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My sneezes sound different


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I started getting sick on Tuesday and have slowly gotten more congested since. 

I just had a “sneezing fit” (I sneezed six times in less than two minutes... not sure if that constitutes as a fit lol). Anyway, I recorded it and these sneezes sound nothing like my usual sneezing.

My sneezes are very wet/spray sounding but these were quick, barley audible sneezes. To me, they almost sounded fake. 

My question to you is, do your sneezes change sometimes with a cold?

Can someone tell me how to upload the audio? It says I can’t upload anything bigger than 0.1 MB. 

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Yes you are not alone. my cold sneezes sound far more wet, and desperate than my normal sneeze while my allergy sneezes tend to sound a bit less congested but more itchy if that makes any sense, lol

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