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How Rude!


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So I’m at the airport at a restaurant with open seating. I’m sitting diagonally from a woman working on her computer and we’re both just doing our own thing. Suddenly she sneezes once - totally random and I bless her just to be friendly. 

Totally ignored! No thank you. No quick glance of acknowledgement. Nothing. It wasn’t loud so i know she heard me. 


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I thought this was going to be a story where she sneezed ON you. I can see how she might not have been comfortable being blessed because some people aren't, but I also see why it's annoying to not have it acknowledged. 

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Well, y'know, not everyone is comfortable interacting with strangers in public.  Or sometimes people are not in the mood at that moment to interact with strangers in public.  It's her right to choose whether or not she wants that interaction, whether or not you think it's "rude".

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I know I'm one of us, but honestly, if I was blessed in public by a complete stranger then I probably would have ignored it as well too :lol: That's just because I do have difficulties talking to strangers, so maybe she's the same? I wouldn't say it was rude, personally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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