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Ok so this has been a fantasy of mine for literally ever! So here you have it folks… my first story!! Feel free to leave comments and criticism.
Part 1

    I was getting off the bus on our way to this annoying fiend trip we had to go on as part of this course I was taking and we basically were expected to walk through the woods and count how many of the plant we were assigned we spotted.
    I was walking all alone and it was very boring until this very attractive guy walked up behind me. He was a bit taller than me and had cute messy brown hair, he looked to be in shape and had really pretty brown eyes.

“So what plant did you get?” He asked me.


“Cool i got plantain”

We got into a conversation about our jobs and how much they sucked when i saw his face go blank then he got this really cute pre-sneeze face…

“Heh… ah.. hatchxxt.. huh…chxxxt.” He stifled two sneezes into his shirt.

“Sorry, bright lights make me sneeze.” 

I giggled and blessed him after a little while of us wandering in the woods he stopped 
and started hitching.

“Hih.. huh. I t-th-think I'm g-going to sne Ehh-kshoo…huh..Ha’ttcchx… tchxxt!"

“Bless, are you allergic to anything?”

“NO!” He said a little too fast for me to believe.

“Okay jeez i was just asking…” But he probably didn't hear me, he was already 

getting ready for another fit, but he was still trying to hold them back.

“S-so how m-many ragweed plants have you.. huh.. found?”


“C-cool hih…huh..ehh I.. d-don't h-have allergy Ehh-ttxxcho… ahh’tcho… hitchxxt..hit’choo..huh’tchoo...huh… aahh..atch’oo.. ktt’schh..K’itichh”

“Yeah okaay? Bless you”

He seemed to have himself under control until i found the breakthrough in my search… a field of ragweed!


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It’s a great start! I would love for more! Keep it up!

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