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Would you describe yourself as a sneezy person?


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Hello everyone :),

so I don't know if this topic was posted before.

I just wanted to know your views.

Last week I got a new colleague, she is from Germany and will stay for a few months / at the most one year to work with us.

She told me, she is suffering from different allergies and I have to admit - she has to sneeze a lot.

Yesterday, she went into a fit of five desperate sneezes after she blew her nose I blessed her and another coworker asked her if she has to sneeze always this much.

Inwardly I felt sorry for her being asked such an *insensitive question*, but she didn't seem to mind.

She ran her fingers through her dark brown hair and laughed about it before she added: "Three things you need to know about me. I am totally crazy about Twilight Saga, True Blood and I am sneezy every day - it is my Pollen allergies, what else can I do?"

So I wanted to ask you, do you agree with her?

Would you describe yourself as a *sneezy person* generally?

If you want I can look forward for some obervations of her?





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I am allergic to many things, and I am definitely a sneezy person.

However, I am not interested in the twilight saga, lol.

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I have no allergies to speak of, and I am not what anyone would consider a sneezy person. Your co-worker is someone I'd probably consider a sneezy person though. Wow.

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no not particularly 

cant say im a fan 

im sneezing a fair bit atm but im sick so ;) 

i usually go days weeks without so got good at inducing :) 


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