. Causing all the sneezing. But it’s also trying to get rid of them. Producing white blood cells, trying to fight them off with the fever.”


Jack looked worried. “So what do we do?”


Owen ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “It’s not an actual infection. A virus or bacteria. I don’t have any way of actually addressing the parasites. So all I can do is treat the symptoms and hope his body can fight it off on its own.” He looked at Ianto. “I'm going to give you an antihistamine and a fever reducer. I want you stay here and rest where I can monitor you.” He handed Ianto some pills and a glass of water.


Ianto took the pills with the water. “Thanks.”


Jack brushed a lock of hair off Ianto’s sweaty forehead. “Tosh, why don’t you go home and get some rest. Owen, I’ll stay with him if you want to get some rest. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”


Tosh looked at Ianto sympathetically. “Feel better.” He smiled wanly back at her. She turned and headed out of the hub.


Owen looked Ianto over carefully then addressed Jack. “Take his temperature every half hour and call me if it gets over 40°. A cool cloth on his forehead might make him more comfortable. Keep giving him fluids. If anything else changes, call me.” Addressing Ianto directly he said, “You just rest. Let your body work through this. If you feel anything different, tell Jack right away.” Then he headed back down into the medical bay.

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What ReidSeeker said. I love how you gave a scientific explanation for Ianto's symptoms!

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13 hours ago, AngelEyes said:


Ianto cleared his throat. “Hot. And my head is all stuffy and I, hang on…” He turned to the side and sneezed harshly twice before turning back. “Heiiiishh! Heiiisshh! Sorry, I was goidg to say I had to sdeeze, but I guess that’s apparedt.” He grabbed a tissue to blow his nose.

That made me laugh!   Poor Ianto!   At least he's a good sport about it, all things considered.  I also really like Owen, especially when he is in Amazing Torchwood Doctor mode, and taking care of his team.  Cannot wait for the next chapter!   




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@ReidSeeker Thank you!

@MyOwnPrivateSFC I like being precise! Thanks!

@Jelloicious Ianto tries to be a good sport. I love Owen! So happy you like it!


Jack hugged Ianto close for a minute. “Alright. I’m going to go get a few things. Be right back.” Ianto nodded and let his head fall back against the couch. A few minutes later Jack returned with a pillow, blanket, 2 pitchers of water, a glass, and a flannel cloth. He sat down on the end of the couch. He set the blanket on the back of the couch. Putting the pillow on his lap, he nudged Ianto to lay down with his head on his lap.  Dipping the cloth into one of the pitchers he wiped it across Ianto’s sweaty brow. Ianto sighed and relaxed into him. They stayed like this for a while, Jack occasionally rewetting the cloth, applying it to his forehead, carding his fingers through Ianto’s silky hair.


Suddenly Ianto struggled to sit up. Jack tried to calm him but he interrupted, “Jack, I Heh...have...Heh...to...Hehiiisshh! sdeeze….Hehiiiissshh!” Jack grabbed a handful of tissues and handed them to him as he struggled with the fit. “Heiiisshh! Heiiisssshh! Heh...Eh...Hehiiiiissshhhsshh!” After the final punishing sneeze, Ianto slumped forward, elbows on knees, tissues still steepled over his nose.


“Bless you.” Jack gently took the used tissues and replaced them with fresh ones, encouraging him to blow his nose. Tossing the tissues in the bin Ianto leaned into Jack. Jack put an arm around him and hugged him tight. He felt him shiver. He pushed an errant lock of hair off Ianto’s brow, feeling the heat. “Are you cold?” Ianto nodded. Jack grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it snugly around him. “Let’s take your temperature,” he said handing Ianto the thermometer. When it finished Jack looked at it. “39.5°. Here, drink some water, then lay back down and rest.” He poured a glass of water and handed it to Ianto who dutifully drank it then snuggled back down on Jack’s lap. Jack adjusted the blanket up around Ianto’s shoulders and then rewet the cloth and put it to his forehead. Jack relaxed into a rhythm of running his fingers through Ianto’s hair and wiping his brow with the cool cloth.  


Shortly Ianto began to thrash and moan, calling out in his sleep. “Lisa! No...Stop! Lisa, I’m sorry!”


Jack gently shook him, trying to wake him from his fever dream. “Ianto! Ianto, come back to me! Wake up, it’s just a dream!”


Slowly Ianto stopped thrashing, opened his eyes, and tried to focus. “Jack?” He asked weakly.


“It’s me. Hush now. You were dreaming. We need to take your temperature.” Jack handed him the thermometer. He tried not to panic when it showed 40.1°.  “Owen!” He called out loudly. He heard something crash down in the medical bay. Then Owen was running up the stairs.


“Jack, what’s wrong? What’s changed?” Owen asked breathlessly.


“His fever’s gone up, 40.1°. He’s shivering. And he was having nightmares.” Jack answered.


“Ok, Ianto. I need you to sit up so I can check you out,” Owen addressed him in a calm voice. Jack and Owen helped him into a sitting position.


“Owen?” Ianto asked vaguely, working hard to focus.


After listening to his chest and taking his pulse Owen said, “Your heart rate is elevated. We need to get you cooled off fast.” He turned to Jack. “Let me get him another antipyretic. Then we can put him in a cold shower, but I don’t think he should be by himself.”


“I’ll take care of him. Not like we haven’t been there before…” Jack said with a grin.


Owen rolled his eyes. “Not something I needed to know.” They helped Ianto get weakly to his feet where he wavered, closing his eyes. “You alright?” Asked Owen.


Ianto slowly opened his eyes and nodded. “Just dizzy.”


“We’ll take it slow,” Owen assured. Once they got to the shower, Owen left Ianto in Jack’s care. “Call me if you need me.”


Once alone Jack stripped them both of their clothes, turned the shower on cold, and deciding Ianto was too weak to stand, helped him sit comfortably in front of him under the stream. Ianto shivered and let out a low moan. “I know it’s uncomfortable but it will help. I promise.” Jack reassured him. Then he felt Ianto tense against him.


With a quick breath Ianto pitched forward in a fit of wet sneezes. “Heiiisshhsh! Heiiisshhh! Heiiissshhhsh! Heiissh! Heiissh! Hehiiissshhhsshh!”


When he was finally able to get a breath, Jack rubbed his back. “Bless you! You ok?”


Stuffilly Ianto answered, “Yeah. Just cad’t stop sdeezing.” Which he proved by immediately sneezing again. “Hiiissh! Hiiissh! Heiiissshhhsh!” Then he sank wearily back into Jack.


“Bless you again,” Jack said, brushing the wet hair off his forehead. They sat like this until Ianto’s teeth began to chatter. “Ok,” Jack said, “I think we’ve been in here long enough.” He leaned forward and flipped the water off, then with strong arms helped Ianto’s shaking form to his feet. He quickly toweled them both dry and grabbed two sets of pajama bottoms and t-shirts from his bunk since Ianto’s own clothes were soaked with fever sweat.

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1 hour ago, AngelEyes said:

Jack hugged Ianto close for a minute.

I would like to join this pile, please and thank you :P I'll just squeeze right in

 Another beautifully written part (fevers being a personal favorite) leaving me wanting more. Can't wait for your next piece! :bounce:

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@ReidSeeker There should definitely be a Jack/Ianto/Us pile!

@2SHY222 Thanks!

@Jelloicious Jack would never miss a chance to be in the shower with Ianto! 

Ok all, this is the last part. It's a little short, sorry. The ending is based off this exchange...


Owen met them as they headed back into the main hub. They got Ianto settled on the couch and Jack tucked the blanket back around him. Owen handed him the thermometer. He looked relieved at the results. “38.9°. How do you feel?”


“I dod’t thidgk my braind is cooking adybore. I cad thidgk againd. But my siduses are stuffed up.” He answered thickly.


Jack handed him some tissues. “Here, blow your nose.”


“I can give you another antihistamine now. That should help. I’ll be right back,” Owen said and headed down to the medical bay. As Owen was coming back up the stairs he could hear Ianto sneezing again.


“Hiiiish! Hiiish! Heiiiissshhsh! Ugh, Whed did I decide beindg id the field was good?” He asked with a groan, grabbing some tissues.


Jack ruffled his hair. “Admit it. You love the action! This is just...a minor complication.” He said grinning.


Ianto gave him a stern look. “I’m not sure I would call it minor, Sir.” Jack laughed good naturedly as Owen handed him some pills. Jack poured him some water and he took them.


“Come down with me for a minute so I can get some blood to run the tests again and see how things look.” Owen requested. Once he had gotten the samples he told Ianto to go relax while he ran the tests. A short while later he came back up and handed Ianto the thermometer again. He looked pleased with the results. “37.7°. Great. The spores are gone. Your white blood count is back down. Your fever is still going down. Your histamine is still a bit high, which is why you’re still sneezing, but that should start to get better soon. Overall, I’d say you’re on the mend. I want you working here for a couple days though. No field expeditions. Just to make sure everything is back to normal with no lasting damage.”Ianto and Jack both looked relieved.


Jack grinned at him. “Back to getting us everywhere on time.”


Ianto grinned back. “And looking good in a suit?”


Jack laughed. “Always!”


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23 hours ago, AngelEyes said:

I am working on another story, featuring Jack this time. I'm currently a bit stuck, so not sure exactly when it will be done.

Oh, that just makes my day!!

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